Friday, July 10, 2015

A balanced diet

My mother always used to say that a healthy and balanced diet is the secret to a long and happy life. She would always make it a point to include green leafy vegetables in our lunch and insisted us on having lots of fruits. She would make all kinds of fruit salads and fruit shakes depending on the availability of the fruit in that season. So I always had a healthy diet during my growing up years which has now become my habit.

My college friends indulge in all sorts of junk food and I keep on telling them that all those food will harm in later future. As girls we should be more careful with our diet and maintain a good health so that there is no trouble in the future. But my friends like any other teenager never pay heed to what I say and indulge in all delicacies. It is after a few months they realized how big a mistake they had committed as their weights had increased. A week later was our fresher’s party and they found it hard to fit in their evening dresses. My friends got very worried and they thought of going on a crash diet.
They believed that as the party is in a week crash diet would help them easily. I was reminded of my mother who was always against any form of dieting. I advised my friends to not look at the weight problem as anything of short term as that will haunt them forever in their lives if they don’t take a permanent step. I advised them to do yoga and take a balanced diet which would include lots of fruits and vegetables. A crash diet would compromise on the nutritional intake as a balanced diet not only includes proteins but also small portions of carbohydrates, dairy products and starch. All these nutrients would not be going into our system if we go into a crash diet. A crash diet though effective in short term should always be done in consultation with a physician.
Balanced diet

My friends understood the seriousness of the situation and they realized their mistake. I suggested them to wear a body shape wear for their party which would temporarily hide their weight. But for a long term solution they should take into account all aspects most importantly that of their own bodies. So from next day onwards itself I along with my friends started practicing Yoga early in the morning. We had planned out our entire meal course keeping in mind that we take very little of sugar or fat. Our main aim was to keep our self-control during those odd hours when one feeds on junk food. So we decided to store various forms of fruit and make fruit salad whenever we felt hungry. Corn in different forms was also one of our favorite snacks.

Yes we did a lot of sacrifices but then sometimes we allowed ourselves to cheat which we would compensate by doing Yoga a bit more the next day. Our sacrifices did really paid off and within two months everyone had reduced those extra fats. My friend thanked me for guiding them but it was then I remembered that all this would not have been possible without my mother who had inculcated this good habit in me from my childhood. It was she who made me realize the importance of a balanced and healthy diet.

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