Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A father..A teacher..A role model

A father is not only the support system of my family but also the person who is my mentor. A professor by profession he has handled both the responsibilities of a father and a mentor beautifully and responsibly. I can’t forget those moments when as a child he used to take out time from his busy schedule and read to me some poems by great poets like Tennyson and Yeats and I used to wonder what those poems used to mean. As I grew up he would tell me the meanings of those poems and in his own way make me understand how beautiful life is.

It was from him that I grew a fondness for poetry. I started writing couplets while I was very young and my father used to read them every day. He used to say that the way I express my emotions is unique and I should continue doing that.

A few years later my performance in studies went deteriorating. I was never the topper but I was a bright student. But that time somehow I couldn’t concentrate. I got really poor marks in my internals and in the finals I didn’t do well either.  My father being a professor knew that this was just a temporary phase in my life and this would go away. He was the one person not to lose any confidence in me when I myself had given up all the hope. I remember talking to him that evening all depressed and he listened to me calmly and then spoke at last “ A successful person is not one who wins every time. But someone who fails yet never gives up.” His words still echo in my ears and I can still picture myself sitting in our drawing room in front of his rocking chair.

Getting back my confidence I decided to write about my feelings. I needed a way to express myself. So it was then I started venting out my feelings in the form of a poem.  I wrote my first Haiku. I was firstly unaware of what style I was writing in but it was my father who pointed out that poem was a Haiku. He was very happy and greatly impressed by my work and he decided to publish my poem in a magazine. Next month my first publication came out in the monthly children’s magazine and my happiness knew no bounds. However there was one person who was happier than me- my father. He held my hand that day and told me that I would be a great poet one day.

Today when I look back I remember that day clearly. I remember how confident and positive I had felt when my father had held my hand that day. Now after graduating in English Honors from Delhi University, I write for a local newspaper these days. Though I generally write about political articles I also love to write poems and have written many sonnets and Haiku. Recently I wrote about my first hero-my dad. I dedicated that to my father on this father’s day. He rang me up after reading that poem and suddenly I had this urge to see him.

It had been months since I last saw him and so I decided to give him a surprise visit. As it was father’s day I bought a cake on my way to our house. I rang the bell and my mom opened it. I asked her where dad was and she pointed me to his study room. As I entered I saw through the opening of the door that my father was busy arranging documents in his files. I went up to him and saw that it was a photo copy of my poem which was dedicated to him and he was putting it with a bunch of other documents. I realized then that all those documents were my poems which I had been writing since childhood. I didn’t know how to react so I just hugged him tightly. I felt him crying and even I was overwhelmed by his emotions. He said in his choking voice “I have kept all your poems properly safe with me.” I thought I couldn’t give anything in return to him for showing so much love to me. I hugged him and said “Thank you for being my teacher and my father. I owe everything to you Dad.”

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

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