Saturday, March 14, 2015

Memorable meet

Everyone has that one special friend in their lives with whom they feel they have some divine connection. And I am lucky to have found that friend in my college. Nikki and I are like soul sisters. Not only do we understand each other’s thought without other person’s saying but we also look a lot like each other. When I used to study in college and live in the hostel, people used to think we are cousin sisters. My whole day used to be spent in her room and girls had started believing that we both were room mates. Our connection was so impeccable that by just looking at each other we could understand what the other was thinking.

To leave such a friend and moving to pune for higher studies was something which I could not handle well. I seriously missed her presence in the new college. I tried finding a friend like her in every person I met but all my attempts failed. I realized how important she was in my life and that her place can not be replaced by any other person.

So when I had to go back to delhi during semester break I was very excited to meet her. We had started planning our meet from a month in advance. The day I reached delhi she called me up and we finalized our meeting . next day early in the morning I went to meet her. Though she had changed her hairstyle and had even lost some weight but as soon as she hugged me I knew nothing had changed between us. We had always loved to eat so we started our day with with kulche chole one of the famous morning breakfasts in delhi. We talked as if it was only yesterday that we had seen each other. The comfort the ease with which we talked was the most beautiful part of the meeting.  There were lot of things to catch up on as it had been nearly three months since we had met. After finishing our breakfast we decided to go to Bangla sahib which was our tradition since our first year in college. Reaching bangla sahib gave us the serenity and peacefulness which we all craved for. We both knew how hectic our lives had been in the past three months and how badly we needed to get away from that life and have some peace.

Next as was our routine we walked down to janpath were we checked out all new stuffs and nikki and I bargained like pros. That was the best part of our relationship. We both were so similar in nature and had habits which we both were proud of. I admired her bargaining skills and so did she. We both if together can literally loot any shopkeeper by our bargaining power. We had lots of fun buying less and bargaining more at janpath.

After that we went to nikki’s hostel- meghdoot, one of the most coveted hostels of Delhi university for post graduation. As soon as I entered her room, memories of her hostel room of our previous college flashed into my memory. Everything was till the same. And in a corner on the study table was the photo frame I had gifted her as our parting memory. The wall was neatly decorated with our collage which we had both made in our third year. I was so happy that I hugged her tightly. She like always offered me sweets which she had brought from her home and I couldn't help but think how normal it all felt.

Time like other girls in our hostel was not able to create any gap between us. It had only made our bond of friendship stronger. Sitting in her room we chatted for hours and our conversation was interrupted by my phone. My father was calling me to ask when would I come as it was already late evening. We both had lost track of time chatting and gossiping like earlier times.

I miss her even today but I know that distances do not matter. What matters is love and trust in each other. That day was memorable because it taught me this important lesson. It gave me the strength to move forward without having to lave the hands of the past.  

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