Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Discover a new you

Another year is coming to an end and a new year is about to begin. New year brings with it new hopes and promises and allows us to make new resolutions to fulfil all those wishes and demands which were not fulfilled last year. New year resolutions give us the opportunity to make ourselves better by following our passion and fulfilling our dreams and desires.

As a girl I have lots of dreams and desires. And for this New Year, I have made a resolution to make myself a better person, to fulfil all those wishes which couldn't be completed this year. And MICROMAX CANVAS TAB P666 will help me in fulfilling all those wishes.

My first New Year resolution is to travel and explore my new city – Pune. Recently I have shifted to Pune but have not managed to take time out of my schedule to travel around the city. So I plan to take time out, and travel the city and to nearby places with my friends. Canvas tab p666 has an amazing camera which would help me in taking numerous selfies and capture all those memorable moments with my friends. With its 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera, all my pictures would be clicked perfectly. Also with the 4400mAh battery of the tab, I would be assured that its battery would be charged throughout my trip.

My second resolution is to read a lot of books. My course structure is so hectic that I have not been able to read novels and other literature recently. I love to read books of various genres and also love to read articles on popular websites. Canvas tab which has an expandable storage of upto 32GB, would help me to download various e-books that I can read at my convenience. Also, its 20.32 cm large screen would give me a better view to read my e-books. Having Intel atom processor and android Kitkat OS would make my internet surfing a smooth experience.

My third and final resolution is to take time out for my family and friends. Somehow I feel that I have been neglecting my family a lot after coming to a new city. With all my studies and career decisions, my family and friends are being neglected. So this year I plan to be in touch with the people who mean a lot to me. With canvas tab, my work would become much simpler as it has voice calling and 3G connectivity features. Video calling would be smooth with WiFi connection and with it 2MP front camera. Its grand screen would make the video calling much better.

So with this new canvas tab I hope to fulfil my passions and interests in this coming New Year.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Honesty is the best policy

My mother’s purse was lying on the table as if challenging me to take the money for outing.My mother had already said a big “no” for this trip which was an all girls trip to a club. But my friends had persuaded me to such an extent that I could see no sense in my mother’s refusal. So I decided the best plan would be to lie to her as all my friends would help me in covering it up. The only way I was going to get money was out of her bag and that was the moral dilemma

My mother was busy in the kitchen and the maid was cleaning my room. I found that to be the perfect setting because my mother would be busy with her household chores and would not bother to come inside her room. I quietly opened the bag and took the required amount out of the bag and kept it back in its place. I hurried back to the room and called my friends up. I told them to make an excuse for that Saturday night outing which my mother cannot figure out. Being teenagers we have the in-built quality to lie and make excuses to mend our way. My friends came up with such an extraordinary idea which my mother wouldn't get to know about.

Finally it was Saturday and I packed all my party clothes and waited for my friends to come. They too had packed their clothes and were wearing simple clothes to cover up our excuse. We went to a friend's place, got dressed and headed for the club. The party was awesome and we had lot more fun than we expected. By the time we reached the deadline, we were totally tired and exhausted. We changed back to the simple clothes and went back home.

I was so tired that I went straight to my bed and dozed off. My sleep was interrupted by loud noises  from the drawing room which I recognized to be my mother’s. In between I heard soft sobs which I assumed were my maid's. I got up and heard that my mother had found out that some money was missing from her purse and had put the blame on our maid. My maid, though not the best of maids,  was a good human and not a thief. Seeing her cry in front of my mother, pleading her not to call the police made my heart churn from inside. My mother was furious at her and was adamant on calling the police. The whole scenario was too much for me to handle and I suddenly took my mother by her arm and dragged her to my room. My mother shouted at me for this rude behaviour but I knew more shouting and scolding was waiting for me. I told my mother to listen to me quietly for five minutes and then she can say whatever she wanted to. I explained to her the whole situation and how I had stolen the money from her purse to go to the party because of peer pressure. After completing my story I waited for my mother’s scolding but she was completely quiet.

She got up , went to the drawing room and told the maid to go. Then she turned towards me and told me that she was ashamed of me. Though I knew this was coming, yet hearing her say it out loud made my heart ache and tears started flowing out from my eyes. She looked at me while I as crying and came and hugged me tightly, whispering softly that she was proud of me as well. I was not expecting this reaction and looked at her surprised. She was proud because of the fact that I had spoken the truth and hadn't let an innocent person get punished. She was happy that though I had made a mistake I was courageous enough to accept that. I hugged her tightly and said sorry. I was very relieved after speaking the truth.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun time with family

In this fast pace life, vacations are much needed to give us a break from our daily work. Vacations are the best way to spend some quality time with family which is somehow not possible in our hectic daily schedule. And for a child it is even more special because not only he gets to make some special memories but also it is that time which strengthens his relationship with his parents.

As a working mother I get to spend very little time with my children. Though I make it a point to spend weekends with them without any disturbance, sometimes I find that it is insufficient. So whenever my children get a holiday from their school, I plan a family vacation which would ensure spending some quality time together. Planning a vacation keeping my children in mind is a delirious task. Choosing places which would suit them and which they would enjoy is a priority. So mostly I choose such places which would make them happy.

My children always look forward to such vacations as for them it gives them a break from their boring school life and a legal permission to play all day without having any tension to study. And going with other relatives makes it even more pleasurable for them as they get company of their friends with whom they can play. Choosing a historical place as a vacation would not fulfill our purpose because that would hardly interest them and if once my children lose interest in anything they would not enjoy the vacation properly. For them there should be activities which should involve them and involve us together as a family. We prefer to go to places where they would expect good food and playful games and activities like swimming, cricket and sometimes adventurous trips with parents and which would give them thrill. They are very curious to learn new things which would enhance their knowledge. So activities which promote  team work and team participation are a good way to inculcate in them the sportsman spirit as well as teach them manners about team spirit.

One time we planned a trip to Goa as my children love to swim. After being put up in a resort which we had booked collectively with our relatives we decided to explore the resort first.The resort had a large swimming pool with a section specially meant for children where there were special trainers to guide them. My children got really excited to see that as in our city they hardly get time to swim. There were many other activities which had been organized by the resort to actively involve all the guests together. So in the evening we participated in one such activity called “treasure hunt” which my kids thoroughly enjoyed as they love running around. And with them we also had our share of physical exercise which we kept dodging in the city. Next day, we visited the whole city with our relatives and while my kids had a lot of fun on the beach making sand castles, drinking coconut water and swinging on hammocks, we adults enjoyed just sitting lazily on the beach soaking Vitamin D as much as possible. So all in all we had an awesome experience as we got to spend some quality time with each other as a family.

Going out with children brings back our childhood too. Participating with them in fun games and activities helps us get refreshed from our boring activities and find a way out for ourselves beyond our work lives. Exploring places with them gives us a different perspective too and enables us to understand the importance of taking a break from our daily lives. These vacations fill us with new energy to get back to our normal lives again and also the memories give us an incentive to plan a holiday like that again.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

kyunki darr ke aage jeet hai

My stammering problem first came to light when I was in second standard and we had our recitation competition.Those memories of people laughing at me due to my stammering problem still haunts me. Somehow even after defying the odds those bitter memories don't leave me somehow. On the other hand, it can be that having those nightmares make me realise how much I have succeeded and that if u believe in yourself then nothing can stop you.

To say I was pathetic would be an understatement. I felt miserable but what made it worse was my teacher asking me was this a "habit." I felt like retorting ," no you idiot. it is not my habit to make fun of myself. "But my stammering didn't allow me to respond also. My teacher complained about my "habit" to my father who was shocked to hear her say something so ridiculous.  He explained in a very despised tone that it is not her habit but is due to her lack of confidence which will go away gradually.

I smiled at my father knowing how hard it would have been for him to say that but I wanted to believe in his belief. As time passed I started participating in various activities just to boost my confidence. But somehow something always went wrong and I couldn't go on to the final stage. I started losing hope that I could ever succeed. I always liked to recite poems and was very willing to participate in my school recitation competition but no teacher ever showed enough confidence in me to let me fulfil my dream. My "friends" were also nothing less. They made me believe that it was for my betterment only as I would be spared from such a large scale embarrassment. At that point, I believed them. And the incidents that followed made my belief stronger that I could never go on stage.

One day when I was in fifth standard we were asked to read a chapter from our English book. Every one read very easily but when my turn came I literally became a statue. I was unable to speak a single word. My situation was so bad that my hands were sweating and in mid December I had sweat all over my body. The whole class enjoyed that show to their fullest extent without even thinking once what hell must I be going through. My class teacher felt pity on me and asked me to sit down.I did still in shock though. But I didn't cry because somewhere deep down something much more had broken other than my confidence,  my self esteem. I was not in a state to gauge the seriousness of that matter. But gradually I did when my  parents started noticing changes in my behaviour.
After that incident I hardly used to talk to anyone. I had made my own world and a set of imaginary friends with whom I would play and talk . I thought things were going to be better now. But little did I realise that it was all an imaginary world in which I was living.

I was lucky that my bubble was bursted soon and that too by two teachers to whom I am till date thankful and forever my life will be grateful. My class teacher like my parents noticed how silent and meek I am in contrast to other students. One day she asked me to read my essay to the whole class which was the best in the whole class. I tried my level best but still stammered often. She knew this was my problem and started making me read in classes more and more. She instructed my friends that whenever I stammer they should slap me at my back. That fear of getting beaten made my stammer go away a little.

 But then my biggest fear was still there to overcome. Till class sixth I had never been on stage and had never faced a crowd or spoke publicly.  Even the thought of speaking in front of a crowd and on stage uses to send shivers down my spine. However destiny had other plans. My hindi teacher , Mrs. Champa singh, was my mentor who helped me overcome this fear. She encouraged me to participate in Hindi elocution and supported me when the whole class believed that making me their class representative would be an embarrassment for them. She challenged everyone that I would rise above all and would succeed. I was very happy that somebody had so much believe in me but somehow I had doubts about myself. It was she who then advised me that one should always believe in himself even if the whole world is against us. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose but what matters is that you tried. Not trying is easy but what is difficult is convincing yourself to try. So no matter how much afraid you are never give up.

Her advice motivated me so much that I started repeating her words like a chant. I was improving though that fear was still there. The elocution day arrived and I realised that my family friends were more nervous than I was. I still remember how climbing up those stairs to the backstage my heart was beating so loudly I feared somebody would come and tell it to beat a little less loudly. Waiting there backstage I was in a dilemma whether to go on stage or whether to quit.

As I peeped from the backstage to look at the crowd I nearly had a mini heart attack seeing the huge gathering. I was prepared to quit but just then my name was announced. Now there was no option. I tried remembering the words of my teacher that fear would be there but what matters is whether we try or not. So finally I decided I would try and with that conviction I went on stage to deliver my first on stage first public speech. I still remember each and every moment of that time when I could hear my heartbeat and my poem simultaneously. As I ended the whole auditorium was flooded with the sounds of clapping and hooting. I mechanically walked off the stage and went and sat where other participants were sitting. I still couldn't believe that I had spoken without stammering even once. While I was in a shocked state, I heard my name being called in some distant space. I recovered to find that I had finished third in the competition.  It was then that I felt my eyes getting wet. My self esteem was born again and those tears were a testimony to that. I jumped up in excitement as my happiness knew no bounds. " I did it , I did it " was all I could think of when receiving that trophy. 
Going back to the class my Hindi teacher along with my class teacher proudly entered the class and told the class how she has won her challenge. She had supported me when even I had refused to believe in myself.  At home my father's happiness knew no bounds. He danced with him and we had a mini party that day.

After that day there was no looking back. I participated in every annual school elocution competition. Though I still stammer a little and I sometimes fear to go on stage but then when I go on stage I am a completely different person and all my fear vanishes away as it is rightly said that "darr ke aage jeet hai"