Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good se gold morning

As I slowly opened my eyes trying to get out of my comfortable and cosy warm blankets I realised it is one of the usual chilly cold mornings of Delhi. though my alarm clock shouted the time to be 8:30, the outside weather didn't vouch for it. I looked out of the widow removing my colourful curtains, and saw the gloomy winter morning in front of me. the trees had lost its natural hue and were covered in fog, the roads seemed deserted and the garden in front of my house seemed like a barren desert.

I forced myself out of the bed and dragged my foot towards the wash basin. Switching on the geyser I started looking for my toothbrush. This was unusual. I always kept my tooth brush at the same place but somehow today I couldn't find it. I was about to go downstairs to ask my mother when I met her hallway across the hallway. she had a bright golden tooth brush in her hand. she handed me the brush and wished me a good morning. I couldn't believe my eyes. the brush was so beautiful that I couldn't stop admiring it. its bristles were all golden mixed with black hue which made my room look bright. "at last something was colourful in this gloomy day", I sighed.the brush was really soft and I felt so happy looking myself in the mirror holding that brush that I couldn't stop smiling.

After getting all cleaned up I went downstairs for my breakfast and to my much surprise I found a golden mug with my usual caramel coffee on the breakfast table. I couldn't explain how exquisitely beautiful it looked on that dark brownish golden table. My mother handed me down my lunch and a new water bottle which was also golden. She smiled while handing me my new bottle because she knew how happy I was. she very well knew what importance colours had in my heart during a dark gloomy winter morning. I finished my coffee admiring the beauty in my hands and put the bottle in my sling bag. A portion of the bottle was visible from the bag but I didn't mind it at all.

I stepped out of the house into the chilly morning and looked around and saw everything either grey or white and then my eyes came back to my golden bottle which shone like rays of sun from my bag and spread colours and hope everywhere.

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