Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smelly to smiley

The window panes looked spotless. The furniture was properly dusted and the floor was neatly cleaned. I had left no stone unturned to make my home look clean and tidy. My parents were coming home to see me after a long time and I wanted them to be proud of my organizational and maintenance skills. I must tell you here how difficult it is to keep the house clean in a rainy season with all the mud splattering and sandy winds blowing. To top it the humid and congested smell makes everything smell soiled and dingy. So to hide that smell I got some fresh flowers from my florist and decorated the whole house with fresh flowers.

After cleaning the house I decided to make some authentic Bengali food for them as they like it. So I started preparing poshto banta, aloo kopi sabzi (potato cauliflower curry) and tadka wala yellow dal (pulses) with steamed rice and payesh (kheer). After finishing the sabzi and poshto banta, I started preparing the dal and the payesh. The smell of the tadka had spread to the entire house and though I had switched on the exhaust fan but the odor was not going. The payesh made the situation worse as the smell of the tadka was now mixed with the smell of the kesar. It had a weird smell and as I stepped out of the kitchen I could no longer smell the fresh flowers. The smell of the food had overpowered the smell of the flowers. I did not know what to do.

Just then the doorbell rang and I knew it was my parents. I knew I had failed as a hostess and I walked towards the door in despair. I opened the door and hugged my parents tightly as I was seeing them after a long time. I welcomed them in and they couldn’t stop appreciating how beautiful and clean the house looked. However as they settled in they started cringing as they became familiar with the mixed smells in the house. The smell of the phenyl had mixed with the smell of ghee and kesar and had produced a very pungent and disgusting odor. My father told me to open all the windows and switch on the exhaust fan as the smell was repulsive. I tried spraying some room freshener but even its smell was just temporary.

 It was my mother who told me about Ambi pur and how it just doesn’t cover the smell but completely removes it. She made me understand how important it is to have a freshener like ambi pur in your home as it will give your house that extra edge. When a house smells good people love to visit again. No one likes to visit a smelly place. No matter how lovely the house looks until it smells good no one would like to stay there. Saying this we went to a nearby supermarket and bought a pack of ambi pur room fresheners. I sprayed some in my home and to my surprise I couldn’t smell that nasty smell anymore. On the contrary my house smelled divine. My parents loved my food and we enjoyed our day sitting in the house eating snacks and enjoying the rain without worrying about the soiled smell as we knew we had ambi pur to our rescue.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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