Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chocolate honey bar granola

As a kid I hated when my mother used to give me chapatti and sabzi for lunch. I remember how I used to pester my mother to give me new delicacies every day and my poor mother tried her best to come up with new recipes daily. Now when I live in hostel and I eat regular mess food and crib about it, I realize how much trouble I used to create for my mother. Here instead of cribbing we can’t do anything more but now we have decided that whenever food is not worthy of consumption we will make something on our own. Generally our experiments end with making noodles or pasta but we realized how unhealthy eating those foods on a regular basis can be. So we decided to experiment with something which can be eaten as a snack and can be filling also.

All of my friends have a sweet tooth so it was mutually finalized that all will try to make some or other kind of sweet dish. I thought of making a chocolate bar honey granola which would be tasty and filling also as it would have lots of sugar which would give us energy. So I went to our mess along with all the ingredients and started the procedure.

STEP 1: I took around 4 to 5 spoons of sugar and started heating it on a pan till it turned golden honey brown. Care should be taken that the stirring should not be done with the help of a spoon and the gas should be turned off as soon as the sugar gets caramelized.
STEP 2: Now when the gas is turned off we need to add some butter and honey and mix well.
STEP 3: Add now some nuts, oats, crushed cornflakes and some chocolate powder. We will mix them well till it all joins properly.
STEP 4: We will take it out and place it on butter paper and form into one thick rectangular bar. We can cut them into tiny bars and wrap them individually in butter paper and store them in cool place.

Our chocolate bar honey granola is ready in just four steps. I gave each of my friends a bar to taste and they loved it. The flavor of honey with nuts and chocolate was delicious. Some of my friends added some chocolate sauce on top of it and it looked as well as tasted heavenly. I stored the rest in an air tight container.

After that day the frequency of my friends visiting my room has increased as they can’t stay away from the granola for much long. It is one of our best snacks for midnight munching.

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