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This is my first book from Blogadda which I received for reviewing. I have always loved Indian Mythology and reading and reviewing Ramayana gave me immense pleasure. It brought back all the memories of my childhood when my mother used to tell me stories about the mighty Rama.

The book is the second part to the trilogy named Ramyana-The book of life.  The book’s cover was eye catching with Rama sleeping in a distressed mood. The cover made my excitement grew more as I had not read the previous book. I knew the author would have made some changes to the original book by inculcating aspects throwing light on our daily life.

 Twelve peaceful and beautiful years have passed since the marriage of Rama and Sita and a new saga is about to unfold as King Dashratha announces his elder son Rama as the new heir to the throne in the absence of Bharat and Laxman. Everyone seemed happy by this decision except Manthra who was loyal to her queen kaikeyi and wanted to see her as the king’s mother. She manipulates the queen to take her stand for his son. What unfolds next is known by everyone as to how Rama is sentenced to fourteen years of exile. This journey of ram and his wife sita from a world full of riches to a world of misery in jungle has always enthralled me. Their loyalty towards each other, their love and compassion and their courage till date inspires us to draw strength from them. It helps us reflect our own miseries which seems quite tiny in front of theirs.

The ever popular saying which describes that ‘promises cannot be broken’ is the essence of the story. Dashratha knows that ayodhya can have no better ruler than Rama but he is bound by his promise to Kaikeyi. So what if the promise itself is responsible for taking his life. The entire struggle which Rama and sita goes through makes us believe that a person can go through any trouble if he is with his loved one.

The book tells us the story of Ramayana in the light of today’s world. The footnotes help us in understanding some contexts in a better way. The translations for some of the Sanskrit words are also given in the footnote which gives us a clearer picture.

It was a refreshing experience to read an epic Mythological book like Ramayana with a new twist. The life experiences can be well related in our day to day life. So we can take a lot after reading this book to implement in our lives. Some good points that have been added here is the strong character portrayal of Bharat. His stance and his character has been brought out very nicely.

Also some scenes have been described so vividly that we can actually create our own visual image. One such scene is when Rama puts a garland around Sita and Sita does the same but by using her eyes. That simple moment was so romantic that I could actually imagine that whole scene ( had a wishful thinking too!!)

So all in all Ramyana -the book of life is a book which is not just about mythology but it goes beyond that to enable us to to reflect on our own lives through its teachings. I am really hopeful and excited to read its third part now also.

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