Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A hug- simple yet perfect gift

My father has been my role-model and my super hero since my childhood. His selfless attitude his caring nature and his over protective nature has made me a humble and compassionate human being.  It was he who taught me how to love fellow human beings, how to forgive someone and move on. His little teachings in my childhood are now my mantras for life.

So to think about what gift would perfectly suit him on this father’s day was a very difficult task for me. A gift should be something which would be great use to that person or something which makes him happy. My father is now 60 and his son and daughter have grown up to be mature responsible adults just like he was. There is not even a single day when we don’t talk over the phone. We all realize how busy we all are with our lives but my father has always taught me that family comes first over all the other things. This is one of the many things he has taught me. So we all take out a bit of time from our busy schedules to talk to each other daily. Not only this we have made it a point to celebrate festivals at home like we used to do when we were children. As a child I used to wait eagerly for a festival as that would be the time when the whole family would be at home and we all would have our delicious meals cooked by my mother together. My father would take us out shopping or we would go on picnics and thus spend quality family time. It’s now I realize how important those festivals and holidays were which actually made us believe in this institution called family.

My father always led a very simple life and he believed that a simple man would achieve maximum success as he is not surrounded by many complexities. It is this advice which makes me going even today. He taught me that it depends on us what and how to make of our life. We can either make it simple or difficult. The path to a simple life is to have an optimistic attitude and a compassionate nature. This optimism is what I have inculcated in myself.

People say I remind them of my father a lot. From having the same birthmark on my nose to our personality we are kind of similar. I believe that though the birthmark was a gift from God but the habits and nature which I have got from my father is a result of his teachings and his philosophies. I just follow them and I am happy that people see his reflection in me.

To think of gifting such a holy man something is very difficult. So I decided to spend the entire day with him and as I met him after so many days I saw his bright smile. I went and hugged him tightly and whispered in his ears “Thank You” for making me who I am today.

People say mothers are an integral part of the family but we in that light sometimes forget the selfless contributions made by our fathers. It is in this spirit that we should take some time out of our lives and say how grateful we are to them for having them in our lives. A tight hug would be the best gift to compliment it with.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

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