Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A five step Chic Chignon

What would you get if you have a combination of sleeping beauty and Rapunzel? Apparently, you will get me. Yes I resemble these fairy characters a lot as I love to sleep and have long lustrous hair like Rapunzel. Though you may feel these two are a great combination however for me the result is not quite satisfactory.

As I love sleeping so I am generally late for my college and I end up making a regular braid or a regular bun. My friends keep complaining that I don’t take care of my hair much and I should get up a bit early so that I could manage my time and experiment with different hairstyles. However I soon realized that getting up early is not my cup of tea. So I used to make regular braid or a bun as they were my only options.

It was then I read about this article on that caught my attention. It was a simple five step chic chignon I was at once attracted to this article as my hair though silky tends to get dry in a day or two. And to wear this hairstyle, dry hair is preferred.

I read the article thoroughly and began experimenting with the look. I love to make buns as they are comfortable and it doesn’t let any hair come on your face which makes any task hassle free. I started doing my hair as it was instructed and the end result was great.

The next morning though I got up at the same time I usually get up but I still managed to make my super fantastic chic bun. The bun was neatly done and it gave a very pleasing visual look. My friends did not believe that I had done some other hairstyle. They loved the look and some even asked for my help regarding the making of that bun for them. I realized that this bun was comparatively less heavy than my regular bun and that made my head comfortable.

My friends advised me to enhance the look by adding some accessories and doing some experiments. So we brought a few hairbands and a few bobby pins of various designs and colors and turned my chic look into a classy one. Also I started twisting my front bangs like in Victorian style and saw that it gave my bun a very elegant look. I started wearing that hair do both with my western as well as ethnic attire.

My look changed completely and I started receiving a lot of compliments for this donut like hair do. saved me from a lifetime of complaints and made me famous. Finally I received the compliments which my hair deserved.

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