Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun time with family

In this fast pace life, vacations are much needed to give us a break from our daily work. Vacations are the best way to spend some quality time with family which is somehow not possible in our hectic daily schedule. And for a child it is even more special because not only he gets to make some special memories but also it is that time which strengthens his relationship with his parents.

As a working mother I get to spend very little time with my children. Though I make it a point to spend weekends with them without any disturbance, sometimes I find that it is insufficient. So whenever my children get a holiday from their school, I plan a family vacation which would ensure spending some quality time together. Planning a vacation keeping my children in mind is a delirious task. Choosing places which would suit them and which they would enjoy is a priority. So mostly I choose such places which would make them happy.

My children always look forward to such vacations as for them it gives them a break from their boring school life and a legal permission to play all day without having any tension to study. And going with other relatives makes it even more pleasurable for them as they get company of their friends with whom they can play. Choosing a historical place as a vacation would not fulfill our purpose because that would hardly interest them and if once my children lose interest in anything they would not enjoy the vacation properly. For them there should be activities which should involve them and involve us together as a family. We prefer to go to places where they would expect good food and playful games and activities like swimming, cricket and sometimes adventurous trips with parents and which would give them thrill. They are very curious to learn new things which would enhance their knowledge. So activities which promote  team work and team participation are a good way to inculcate in them the sportsman spirit as well as teach them manners about team spirit.

One time we planned a trip to Goa as my children love to swim. After being put up in a resort which we had booked collectively with our relatives we decided to explore the resort first.The resort had a large swimming pool with a section specially meant for children where there were special trainers to guide them. My children got really excited to see that as in our city they hardly get time to swim. There were many other activities which had been organized by the resort to actively involve all the guests together. So in the evening we participated in one such activity called “treasure hunt” which my kids thoroughly enjoyed as they love running around. And with them we also had our share of physical exercise which we kept dodging in the city. Next day, we visited the whole city with our relatives and while my kids had a lot of fun on the beach making sand castles, drinking coconut water and swinging on hammocks, we adults enjoyed just sitting lazily on the beach soaking Vitamin D as much as possible. So all in all we had an awesome experience as we got to spend some quality time with each other as a family.

Going out with children brings back our childhood too. Participating with them in fun games and activities helps us get refreshed from our boring activities and find a way out for ourselves beyond our work lives. Exploring places with them gives us a different perspective too and enables us to understand the importance of taking a break from our daily lives. These vacations fill us with new energy to get back to our normal lives again and also the memories give us an incentive to plan a holiday like that again.

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