Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cricket: It is not just a game

In India cricket is more than just a game. It is a religion which every Indian follows ardently. Whether it is a ODI game or a test cricket or the recent T20 games we Indians love to watch it all especially when India is playing. We make it a point to re-schedule our appointments and engagements so that it does not fall on the same time. No matter how important the work we make it a point to watch the match without interruptions.

I have been brought up in a family who are really passionate about sports especially cricket. And what we love most is the feeling of togetherness we feel when we sit in our living room with all the family members and cheer for team India. We sometimes used to call over our neighbors also to watch the match with us.

However after going away to a hostel I miss all those family time when we used to sit in front of T.V and watch cricket match. My father would take a leave from his work and my brother would bunk his college and my mother would cook snacks for us which we would all devour along with enjoying the match.

In hostel we hardly get time to do any other recreational activity let alone watching television. To top it we had our exams a day after the England India ODI series.  I was in a dilemma as to what I should do. I can’t compromise my exams nor could I compromise my passion for watching cricket. I tried hard to concentrate my attention towards my studies but my mind kept wandering off to the match. After much thought I opened my laptop and went to the respective channel which was broadcasting the match.

Our college Wi-Fi allowed me to watch uninterrupted streaming of the live match on my laptop. After watching an over, I started feeling nervous about my exam the next day. So I opened another web page and started studying my course. At regular intervals I switched back to the live streaming to watch the exciting match between England and India.

My friends thought I was a bit crazy doing this juggling between my studies and cricket. I realized they won’t understand the passion I have for cricket. The match ended at around 10:30 pm at night and by then I had completed the numerical part of my syllabus. Only the theory portion was left to be revised. I was elated as not only I had managed to study and watch the match together but also that India had won the first match of the series. Virat kohli was awarded the man of the match and I watched in awe as he received his award for a not out innings of 101* which helped India won the match in less than 50 overs.

After the award ceremony I switched off my laptop and began studying for the exam tomorrow revising what was left untouched. I called my parents the next day to share with them how I had watched the entire match on my laptop. Though they were a bit angry as they thought I would have compromised my studies for that but when I told them that I had performed in my exams really well they were a bit relieved. They told me I had managed to balance both my studies and my passion for cricket without compromising either which was commendable.

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