Friday, July 10, 2015

A balanced diet

My mother always used to say that a healthy and balanced diet is the secret to a long and happy life. She would always make it a point to include green leafy vegetables in our lunch and insisted us on having lots of fruits. She would make all kinds of fruit salads and fruit shakes depending on the availability of the fruit in that season. So I always had a healthy diet during my growing up years which has now become my habit.

My college friends indulge in all sorts of junk food and I keep on telling them that all those food will harm in later future. As girls we should be more careful with our diet and maintain a good health so that there is no trouble in the future. But my friends like any other teenager never pay heed to what I say and indulge in all delicacies. It is after a few months they realized how big a mistake they had committed as their weights had increased. A week later was our fresher’s party and they found it hard to fit in their evening dresses. My friends got very worried and they thought of going on a crash diet.
They believed that as the party is in a week crash diet would help them easily. I was reminded of my mother who was always against any form of dieting. I advised my friends to not look at the weight problem as anything of short term as that will haunt them forever in their lives if they don’t take a permanent step. I advised them to do yoga and take a balanced diet which would include lots of fruits and vegetables. A crash diet would compromise on the nutritional intake as a balanced diet not only includes proteins but also small portions of carbohydrates, dairy products and starch. All these nutrients would not be going into our system if we go into a crash diet. A crash diet though effective in short term should always be done in consultation with a physician.
Balanced diet

My friends understood the seriousness of the situation and they realized their mistake. I suggested them to wear a body shape wear for their party which would temporarily hide their weight. But for a long term solution they should take into account all aspects most importantly that of their own bodies. So from next day onwards itself I along with my friends started practicing Yoga early in the morning. We had planned out our entire meal course keeping in mind that we take very little of sugar or fat. Our main aim was to keep our self-control during those odd hours when one feeds on junk food. So we decided to store various forms of fruit and make fruit salad whenever we felt hungry. Corn in different forms was also one of our favorite snacks.

Yes we did a lot of sacrifices but then sometimes we allowed ourselves to cheat which we would compensate by doing Yoga a bit more the next day. Our sacrifices did really paid off and within two months everyone had reduced those extra fats. My friend thanked me for guiding them but it was then I remembered that all this would not have been possible without my mother who had inculcated this good habit in me from my childhood. It was she who made me realize the importance of a balanced and healthy diet.

 Check out more about having a healthy diet on A healthy way to maintain your diet is by substituting sugar with honey.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Groovy Playlist

I am a passionate dancer and my music for dance varies from western song to desi bollywood songs. In english songs Shakira has been favourite as her songs have the peppiness as well as the sexiness which can motivate anyone to dance.

 So the first song that has to be in my playlist has to be Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. in this song you tend to get mesmerised by her sexy belly dancing. the rap adds to the funkiness and one can't stop moving to its beats.. 

After shakira my playlist would definitely have JLo aka Jennifer Lopez. Her song On the dance floor has been one of the best chartbusters and this song has been a party anthem for many social gatherings. Jennifer Lopez looks very sexy in this music video and her dance moves are very groovy. The feat by pitbull adds to the music video a different feel which enhances its appeal. Being a party anthem this music is sure got to be in my playlist.

The third song in my playlist would be of Enrique Iglesias. The song "tonight I am loving you" has made me jump up from my bed and dance to his tunes. The song is mysteriously sexy and passionate. Even the music video boasts of the same with enrique featuring in it. The lyrics make your hearts skip a beat and you can't help but dancing on it. I make it a point to play this song at all my parties.

Coming to our desi bollywood songs now. The song which tops my bollywood playlist nowadays is "Manali Trance" which has been featured in the movie "Shaukeens". Lisa Hayden is the lead actress in the song who performs with a panache. Her sensual moves and her attitude makes the song admirable. The feat has been given by Yo Yo Honey Singh which makes it all the more peppy. The song is appropriate for parties and clubs where dancing is the main task to ward off all the tension.

Next in my playlist has to be one of my favourite actresses of all time song "Dum Maaro Dum" by Deepika Padukone. Deepika is an amazing dancer and she proves it again in this item number. The song is a transformed version of the retro song with the same name. The beats are really appropriate for dancing and the lines makes you dance. The dance steps are easy to catch and listening to the song makes you dance yourself.

Recently released Tanu Weds Manu Returns song "banno" is next in my playlist. This song as has "swagger" as the lyrics say. The lyrics are a funky and makes you feel connected. It comes as a shaadi song in the movie and it fulfils all the qualities of being one. Kangana Ranaut the protagonist of the movie who has a double role is seen dancing in this song. The steps are so in sync with the song that you can't help but copy them.This is one of the most popular songs of today.

The next song is from this movie itself titled " Ghani Bawri" . The song showcases the protagonist dancing on her beloved's barrat. kangana ranaut is simply awesome as her dance moves and expression are just mind blowing. When you listen to the song you feel sympathetic towards Kangana but the song is so full of energy that it forces us to get up from our place and dance.

"Chittiyaan Kaliyaan" is the song which you would find next in my playlist. The song features jacqueline fernandes and the beats are so peppy and energetic that you feel very energetic. The lyrics are a mix of punabi and Hindi which adds to its quality. The number is specially appropriate girls night out as the lyrics can be related by us.

Lastly any party is incomplete without "baby doll" featuring Sunny Leone. This song is so cool and sensuous that we can not stop ourselves from dancing. Sunny Leone looks lovely in this song and her main step from this song has been very popular.This energetic song makes my playlist complete.

Do check out the video "Taazgi ka Dhamaka" by Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda

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Cricket: It is not just a game

In India cricket is more than just a game. It is a religion which every Indian follows ardently. Whether it is a ODI game or a test cricket or the recent T20 games we Indians love to watch it all especially when India is playing. We make it a point to re-schedule our appointments and engagements so that it does not fall on the same time. No matter how important the work we make it a point to watch the match without interruptions.

I have been brought up in a family who are really passionate about sports especially cricket. And what we love most is the feeling of togetherness we feel when we sit in our living room with all the family members and cheer for team India. We sometimes used to call over our neighbors also to watch the match with us.

However after going away to a hostel I miss all those family time when we used to sit in front of T.V and watch cricket match. My father would take a leave from his work and my brother would bunk his college and my mother would cook snacks for us which we would all devour along with enjoying the match.

In hostel we hardly get time to do any other recreational activity let alone watching television. To top it we had our exams a day after the England India ODI series.  I was in a dilemma as to what I should do. I can’t compromise my exams nor could I compromise my passion for watching cricket. I tried hard to concentrate my attention towards my studies but my mind kept wandering off to the match. After much thought I opened my laptop and went to the respective channel which was broadcasting the match.

Our college Wi-Fi allowed me to watch uninterrupted streaming of the live match on my laptop. After watching an over, I started feeling nervous about my exam the next day. So I opened another web page and started studying my course. At regular intervals I switched back to the live streaming to watch the exciting match between England and India.

My friends thought I was a bit crazy doing this juggling between my studies and cricket. I realized they won’t understand the passion I have for cricket. The match ended at around 10:30 pm at night and by then I had completed the numerical part of my syllabus. Only the theory portion was left to be revised. I was elated as not only I had managed to study and watch the match together but also that India had won the first match of the series. Virat kohli was awarded the man of the match and I watched in awe as he received his award for a not out innings of 101* which helped India won the match in less than 50 overs.

After the award ceremony I switched off my laptop and began studying for the exam tomorrow revising what was left untouched. I called my parents the next day to share with them how I had watched the entire match on my laptop. Though they were a bit angry as they thought I would have compromised my studies for that but when I told them that I had performed in my exams really well they were a bit relieved. They told me I had managed to balance both my studies and my passion for cricket without compromising either which was commendable.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chocolate honey bar granola

As a kid I hated when my mother used to give me chapatti and sabzi for lunch. I remember how I used to pester my mother to give me new delicacies every day and my poor mother tried her best to come up with new recipes daily. Now when I live in hostel and I eat regular mess food and crib about it, I realize how much trouble I used to create for my mother. Here instead of cribbing we can’t do anything more but now we have decided that whenever food is not worthy of consumption we will make something on our own. Generally our experiments end with making noodles or pasta but we realized how unhealthy eating those foods on a regular basis can be. So we decided to experiment with something which can be eaten as a snack and can be filling also.

All of my friends have a sweet tooth so it was mutually finalized that all will try to make some or other kind of sweet dish. I thought of making a chocolate bar honey granola which would be tasty and filling also as it would have lots of sugar which would give us energy. So I went to our mess along with all the ingredients and started the procedure.

STEP 1: I took around 4 to 5 spoons of sugar and started heating it on a pan till it turned golden honey brown. Care should be taken that the stirring should not be done with the help of a spoon and the gas should be turned off as soon as the sugar gets caramelized.
STEP 2: Now when the gas is turned off we need to add some butter and honey and mix well.
STEP 3: Add now some nuts, oats, crushed cornflakes and some chocolate powder. We will mix them well till it all joins properly.
STEP 4: We will take it out and place it on butter paper and form into one thick rectangular bar. We can cut them into tiny bars and wrap them individually in butter paper and store them in cool place.

Our chocolate bar honey granola is ready in just four steps. I gave each of my friends a bar to taste and they loved it. The flavor of honey with nuts and chocolate was delicious. Some of my friends added some chocolate sauce on top of it and it looked as well as tasted heavenly. I stored the rest in an air tight container.

After that day the frequency of my friends visiting my room has increased as they can’t stay away from the granola for much long. It is one of our best snacks for midnight munching.

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A five step Chic Chignon

What would you get if you have a combination of sleeping beauty and Rapunzel? Apparently, you will get me. Yes I resemble these fairy characters a lot as I love to sleep and have long lustrous hair like Rapunzel. Though you may feel these two are a great combination however for me the result is not quite satisfactory.

As I love sleeping so I am generally late for my college and I end up making a regular braid or a regular bun. My friends keep complaining that I don’t take care of my hair much and I should get up a bit early so that I could manage my time and experiment with different hairstyles. However I soon realized that getting up early is not my cup of tea. So I used to make regular braid or a bun as they were my only options.

It was then I read about this article on that caught my attention. It was a simple five step chic chignon I was at once attracted to this article as my hair though silky tends to get dry in a day or two. And to wear this hairstyle, dry hair is preferred.

I read the article thoroughly and began experimenting with the look. I love to make buns as they are comfortable and it doesn’t let any hair come on your face which makes any task hassle free. I started doing my hair as it was instructed and the end result was great.

The next morning though I got up at the same time I usually get up but I still managed to make my super fantastic chic bun. The bun was neatly done and it gave a very pleasing visual look. My friends did not believe that I had done some other hairstyle. They loved the look and some even asked for my help regarding the making of that bun for them. I realized that this bun was comparatively less heavy than my regular bun and that made my head comfortable.

My friends advised me to enhance the look by adding some accessories and doing some experiments. So we brought a few hairbands and a few bobby pins of various designs and colors and turned my chic look into a classy one. Also I started twisting my front bangs like in Victorian style and saw that it gave my bun a very elegant look. I started wearing that hair do both with my western as well as ethnic attire.

My look changed completely and I started receiving a lot of compliments for this donut like hair do. saved me from a lifetime of complaints and made me famous. Finally I received the compliments which my hair deserved.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A beautiful journey:Mother daughter to sisters

“Mummy, this earring is not going well with your kurti, try something funkier” or “Mummy you should put this colour nail paint, it will suit your skin tone” or “kajal looks better on you than eye liner does”. These are some of the advices that I give to my mother on a daily basis as she has never been the person to take much care about her looks or fashion. This portrays how times have changed and for the good. Now I am the official makeover artist for my mother who with her hard work and sacrifices made our home a happy place to live in. 

Since my childhood I have been very passionate about the fashion trends and more than that I used to like to experiment with those fashion styles.On the other hand my mother who is a very beautiful woman never took much care of her looks. Her ideal make up would be to dab a few puffs of compact powder, a bit of lipstick for her voluminous glossy lips and her eternal red bindi accompanied with her sindoor. That simplicity used to blow my mind over and I remember just staring at her while she used to get ready for a party. She is the perfect home maker in whose world everything is beautifully kept and arranged neatly and it is from her that I have taken the habit of maintaining everything properly.

While I started growing up I began to take a fond interest in the world of fashion. I started reading magazines and watching videos to enable me to have a better perspective. At this time I noticed my mother ageing but very gracefully. Her beauty still didn't demand any additional touch but I insisted to experiment with a few things. I realized that she as a mother of two had been so busy with her life that she didn't get time for herself ever. Now when we have grown up it was time that we children took care of her in whatever ways we could. So from there I began my journey as her official make up cum fashion adviser. Whatever new hairstyles I used to learn I used to experiment on her beautiful lustrous hair which ran down till her waist. And with every hairstyle she looked amazing.

While I did dedicate my time on enhancing her outer beauty, she ,on the other hand, would help me in my studies and try her best to enhance my inner beauty. She always used to say that all these fashion and make up are ephemeral what is of utmost important is knowledge. It is just because of her that I never used to compromise on my studies. My teachers would ask me how did I manage to do well in academics and also in extracurricular and I used to say that my mother taught me to manage everything in a balanced way.

At home I would dress her up like she is my little doll but I always kept in mind her taste and preference. Maybe that is why all my extra help led to such amazing results. As I grew up, people started addressing both of us as “sisters.”  I used to get very happy whenever somebody used to call us that as I knew that my help had been of some use. Over the years our relationship grew from that of  a daughter-mother to that of sisters and now we are more of friends.

Now that I am off to college and living in a hostel far away from my home things still remain the same. Whenever I need any advice she is the first person whom I call up for her advice and whenever my mother has to go out I give her suggestions via video calling and advise her about the latest trends on phone. My mother and I are more of friends now but even today when I do make mistakes she is there to scold me and correct me as my loving mother

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