Friday, March 17, 2017

Infinity and beyond

The countdown began. 4…3….2…..1 and suddenly I could feel myself being pulled up with tremendous force. The pressure was all the more because of the space suit I was wearing. I could see from the window next to me just blue skies and white clouds, gushing past them into infinity and beyond. The view was spectacular and it took our mind away from the fact that we are going to leave this planet and head into an unknown world. Even after months of training and hard work and dedication, performing the task feels new. The feeling of not only leaving your family, friends and loved ones and the unsurely of being able to see them again did not deter us from shifting focus from our mission.

I realized as soon as the rocket felt light that we have exited from earth’s orbit and headed into infinity. That was our cue to free ourselves from our seat belts and take control of our space ship. Our ship was built by state of the art technology and had features which excelled from all the other competitors. My team of five member’s quickly freed themselves from their seat belt and headed for the main gear. In no time, we connected ourselves to our base camp down at earth.  We then started heading towards our space station and started making arrangements for the same. Even while getting so engrossed in our job, everyone felt giddiness for what lied ahead. According to our planned schedule, we were expected to reach our station in two earth days. After making necessary arrangements to ensure that the space ship could work automatically we headed towards our space beds.

However we all got up from an unexpected jerk we felt during that time. To our shock, we saw a highly lightning speed object moving towards us. The shape was very peculiar and we all wondered what that was. One of my team mates then suddenly shouted “UFO!!!” and pointed his finger at one corner of the ship pointing distantly into something which appeared dark blue to our eyes. To our amazement we realized it was an alien. We understood that due to some action the alien had lost control of the UFO which is why it hit our ship. As the image of the dark blue thing started getting clearer our amazement and excitement knew no bounds. However, there was a part within us which felt threatened also. While we all were engrossed in our thoughts, there appeared before our eyes a silver screen with the image of the alien in it. It started communicating to us in languages which could not be deciphered. Once he stopped speaking, the silver screen magically translated it into English. It was beyond extraordinary. The alien was asking forgiveness for bumping into our ship. It was headed towards its home and had somehow lost control of the UFO due to some unforeseen comet arrivals. We accepted his apology and wanted to enquire more about him. But suddenly the silver screen disappeared and it felt that the only purpose of the screen was to deliver the alien’s message to us.

Our sleep in our space beds helped us recover from this shock. The next time when we woke up was when we heard a ringing alarm in our space ship. We all were familiar with the sound. It meant we were about to reach our space station. Every one took charge of their responsibilities to enable the space ship connect with the space station. With much patience we were successful in doing that. We were greeted with congratulations from our home planet on successful completion of our first stage of the mission. We then geared up in our space suit and prepared ourselves to explore the unexplored. We stepped out of our space ship into infinity only to feel ourselves free and lighter than never before.

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