Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dil walon ka shehar Delhi

The lavish highways the broad roads, the luxurious lanes all these appropriately define the capital city of Delhi. Delhi is just not the capital of our country by namesake but its qualities prove that it is worth maintaining the status. The English had made Kolkata as their capital city but it was their wisdom which made them move their capital city to Delhi
As soon as you enter the city you feel mesmerized by the lavish roads in here. Delhi is now completely connected with all modes of transport. Having an area of 1,484 kmand having all of it connected with some or the other modes of transportation is not an easy job. Delhi is fortunate enough to have metros, buses, auto, rickshaws and sharing autos as prime modes of transportation. Every delhite would support me when I say that this is the best city to travel in. all the modes are easily accessible and user friendly apart from being cheap. If anyone would want to drive in his own personal vehicle that option Is also available. Delhi is well connected with roads and highways throughout. While NH10 connects delhi to the end town of Fazilka in Punjab near Indo pak border,  NH24 connects Delhi to Uttar Pradesh state capital – Lucknow via Ghaziabad, Moradabad and sitapur. All this shows how well connected Delhi is with other neighbouring regions. For a state like delhi it is also important to maintain such link as it Is expanding day in and day out. The outgrowth of national capital region is a testimony to this fact. Vaishali vasundhara in the east and Gurgaon and Faridabad in south are emerging regions near Delhi which are as important as the national capital. People from small cities migrate to Delhi with hopes of leading a better quality of life and they settle here. So it is important that thee people are well connected with the rest of Delhi. The starting of new metro lines from vaishali to Dwarka has eased the lives of many people.

When it comes to design the capital city enjoys its own special place. The city has a blend of historical Mughal era combined with the classy English royal touch in some places to the very modern era of free independent India. The places in Delhi are well designed keeping in mind the people inhabiting the area there. Like earlier people who were refugees from Bangladesh settles in chittaranjan park which has ow transformed to mini Calcutta. Likewise Punjabi bagh and tagore garden area are mostly inhabited by refugees from Pakistan.

When u look at modern delhi you look at vishwavidyalaya in north delhi which is a university area. Most of the colleges of delhi university are located here which makes it a student hub. In a similar way the design of the city has been made with so much ease that all the areas are well defined and well demarcated as to have a proper order.

Delhi is not Delhi because it is the national capital, Delhi is the national capital because no other city has such a well structured design and connectivity as it has.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fruit cream

My best friend was lying down in her bed unable to even get up due to her unbearable back pain. She had recently met with an accident (not a serious one though!!) while driving her scooty. Since then she had this back pain which grew more intense as night crept in. maybe it was related to the amount of cold in the atmosphere. Whatever the reason my friend Parul was in severe pain and I was unable to do anything to ease her.

I asked her if I could do anything to relieve her of her pain or if there was anything she would want to do or eat. As soon as I had uttered the word “food”, her eyes widened. I must confess here that she is big foodie. True to her genes, she is a Bengali in every sense. She is as sweet as rosugulla and her weakness is food in general and sweet dishes in particular.

She looked at me with her big dark eyes and uttered softly that she wanted to eat something sweet. It was 11 pm by the clock. I wondered how on earth am I supposed to fulfil that wish of hers. She was the cook not I. I cannot just go to the kitchen and make anything delicious. But I had to do something. I assured her that I would make something for her.

I went to the kitchen and started looking for things. I had no idea what I was looking for but I kept on searching. Nothing was coming in my mind and then I saw some fruits on the dining table. My eyes glistened as an idea pooped into my mind. I hurriedly checked the cupboards and to my utter pleasure I found what I was looking for – cream. Yes!! I would make her “fruit cream”. I had once saw her making that and I had found it utterly simple.

I took some fruits like apples, apricots and oranges and started chopping them into tiny bits. The chopping was the tricky part here as I had to make sure that all the fruits are cut into very small pieces and look similar in shape. Meanwhile I had poured the cream into a container and added some “Sugar free natura” to it.

Parul was a foodie but she took great care of her health. She always used sugar free natura to make her sweet dishes so that she wouldn't get fat.With the frequency and volume of her diet, no other alternative seemed feasible. Sugar free natura made her life simple and better.

After chopping all the fruits I carefully put them in the bowl containing the cream. I mixed them all well and lastly I garnished it with oranges. I neatly put the bowl in a tray and hurried to her room where Parul was still whining in pain. She took the first bite and for a moment I thought her pain had all gone away as she hugged me tightly. She had loved the dish and was very happy to see how hard I had worked. I was very happy and proud of myself as I watched her eat the fruit cream.  She offered me a few bites ( which is very rare) and I happily took them.

Either her pain killers had worked or my fruit cream had, but she looked very relieved and sleepy. I switched off her room lights as I went out of her room to keep the bowl back into the sink. As I walked past her room I could hear her snoring and I felt peace knowing that my friend is not in pain any more.

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