Sunday, July 5, 2015

A beautiful journey:Mother daughter to sisters

“Mummy, this earring is not going well with your kurti, try something funkier” or “Mummy you should put this colour nail paint, it will suit your skin tone” or “kajal looks better on you than eye liner does”. These are some of the advices that I give to my mother on a daily basis as she has never been the person to take much care about her looks or fashion. This portrays how times have changed and for the good. Now I am the official makeover artist for my mother who with her hard work and sacrifices made our home a happy place to live in. 

Since my childhood I have been very passionate about the fashion trends and more than that I used to like to experiment with those fashion styles.On the other hand my mother who is a very beautiful woman never took much care of her looks. Her ideal make up would be to dab a few puffs of compact powder, a bit of lipstick for her voluminous glossy lips and her eternal red bindi accompanied with her sindoor. That simplicity used to blow my mind over and I remember just staring at her while she used to get ready for a party. She is the perfect home maker in whose world everything is beautifully kept and arranged neatly and it is from her that I have taken the habit of maintaining everything properly.

While I started growing up I began to take a fond interest in the world of fashion. I started reading magazines and watching videos to enable me to have a better perspective. At this time I noticed my mother ageing but very gracefully. Her beauty still didn't demand any additional touch but I insisted to experiment with a few things. I realized that she as a mother of two had been so busy with her life that she didn't get time for herself ever. Now when we have grown up it was time that we children took care of her in whatever ways we could. So from there I began my journey as her official make up cum fashion adviser. Whatever new hairstyles I used to learn I used to experiment on her beautiful lustrous hair which ran down till her waist. And with every hairstyle she looked amazing.

While I did dedicate my time on enhancing her outer beauty, she ,on the other hand, would help me in my studies and try her best to enhance my inner beauty. She always used to say that all these fashion and make up are ephemeral what is of utmost important is knowledge. It is just because of her that I never used to compromise on my studies. My teachers would ask me how did I manage to do well in academics and also in extracurricular and I used to say that my mother taught me to manage everything in a balanced way.

At home I would dress her up like she is my little doll but I always kept in mind her taste and preference. Maybe that is why all my extra help led to such amazing results. As I grew up, people started addressing both of us as “sisters.”  I used to get very happy whenever somebody used to call us that as I knew that my help had been of some use. Over the years our relationship grew from that of  a daughter-mother to that of sisters and now we are more of friends.

Now that I am off to college and living in a hostel far away from my home things still remain the same. Whenever I need any advice she is the first person whom I call up for her advice and whenever my mother has to go out I give her suggestions via video calling and advise her about the latest trends on phone. My mother and I are more of friends now but even today when I do make mistakes she is there to scold me and correct me as my loving mother

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  1. So well articulated, White Tranquil. In fact your strikes a chord - my mother was a strict parent, and now I keep telling her about the ways of the world. And she too acknowledges today children are more aware about the world.

    By the here's what I wrote for the prompt! Give it a read please. :)