Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guptaji ke ghar pe naashta

Breakfast is a meal that I do not miss. I believe that if you have a full stomach in the morning your day is well spent. My mother is a great cook and to eat her delicacies in the morning is a treat to my mouth.

Like my mother, I see that Mrs. Guptaji is also a wonderful chef. She has a perfect breakfast menu ready for the week which looks delicious. Eating the same food everyday can be boring. So Mrs. Guptaji has made it a point to make breakfast interesting by planning out the whole week’s menu.
As I am living in a hostel far away from home and my mother, going to guptaji’s residence would be a good idea. Here in the hostel the mess food is so pathetic that you many a times skip meals or try and make something on your own. Getting home made food (which we all hosteller’s crave for) and that too so tasty would be a welcome relieve.
Mrs. Guptaji's breakfast menu

Kellogg’s cornflakes and milk has been my perfect breakfast for years as it is easy to make, not much time consuming and healthy also. And so eating breakfast made from Kellogg’s cornflakes would have all these qualities. So, according to Mrs. Guptaji on Monday when nobody wants to get out of the bed for office or for college (like me) making a breakfast that would force them out of the bed is the best way. Imagine having cornflakes coconut laddoos in the morning. The perfect food to do away with all the Monday morning blues. Instead of feeling sad, you are happy that it’s Monday.

Similarly, having cornflakes pomegranate raita as breakfast is innovative. It’s getting hot with each passing day. So having curd in the morning with cornflakes and a fruit together is a meal which will not only be tasty but also will take care of our health. E would be protected from heat stroke as our body would be cool enough after eating curd.

On Wednesday, think of having tandoori cheese cornflakes. The name itself sounds so mouthwatering. Crushed cornflakes and cheese is an amazing combination. Anything that has cheese in it holds a special place in my heart. So having cheese in the morning would just make my day.

Honey cornflakes and fruit smoothie sounds so yummy. We all are aware of the health benefits of honey and fruits. Starting your Thursday with something as healthy as honey, fruits and cornflakes would be like the perfect start you can have. And smoothie is quite filling also so you won’t feel empty stomach also.

As weekend arrives our mind is set on party mood. Friday brings with itself lots of hope and to begin this day by eating kiwi yoghurt would be a good idea. Kiwi yoghurt is a very creative breakfast you can have in the morning. Eating something sweet and milk product in the morning gives you the strength to work all day with a fresh mind.

It’s Saturday and everybody needs to have something refreshing. What better than to have nutty choco berry cornflakes as your breakfast. Chocolate and berries are my favorite. So having a dish which has both berry and chocolate in it is the best breakfast I can have. Also being Saturday you need to have a pretty good reason to get out of the bed in the morning.

Finally, it’s Sunday, the day which we all look forward to. Breakfast on Sunday is different than all other days as we do not have time constraint and can very well spend quality time with family. Chatting with each other over a bowl of spiced peach cornflakes would be the idle setup. You begin your day on a refreshing note which carries throughout the day.

So eating breakfast at guptaji’s residence is a good idea for me as I will be relieved from the torturous mess food and also get to have delicious food every morning.

This post is written for Kellogg's India. please do visit their page at https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia

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