Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A hug- simple yet perfect gift

My father has been my role-model and my super hero since my childhood. His selfless attitude his caring nature and his over protective nature has made me a humble and compassionate human being.  It was he who taught me how to love fellow human beings, how to forgive someone and move on. His little teachings in my childhood are now my mantras for life.

So to think about what gift would perfectly suit him on this father’s day was a very difficult task for me. A gift should be something which would be great use to that person or something which makes him happy. My father is now 60 and his son and daughter have grown up to be mature responsible adults just like he was. There is not even a single day when we don’t talk over the phone. We all realize how busy we all are with our lives but my father has always taught me that family comes first over all the other things. This is one of the many things he has taught me. So we all take out a bit of time from our busy schedules to talk to each other daily. Not only this we have made it a point to celebrate festivals at home like we used to do when we were children. As a child I used to wait eagerly for a festival as that would be the time when the whole family would be at home and we all would have our delicious meals cooked by my mother together. My father would take us out shopping or we would go on picnics and thus spend quality family time. It’s now I realize how important those festivals and holidays were which actually made us believe in this institution called family.

My father always led a very simple life and he believed that a simple man would achieve maximum success as he is not surrounded by many complexities. It is this advice which makes me going even today. He taught me that it depends on us what and how to make of our life. We can either make it simple or difficult. The path to a simple life is to have an optimistic attitude and a compassionate nature. This optimism is what I have inculcated in myself.

People say I remind them of my father a lot. From having the same birthmark on my nose to our personality we are kind of similar. I believe that though the birthmark was a gift from God but the habits and nature which I have got from my father is a result of his teachings and his philosophies. I just follow them and I am happy that people see his reflection in me.

To think of gifting such a holy man something is very difficult. So I decided to spend the entire day with him and as I met him after so many days I saw his bright smile. I went and hugged him tightly and whispered in his ears “Thank You” for making me who I am today.

People say mothers are an integral part of the family but we in that light sometimes forget the selfless contributions made by our fathers. It is in this spirit that we should take some time out of our lives and say how grateful we are to them for having them in our lives. A tight hug would be the best gift to compliment it with.

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A father..A teacher..A role model

A father is not only the support system of my family but also the person who is my mentor. A professor by profession he has handled both the responsibilities of a father and a mentor beautifully and responsibly. I can’t forget those moments when as a child he used to take out time from his busy schedule and read to me some poems by great poets like Tennyson and Yeats and I used to wonder what those poems used to mean. As I grew up he would tell me the meanings of those poems and in his own way make me understand how beautiful life is.

It was from him that I grew a fondness for poetry. I started writing couplets while I was very young and my father used to read them every day. He used to say that the way I express my emotions is unique and I should continue doing that.

A few years later my performance in studies went deteriorating. I was never the topper but I was a bright student. But that time somehow I couldn’t concentrate. I got really poor marks in my internals and in the finals I didn’t do well either.  My father being a professor knew that this was just a temporary phase in my life and this would go away. He was the one person not to lose any confidence in me when I myself had given up all the hope. I remember talking to him that evening all depressed and he listened to me calmly and then spoke at last “ A successful person is not one who wins every time. But someone who fails yet never gives up.” His words still echo in my ears and I can still picture myself sitting in our drawing room in front of his rocking chair.

Getting back my confidence I decided to write about my feelings. I needed a way to express myself. So it was then I started venting out my feelings in the form of a poem.  I wrote my first Haiku. I was firstly unaware of what style I was writing in but it was my father who pointed out that poem was a Haiku. He was very happy and greatly impressed by my work and he decided to publish my poem in a magazine. Next month my first publication came out in the monthly children’s magazine and my happiness knew no bounds. However there was one person who was happier than me- my father. He held my hand that day and told me that I would be a great poet one day.

Today when I look back I remember that day clearly. I remember how confident and positive I had felt when my father had held my hand that day. Now after graduating in English Honors from Delhi University, I write for a local newspaper these days. Though I generally write about political articles I also love to write poems and have written many sonnets and Haiku. Recently I wrote about my first hero-my dad. I dedicated that to my father on this father’s day. He rang me up after reading that poem and suddenly I had this urge to see him.

It had been months since I last saw him and so I decided to give him a surprise visit. As it was father’s day I bought a cake on my way to our house. I rang the bell and my mom opened it. I asked her where dad was and she pointed me to his study room. As I entered I saw through the opening of the door that my father was busy arranging documents in his files. I went up to him and saw that it was a photo copy of my poem which was dedicated to him and he was putting it with a bunch of other documents. I realized then that all those documents were my poems which I had been writing since childhood. I didn’t know how to react so I just hugged him tightly. I felt him crying and even I was overwhelmed by his emotions. He said in his choking voice “I have kept all your poems properly safe with me.” I thought I couldn’t give anything in return to him for showing so much love to me. I hugged him and said “Thank you for being my teacher and my father. I owe everything to you Dad.”

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smelly to smiley

The window panes looked spotless. The furniture was properly dusted and the floor was neatly cleaned. I had left no stone unturned to make my home look clean and tidy. My parents were coming home to see me after a long time and I wanted them to be proud of my organizational and maintenance skills. I must tell you here how difficult it is to keep the house clean in a rainy season with all the mud splattering and sandy winds blowing. To top it the humid and congested smell makes everything smell soiled and dingy. So to hide that smell I got some fresh flowers from my florist and decorated the whole house with fresh flowers.

After cleaning the house I decided to make some authentic Bengali food for them as they like it. So I started preparing poshto banta, aloo kopi sabzi (potato cauliflower curry) and tadka wala yellow dal (pulses) with steamed rice and payesh (kheer). After finishing the sabzi and poshto banta, I started preparing the dal and the payesh. The smell of the tadka had spread to the entire house and though I had switched on the exhaust fan but the odor was not going. The payesh made the situation worse as the smell of the tadka was now mixed with the smell of the kesar. It had a weird smell and as I stepped out of the kitchen I could no longer smell the fresh flowers. The smell of the food had overpowered the smell of the flowers. I did not know what to do.

Just then the doorbell rang and I knew it was my parents. I knew I had failed as a hostess and I walked towards the door in despair. I opened the door and hugged my parents tightly as I was seeing them after a long time. I welcomed them in and they couldn’t stop appreciating how beautiful and clean the house looked. However as they settled in they started cringing as they became familiar with the mixed smells in the house. The smell of the phenyl had mixed with the smell of ghee and kesar and had produced a very pungent and disgusting odor. My father told me to open all the windows and switch on the exhaust fan as the smell was repulsive. I tried spraying some room freshener but even its smell was just temporary.

 It was my mother who told me about Ambi pur and how it just doesn’t cover the smell but completely removes it. She made me understand how important it is to have a freshener like ambi pur in your home as it will give your house that extra edge. When a house smells good people love to visit again. No one likes to visit a smelly place. No matter how lovely the house looks until it smells good no one would like to stay there. Saying this we went to a nearby supermarket and bought a pack of ambi pur room fresheners. I sprayed some in my home and to my surprise I couldn’t smell that nasty smell anymore. On the contrary my house smelled divine. My parents loved my food and we enjoyed our day sitting in the house eating snacks and enjoying the rain without worrying about the soiled smell as we knew we had ambi pur to our rescue.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Music Masti and Dance

After a long day of hard work in your office when you have to wait for a bus in the hot sultry weathers it is not a good thing. In Pune the situation of public transport is very poor. The plight of buses is such that they are very few in number and due to this they run on very long intervals. To top it the auto rickshaws had a strike which made commutation a nightmare. All this had made the situation for the public very depressing.

So as I was sitting on the bench drenched of all energy after the long day, I decided to just gaze into the street looking for some hope. Just when I was in lost in thought I saw a dance group on the back of a truck coming towards us. After a while the sound also became louder and I could clearly recognize Anushka Manchanda’s voice singing Dum maaro dum.

The truck stopped right in front of us and it was then I saw Allu Arjun the lead dancer of the group dancing in style to Anushka’s music. Suddenly the whole street which was a few seconds ago without any fervor was energized by their presence and the people who were till now sitting dully on the benches of the bus stop had joined the crowd and started dancing with others. Anuhka later sang allah duhai hai and dance basanti which made the crowd ecstatic. I was no longer tired and was busy dancing in tunes of her songs and trying to copy Allu Arjuns’s moves. I wondered how adorable he looked and how sexy Anushka looked. Their pair was as hot as the weather.

Anushka then changed her music genre from Bollywood to indipop which made the crowd go crazy. She later joined the dancers and Allu Arjun and they both danced in style and with grace. All the people standing there were in awe of their performance. They had forgotten how dull their lives had been a few moments ago. After the show ended we were handed over pamphlets of their up-coming performance in Balwandi Stadium that week. The show was a part of the promotional activity and as the truck moved forward making its way through the crowd, I promised myself that I would definitely go to see their event with my friends and get a break from the dull and monotonous routine in my life. What better way than to listen and groove to the tunes of Anushka Manchanda and dance along with Allu Arjun. As I was contemplating my future plans, I heard my bus coming and with a cheerful mood I boarded it.

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An evening with Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun

It’s the time for college fests in Delhi University and like every other college we want our college fest to be the best. Being the President of our college union I was asked to prepare a rough proposal of all the stars who I would think would be good and will be willing to come to our college. After a lot of mind boggling ideas about various superstars I came up with two names – Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda.

Allu arjun is a superstar of telgu cinema and his popularity is known by all. We students are mostly aware of his achievements and his dance moves are something to die for.  His latest movie ABCD 2 is all set to release this Friday and this will make his presence in our college a much hyped event. Anushka manchanda is a playback singer and also plays various instruments like piano, guitar and flute. Her indipop music is soothing as well as peppy. This combination would make our fests the biggest hit in the entire University.

When I proposed my plan in-front of my professors they were also as excited as I was. I realized that even they were a big fan of Anushka’s voice and Allu Arjun’s dance steps. They even accepted my idea of having a duet performance of them rather than calling them on for different events. A mix of indipop music and western dance moves would be a treat to everyone’s eyes. The proposal was agreed upon and the rest of the formalities such as inviting them to our college for their performance, selling of tickets and popularizing our event were made. The tickets for their performance were sold like a forest on fire. We were pretty sure this was going to be the best fest of that year.

our fest started on a very low note as the key note address was quite boring and the students gradually started leaving expecting the fest to be the same like previous years. I was disappointed to see my fellow students getting depressed but I promised them that they won't be disappointed in the evening. 
The evening had set in and our college campus was filled with a huge crowd. The maximum turnout it had ever seen in many years. Though we had already declared that there were no more tickets yet there was a huge crowd waiting outside the gate just to catch a glimpse of the celebrities. Those who had the tickets felt lucky and our college students felt like they were the boss.  After sometime the stars arrived and we had a tough time managing security.

Anushka and Allu Arjun were very down to earth and greeted everybody with warmth and smile. Even they were quite surprised to see such a huge turnout for a college event. Before Anushka and Allu's show we had a DJ ready so that the crowd wont get bored.The DJ, however, was not up to the mark and everybody started getting bored.they were starting to lose their interest.So as soon as they arrived and an announcement was made of their arrival the crowd got very impatient. But their impatience was treated with delight when they heard the lovely voice of Anuska Manchanda. After a while they were mesmerized to see the duet performance of Anushka and Allu Arjun. All the girls in my college were going gaga over Allu Arjun’s moves as he danced his way all over the stage. Anushka’s peppy and sexy voice made a lot of boys rolling their eyes in surprise. The whole crowd was energised and were dancing and singing along with their favourite stars.The crowd was treated with a mix of songs ranging from "zindagi rocks, money money to mit jaaye gum and allah duhai hai". Everybody was in awe of this pair which made its way to the headlines in the next day publication of Delhi times. Our college fest was featured on the front page of a popular newspaper and at last the dream of making my fest a success came true. Thanks to Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda.

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