Saturday, December 27, 2014

Honesty is the best policy

My mother’s purse was lying on the table as if challenging me to take the money for outing.My mother had already said a big “no” for this trip which was an all girls trip to a club. But my friends had persuaded me to such an extent that I could see no sense in my mother’s refusal. So I decided the best plan would be to lie to her as all my friends would help me in covering it up. The only way I was going to get money was out of her bag and that was the moral dilemma

My mother was busy in the kitchen and the maid was cleaning my room. I found that to be the perfect setting because my mother would be busy with her household chores and would not bother to come inside her room. I quietly opened the bag and took the required amount out of the bag and kept it back in its place. I hurried back to the room and called my friends up. I told them to make an excuse for that Saturday night outing which my mother cannot figure out. Being teenagers we have the in-built quality to lie and make excuses to mend our way. My friends came up with such an extraordinary idea which my mother wouldn't get to know about.

Finally it was Saturday and I packed all my party clothes and waited for my friends to come. They too had packed their clothes and were wearing simple clothes to cover up our excuse. We went to a friend's place, got dressed and headed for the club. The party was awesome and we had lot more fun than we expected. By the time we reached the deadline, we were totally tired and exhausted. We changed back to the simple clothes and went back home.

I was so tired that I went straight to my bed and dozed off. My sleep was interrupted by loud noises  from the drawing room which I recognized to be my mother’s. In between I heard soft sobs which I assumed were my maid's. I got up and heard that my mother had found out that some money was missing from her purse and had put the blame on our maid. My maid, though not the best of maids,  was a good human and not a thief. Seeing her cry in front of my mother, pleading her not to call the police made my heart churn from inside. My mother was furious at her and was adamant on calling the police. The whole scenario was too much for me to handle and I suddenly took my mother by her arm and dragged her to my room. My mother shouted at me for this rude behaviour but I knew more shouting and scolding was waiting for me. I told my mother to listen to me quietly for five minutes and then she can say whatever she wanted to. I explained to her the whole situation and how I had stolen the money from her purse to go to the party because of peer pressure. After completing my story I waited for my mother’s scolding but she was completely quiet.

She got up , went to the drawing room and told the maid to go. Then she turned towards me and told me that she was ashamed of me. Though I knew this was coming, yet hearing her say it out loud made my heart ache and tears started flowing out from my eyes. She looked at me while I as crying and came and hugged me tightly, whispering softly that she was proud of me as well. I was not expecting this reaction and looked at her surprised. She was proud because of the fact that I had spoken the truth and hadn't let an innocent person get punished. She was happy that though I had made a mistake I was courageous enough to accept that. I hugged her tightly and said sorry. I was very relieved after speaking the truth.

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  1. Very inspiring post. We all should speak up the truth when and wherever required. very nice. Thank u for the share...