Thursday, July 9, 2015

Groovy Playlist

I am a passionate dancer and my music for dance varies from western song to desi bollywood songs. In english songs Shakira has been favourite as her songs have the peppiness as well as the sexiness which can motivate anyone to dance.

 So the first song that has to be in my playlist has to be Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. in this song you tend to get mesmerised by her sexy belly dancing. the rap adds to the funkiness and one can't stop moving to its beats.. 

After shakira my playlist would definitely have JLo aka Jennifer Lopez. Her song On the dance floor has been one of the best chartbusters and this song has been a party anthem for many social gatherings. Jennifer Lopez looks very sexy in this music video and her dance moves are very groovy. The feat by pitbull adds to the music video a different feel which enhances its appeal. Being a party anthem this music is sure got to be in my playlist.

The third song in my playlist would be of Enrique Iglesias. The song "tonight I am loving you" has made me jump up from my bed and dance to his tunes. The song is mysteriously sexy and passionate. Even the music video boasts of the same with enrique featuring in it. The lyrics make your hearts skip a beat and you can't help but dancing on it. I make it a point to play this song at all my parties.

Coming to our desi bollywood songs now. The song which tops my bollywood playlist nowadays is "Manali Trance" which has been featured in the movie "Shaukeens". Lisa Hayden is the lead actress in the song who performs with a panache. Her sensual moves and her attitude makes the song admirable. The feat has been given by Yo Yo Honey Singh which makes it all the more peppy. The song is appropriate for parties and clubs where dancing is the main task to ward off all the tension.

Next in my playlist has to be one of my favourite actresses of all time song "Dum Maaro Dum" by Deepika Padukone. Deepika is an amazing dancer and she proves it again in this item number. The song is a transformed version of the retro song with the same name. The beats are really appropriate for dancing and the lines makes you dance. The dance steps are easy to catch and listening to the song makes you dance yourself.

Recently released Tanu Weds Manu Returns song "banno" is next in my playlist. This song as has "swagger" as the lyrics say. The lyrics are a funky and makes you feel connected. It comes as a shaadi song in the movie and it fulfils all the qualities of being one. Kangana Ranaut the protagonist of the movie who has a double role is seen dancing in this song. The steps are so in sync with the song that you can't help but copy them.This is one of the most popular songs of today.

The next song is from this movie itself titled " Ghani Bawri" . The song showcases the protagonist dancing on her beloved's barrat. kangana ranaut is simply awesome as her dance moves and expression are just mind blowing. When you listen to the song you feel sympathetic towards Kangana but the song is so full of energy that it forces us to get up from our place and dance.

"Chittiyaan Kaliyaan" is the song which you would find next in my playlist. The song features jacqueline fernandes and the beats are so peppy and energetic that you feel very energetic. The lyrics are a mix of punabi and Hindi which adds to its quality. The number is specially appropriate girls night out as the lyrics can be related by us.

Lastly any party is incomplete without "baby doll" featuring Sunny Leone. This song is so cool and sensuous that we can not stop ourselves from dancing. Sunny Leone looks lovely in this song and her main step from this song has been very popular.This energetic song makes my playlist complete.

Do check out the video "Taazgi ka Dhamaka" by Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda

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