Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tata Sky + Transfer to the rescue

With winning the most number of Emmy awards recently Game of Thrones series has added another feather to its much acclaimed hat. This success is not ephemeral. Since the beginning of this T.V series it has managed to attract the much needed attention and in turn has gained lots of popularity. According to a top survey, the series is at fifth rank in the list of “Series you must watch before you die.”

All this popularity however was an added incentive for me. For me the main attraction developed when I had finished reading the novel series by George R.R Martin by the name “A song of Ice and Fire.” I was so much addicted to this book that I used to carry it everywhere and whenever I would get free time I would read it. 

When the series started being broadcasted on television my addiction had reached the level of obsessiveness. The fantasies which form the basis of this secretive plot is spellbinding. The story revolves around the struggles of noblemen and kings in the fictional town of Westeros . As the plot thickens many new chapters have emerged such as white walkers , dragons , warg and supposedly the league of assassins which has made the plot more interesting. Though season 1 was a near direct adaptation of the novel, the subsequent series have changed their plots drastically to suit the audience demand.

This has made watching each and every episode kind of a thrilling experience. Every time you watch, you hope that your favourite character does not gets killed,murdered or assassinated in the episode, when he does (which actually is most of the times) we have a new favourite by the next episode. The plot sometimes is so twisted that a character whom we used to hate earlier, in the due course of the series becomes our favourite. For example, earlier I did not like the character of Tyrion Lanister much, but in the later episodes you can’t help but feel sorry for him and then feel proud for his doings on his behalf. His struggles and passion for life are something to get inspired from.

Recently the fifth season of the series was broadcasted on television. But as it happens the timing of its premier is not in sync with the Indian standard time. The show premiers at round early morning in India when everybody is sleeping. For me it is very inconvenient to watch as I have to get up early for my college. But I cannot miss to afford it also. So here comes “Tata Sky + Transfer” to the rescue. With its transfer feature I can record the show late at night and in the morning while going to college I transfer it to be mobile. The HD video recording makes it more attractive to watch. I usually watch all the episodes which I have transferred to my mobile on my way to the college in metro.  I enjoy watching the latest episodes along with my friends and people sitting nearby and we all indulge in a state of pure ecstasy of watching game of thrones early in the morning.

The tata sky + Transfer has 500 MB hard disk in which lots of data can be stored. All my favorite movies which gets premiered and I am unable to watch are recorded and stored in that hard disk for me to watch when and where I like it. Tata sky + Transfer has made my life much simpler and lot interesting. Now I do not miss even a single episode of my favorite serial nor do I miss any movie. I can make plans according to my wish not even thinking twice about my serial show time. I can be assured that the serial would have been recorded and stored properly for me to watch later. Thanks to Tata Sky + !!!!

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