Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One hell of a machine

Motorola w270, that’s how I started my relationship with mobiles. Then comes my Moto L6, then Moto L9 and now Moto G2.

So Motorola holds a special place in my life. This is the brand that laid foundations of cellular phones. This is the brand that made world communicate with smarter means. Whether the words are one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” by Neil Armstrong from moon or a simple “hello” on earth Motorola was always there to connect.

 But what is so special about Motorola apart from it’s rich history that I am attracted towards this very brand personally. The answer to this is quite simple, you get all the features plus a reliable phone at a very affordable cost (affordable cost plays key importance in student’s life, if you know what I mean). I started my phone journey with Motorola and by far I am more than satisfied with it and would recommend everyone for the same.

Moto E 2nd generation is the latest addition to the Motorola family. INR 6999 is the magic figure quoted for the one hell of a machine.The price is low when e compare it with other smart phones in the market. So what's the catch, why is it so cheap?

Maybe the camera quality is not good. But wait you can capture 5 megapixels of high quality images plus you have front camera as well for ever trending selfies and endless video chats .
Okay fine camera is more than good for such a low price phone. But processors are real catch, it won’t have a decent processor. But hey, this little beast comes with 1.2 Ghz quad core CPU and 1GB of RAM plus advanced graphics.

But it won’t have long battery life, common problem faced in low price smart phones, they don’t have a battery life. It’s like you need to carry a portable inverter to charge them more than frequently. But not with Moto E 2nd generation, it comes with 2390 mAh battery which can make it run all day long without the worry of charging again and again and again and again

Okay so long battery life, beast of a processor, one hell of a camera ; but what about the storage space. You need to have memory in the phone to enjoy all of the above. But once again disappointing all the critics Moto E comes with inbuilt memory of 8 GB. But hey, 8 GB is good enough for songs and applications and photos but what about movies. Motorola has taken care of that too, you can further expand your memory up to 32 GB. That does deserve a ‘wow’ at such a price.

But again what about the screen size, screen must be small, even if I you have movies in your phone there is no point watching it over a tiny little screen. But folks, be happy coz this little beast roars with 4.5” qHD screen to make you experience crystal clear photos, videos, texts and what not.

Okay so we have excellent camera, a beastly processor, a long life battery, one hell of a memory space and big screen plus latest version of android ( yes that’s one more additional feature), so stop finding the catch now and start you journey of smart phone with this complete package, while it’s still available in the market

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Guptaji ke ghar pe naashta

Breakfast is a meal that I do not miss. I believe that if you have a full stomach in the morning your day is well spent. My mother is a great cook and to eat her delicacies in the morning is a treat to my mouth.

Like my mother, I see that Mrs. Guptaji is also a wonderful chef. She has a perfect breakfast menu ready for the week which looks delicious. Eating the same food everyday can be boring. So Mrs. Guptaji has made it a point to make breakfast interesting by planning out the whole week’s menu.
As I am living in a hostel far away from home and my mother, going to guptaji’s residence would be a good idea. Here in the hostel the mess food is so pathetic that you many a times skip meals or try and make something on your own. Getting home made food (which we all hosteller’s crave for) and that too so tasty would be a welcome relieve.
Mrs. Guptaji's breakfast menu

Kellogg’s cornflakes and milk has been my perfect breakfast for years as it is easy to make, not much time consuming and healthy also. And so eating breakfast made from Kellogg’s cornflakes would have all these qualities. So, according to Mrs. Guptaji on Monday when nobody wants to get out of the bed for office or for college (like me) making a breakfast that would force them out of the bed is the best way. Imagine having cornflakes coconut laddoos in the morning. The perfect food to do away with all the Monday morning blues. Instead of feeling sad, you are happy that it’s Monday.

Similarly, having cornflakes pomegranate raita as breakfast is innovative. It’s getting hot with each passing day. So having curd in the morning with cornflakes and a fruit together is a meal which will not only be tasty but also will take care of our health. E would be protected from heat stroke as our body would be cool enough after eating curd.

On Wednesday, think of having tandoori cheese cornflakes. The name itself sounds so mouthwatering. Crushed cornflakes and cheese is an amazing combination. Anything that has cheese in it holds a special place in my heart. So having cheese in the morning would just make my day.

Honey cornflakes and fruit smoothie sounds so yummy. We all are aware of the health benefits of honey and fruits. Starting your Thursday with something as healthy as honey, fruits and cornflakes would be like the perfect start you can have. And smoothie is quite filling also so you won’t feel empty stomach also.

As weekend arrives our mind is set on party mood. Friday brings with itself lots of hope and to begin this day by eating kiwi yoghurt would be a good idea. Kiwi yoghurt is a very creative breakfast you can have in the morning. Eating something sweet and milk product in the morning gives you the strength to work all day with a fresh mind.

It’s Saturday and everybody needs to have something refreshing. What better than to have nutty choco berry cornflakes as your breakfast. Chocolate and berries are my favorite. So having a dish which has both berry and chocolate in it is the best breakfast I can have. Also being Saturday you need to have a pretty good reason to get out of the bed in the morning.

Finally, it’s Sunday, the day which we all look forward to. Breakfast on Sunday is different than all other days as we do not have time constraint and can very well spend quality time with family. Chatting with each other over a bowl of spiced peach cornflakes would be the idle setup. You begin your day on a refreshing note which carries throughout the day.

So eating breakfast at guptaji’s residence is a good idea for me as I will be relieved from the torturous mess food and also get to have delicious food every morning.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Memorable meet

Everyone has that one special friend in their lives with whom they feel they have some divine connection. And I am lucky to have found that friend in my college. Nikki and I are like soul sisters. Not only do we understand each other’s thought without other person’s saying but we also look a lot like each other. When I used to study in college and live in the hostel, people used to think we are cousin sisters. My whole day used to be spent in her room and girls had started believing that we both were room mates. Our connection was so impeccable that by just looking at each other we could understand what the other was thinking.

To leave such a friend and moving to pune for higher studies was something which I could not handle well. I seriously missed her presence in the new college. I tried finding a friend like her in every person I met but all my attempts failed. I realized how important she was in my life and that her place can not be replaced by any other person.

So when I had to go back to delhi during semester break I was very excited to meet her. We had started planning our meet from a month in advance. The day I reached delhi she called me up and we finalized our meeting . next day early in the morning I went to meet her. Though she had changed her hairstyle and had even lost some weight but as soon as she hugged me I knew nothing had changed between us. We had always loved to eat so we started our day with with kulche chole one of the famous morning breakfasts in delhi. We talked as if it was only yesterday that we had seen each other. The comfort the ease with which we talked was the most beautiful part of the meeting.  There were lot of things to catch up on as it had been nearly three months since we had met. After finishing our breakfast we decided to go to Bangla sahib which was our tradition since our first year in college. Reaching bangla sahib gave us the serenity and peacefulness which we all craved for. We both knew how hectic our lives had been in the past three months and how badly we needed to get away from that life and have some peace.

Next as was our routine we walked down to janpath were we checked out all new stuffs and nikki and I bargained like pros. That was the best part of our relationship. We both were so similar in nature and had habits which we both were proud of. I admired her bargaining skills and so did she. We both if together can literally loot any shopkeeper by our bargaining power. We had lots of fun buying less and bargaining more at janpath.

After that we went to nikki’s hostel- meghdoot, one of the most coveted hostels of Delhi university for post graduation. As soon as I entered her room, memories of her hostel room of our previous college flashed into my memory. Everything was till the same. And in a corner on the study table was the photo frame I had gifted her as our parting memory. The wall was neatly decorated with our collage which we had both made in our third year. I was so happy that I hugged her tightly. She like always offered me sweets which she had brought from her home and I couldn't help but think how normal it all felt.

Time like other girls in our hostel was not able to create any gap between us. It had only made our bond of friendship stronger. Sitting in her room we chatted for hours and our conversation was interrupted by my phone. My father was calling me to ask when would I come as it was already late evening. We both had lost track of time chatting and gossiping like earlier times.

I miss her even today but I know that distances do not matter. What matters is love and trust in each other. That day was memorable because it taught me this important lesson. It gave me the strength to move forward without having to lave the hands of the past.  

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Change is good

Moving to a new city away from the comfort of home can be difficult. And it becomes more difficult when you have to learn a different language altogether. Being born and brought up in Delhi, I had not even imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever have to leave this place, the place where my friends are, the place where my family lives and the place where my heart lies. But life turned in a different direction and I had to leave Delhi to come to pune for studies.

I was happy to come to pune as I was going to one of the finest universities in India. However, living away from home was one thing I was not capable of handling. It’s only after living away from your parents and out of your comfort zone that you are able to discover yourself. You evolve as a human into someone who is better as an individual.

It was difficult for me to adjust in Pune due to two reasons- firstly, it was the first time I was living away from my parents and secondly, I had to learn a new language and adjust into a new culture altogether. One can for a moment adjust in living alone with time. But to cope up with a new culture is quite difficult. From its food to its language, Pune was totally different. I was in the habit of eating momos and chaat while I was living in Delhi, but here in Pune you had to live on vada pao and bhel puri. That’s how different both places were. I must confess though that the people here are way more good mannered than what I had experienced in Delhi. But their language was the most  difficult thing to decipher.

I went crazy when I went out for the first time with my friends as the auto rickshaw driver wouldn’t understand a bit of Hindi. I was lucky that some of my friends knew Marathi who told the driver where to go. This was one of the many instances when I felt like crying out loud. Its irritating when you are among the minority people who know Hindi and the majority Marathi population as soon as they would meet they would start talking in their own language. I tried to listen many a times to understand what they were talking about but nothing could be understood at first.

But now I have started understanding Marathi a bit which has helped me a lot in communicating better with people. Living in a hostel away from the comforts of your home, you learn many new things. Here I feel that I have become a more responsible person as I know that my parents are not here who would tell me my mistakes. I am totally responsible for all my actions. I remember how much I used to get pampered by my parents and here when you have to do all things on your own you realize how much protected you were in your home.it was after coming to pune that I came to know the actual value of money. When you have a strict budget to follow, its then you plan out your expenditures rationally and efficiently.

Now I have started liking pune. I have adjusted myself completely to its weather, food and culture. I believe that this change was necessary for me to evolve as human and as an individual as otherwise I wouldn't have realized my own potential. This change of place transformed me to new person who is now more confident and responsible.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Being Optimistic

Optimism in literal sense means hope, the belief that no matter how bad the situation is today things will get better someday. In today’s world where even cows are safer than we are, as a girl being optimistic is the only solution we have that someday we are free to do whatever we want without any limitations or barriers.

A few days back I went to a club with my friends at night. The place was crowded and we were enjoying ourselves. I felt happy that at least after paying so much we can be at peace we are safe and no one will try to take advantage of us. But it didn't take long to get me proved wrong. On the dance floor, there were two boys who were trying their best to come close to us and take advantage of the crowded place by touching us at wrong places. I wondered that if all these educated people coming from affluent families had such a dirty mind as to visualize girls as just some fun toy, then what are we to expect from people who are illiterate. I felt disappointed but I couldn't do anything else as I had no physical evidence that they had done any wrong apart from their dirty looks which they gave us continuously.Being optimistic is the only solution I had that someday these people will realise what effect their actions have on us and will stop behaving like animals and start to behave as humans.

To continue with the same day, one of my friend informed her parents at home that she was going to club with us. Not only did they object but even threatened her that they will take some serious step against her if she goes out. She tried to convince her parents that there is no wrong in going to a club even if it’s at night. She questioned them that why is her brother allowed to party till late nights whereas she is not even allowed to go to a club with her friends in the evening. But even after putting forward so many arguments she failed to convince them. The result was she didn't accompany us to the club. I felt bad for her that even after getting so much of education and so called “independence”, she does not even have such a small right on her life to take her own decision. After a point in your life, you are responsible for your actions. Listening to your parent’s advice is good but it can limit you as there is a huge ideological gap between them and you. I had no option but to be optimistic that someday she will break from that cage which her parents had put her in, and then she could make her own decisions. I also hoped that someday her parents could someday understand that there is no difference between their son and daughter till the time they teach their sons how to behave and not limit their girls freedom.

In everyday life, we come across so many situations where we have no option but to be hopeful that no matter how much bad is happening today , someday everything will be all right.

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