Monday, June 15, 2015

Music Masti and Dance

After a long day of hard work in your office when you have to wait for a bus in the hot sultry weathers it is not a good thing. In Pune the situation of public transport is very poor. The plight of buses is such that they are very few in number and due to this they run on very long intervals. To top it the auto rickshaws had a strike which made commutation a nightmare. All this had made the situation for the public very depressing.

So as I was sitting on the bench drenched of all energy after the long day, I decided to just gaze into the street looking for some hope. Just when I was in lost in thought I saw a dance group on the back of a truck coming towards us. After a while the sound also became louder and I could clearly recognize Anushka Manchanda’s voice singing Dum maaro dum.

The truck stopped right in front of us and it was then I saw Allu Arjun the lead dancer of the group dancing in style to Anushka’s music. Suddenly the whole street which was a few seconds ago without any fervor was energized by their presence and the people who were till now sitting dully on the benches of the bus stop had joined the crowd and started dancing with others. Anuhka later sang allah duhai hai and dance basanti which made the crowd ecstatic. I was no longer tired and was busy dancing in tunes of her songs and trying to copy Allu Arjuns’s moves. I wondered how adorable he looked and how sexy Anushka looked. Their pair was as hot as the weather.

Anushka then changed her music genre from Bollywood to indipop which made the crowd go crazy. She later joined the dancers and Allu Arjun and they both danced in style and with grace. All the people standing there were in awe of their performance. They had forgotten how dull their lives had been a few moments ago. After the show ended we were handed over pamphlets of their up-coming performance in Balwandi Stadium that week. The show was a part of the promotional activity and as the truck moved forward making its way through the crowd, I promised myself that I would definitely go to see their event with my friends and get a break from the dull and monotonous routine in my life. What better way than to listen and groove to the tunes of Anushka Manchanda and dance along with Allu Arjun. As I was contemplating my future plans, I heard my bus coming and with a cheerful mood I boarded it.

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