Thursday, March 5, 2015

Being Optimistic

Optimism in literal sense means hope, the belief that no matter how bad the situation is today things will get better someday. In today’s world where even cows are safer than we are, as a girl being optimistic is the only solution we have that someday we are free to do whatever we want without any limitations or barriers.

A few days back I went to a club with my friends at night. The place was crowded and we were enjoying ourselves. I felt happy that at least after paying so much we can be at peace we are safe and no one will try to take advantage of us. But it didn't take long to get me proved wrong. On the dance floor, there were two boys who were trying their best to come close to us and take advantage of the crowded place by touching us at wrong places. I wondered that if all these educated people coming from affluent families had such a dirty mind as to visualize girls as just some fun toy, then what are we to expect from people who are illiterate. I felt disappointed but I couldn't do anything else as I had no physical evidence that they had done any wrong apart from their dirty looks which they gave us continuously.Being optimistic is the only solution I had that someday these people will realise what effect their actions have on us and will stop behaving like animals and start to behave as humans.

To continue with the same day, one of my friend informed her parents at home that she was going to club with us. Not only did they object but even threatened her that they will take some serious step against her if she goes out. She tried to convince her parents that there is no wrong in going to a club even if it’s at night. She questioned them that why is her brother allowed to party till late nights whereas she is not even allowed to go to a club with her friends in the evening. But even after putting forward so many arguments she failed to convince them. The result was she didn't accompany us to the club. I felt bad for her that even after getting so much of education and so called “independence”, she does not even have such a small right on her life to take her own decision. After a point in your life, you are responsible for your actions. Listening to your parent’s advice is good but it can limit you as there is a huge ideological gap between them and you. I had no option but to be optimistic that someday she will break from that cage which her parents had put her in, and then she could make her own decisions. I also hoped that someday her parents could someday understand that there is no difference between their son and daughter till the time they teach their sons how to behave and not limit their girls freedom.

In everyday life, we come across so many situations where we have no option but to be hopeful that no matter how much bad is happening today , someday everything will be all right.

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