Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One hell of a machine

Motorola w270, that’s how I started my relationship with mobiles. Then comes my Moto L6, then Moto L9 and now Moto G2.

So Motorola holds a special place in my life. This is the brand that laid foundations of cellular phones. This is the brand that made world communicate with smarter means. Whether the words are one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” by Neil Armstrong from moon or a simple “hello” on earth Motorola was always there to connect.

 But what is so special about Motorola apart from it’s rich history that I am attracted towards this very brand personally. The answer to this is quite simple, you get all the features plus a reliable phone at a very affordable cost (affordable cost plays key importance in student’s life, if you know what I mean). I started my phone journey with Motorola and by far I am more than satisfied with it and would recommend everyone for the same.

Moto E 2nd generation is the latest addition to the Motorola family. INR 6999 is the magic figure quoted for the one hell of a machine.The price is low when e compare it with other smart phones in the market. So what's the catch, why is it so cheap?

Maybe the camera quality is not good. But wait you can capture 5 megapixels of high quality images plus you have front camera as well for ever trending selfies and endless video chats .
Okay fine camera is more than good for such a low price phone. But processors are real catch, it won’t have a decent processor. But hey, this little beast comes with 1.2 Ghz quad core CPU and 1GB of RAM plus advanced graphics.

But it won’t have long battery life, common problem faced in low price smart phones, they don’t have a battery life. It’s like you need to carry a portable inverter to charge them more than frequently. But not with Moto E 2nd generation, it comes with 2390 mAh battery which can make it run all day long without the worry of charging again and again and again and again

Okay so long battery life, beast of a processor, one hell of a camera ; but what about the storage space. You need to have memory in the phone to enjoy all of the above. But once again disappointing all the critics Moto E comes with inbuilt memory of 8 GB. But hey, 8 GB is good enough for songs and applications and photos but what about movies. Motorola has taken care of that too, you can further expand your memory up to 32 GB. That does deserve a ‘wow’ at such a price.

But again what about the screen size, screen must be small, even if I you have movies in your phone there is no point watching it over a tiny little screen. But folks, be happy coz this little beast roars with 4.5” qHD screen to make you experience crystal clear photos, videos, texts and what not.

Okay so we have excellent camera, a beastly processor, a long life battery, one hell of a memory space and big screen plus latest version of android ( yes that’s one more additional feature), so stop finding the catch now and start you journey of smart phone with this complete package, while it’s still available in the market

This post is written for Motorola. Check out their website http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

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