Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Power of voice to Clean India

India is trying to become a super power but this can't be possible till it provides equal right to women. Today India is struggling to give equal opportunities and rights to women. Women don't enjoy the same freedom that men enjoy.

When women are given level playing field, they have proved that they are equally competent as men. If the 10th and 12th marks are taken as parameters then it can be seen that girls have outperform boys in almost all the states and this trend is prevalent for many years now.

Though many steps have been taken to provide equal rights to women but in reality the situation is still bleak.

Crime against women are on the rise in every major city across India. Even Bangaluru which was considered a very safe city has seen many incidents of eve teasing in last few months. The horrific incident of a school teacher molesting a really young student shocked the whole country. If girls are not safe even in the school where will they feel safe then ?

Delhi is constantly in news for sexual assaults against women. a recent incident where a Delhi University girl was murdered because of her marriage gave people a reality check that even at this age girl's don't have the right to choose the life partners. The cases of Honor-killing has been coming from North India very frequently but still there hasn't been much work that has been done on this regard.

Another crime that has hampered the cause of women has been the acid attacks. Attacking the girls who refuse a guy's proposal has become really common in the hinterlands. Girls are even threatened with acid attacks if they are not complying with the guy's wishes. A recent show by Aamir Khan brought forward the problems faced by these acid attack victims and the culprits roam freely even after the attack.

I feel the mentality of the society has to change. Women have to be given respect. India can't think of becoming a superpower till the day women are not safe in this country. We would have to make our roads safe enough that a women travelling even at midnight would feel safe, till we are not able to make our society like this, we won't be able to call ourself a developed nation.

The power of Voice to Clean India (Campaign)  #AbMontuBolega

Strepsils have started a really wonderful initiative for the people to raise their voice against all the problems that are prevalent in the society. I will take this opportunity to bring forward the point of crime against women. Sexual assaults, eve teasing, honor killing and acid attacks have created an atmosphere of horror for women in our society. 

The campaign says  "Don't be a silent spectator. raise your voice and make a difference. We know that raising our voices against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Let's exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat.

Kyuki Bin Bole ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega

I feel really privilege to be a part of such a noble initiative by STREPSILS. You can readmore about it at, as well as Strepsils on Facebook andTwitter.

The post is written for Indiblogger and Strepsils Initiative "The power of Voice to Clean" #AbMontuBolega campaign.

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