Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The magic of touch

Diwali is a festival which has a lot of memories attached to it. From my first meeting with my husband during our college Diwali meet , to our realization of our love next Diwali , Diwali has always been special for us. People at college used to think that our relationship was not strong enough to sustain long as it was build on the foundations of passion and physical attraction. But they failed to realize that it was just our way to show our love.

Diwali was right around the corner again and now things have changed drastically. My first love is now my husband and those who had thought that our relationship couldn’t last longer, they were shocked to see that we had managed to be together for four years excluding the three years of our college life.  So this year we were going to celebrate our eighth Diwali together.

House cleaning was going on in full spree while my husband, dhruv , was busy calling up people for our after Diwali party. He was a good manager and it was due to this talent that he climbed up the ladder of success in his field quite fast. Though it was great news but its adverse impact was on our relationship. Somehow we couldn’t manage time for each other. Working in a multi-national company myself, I found it hard to take time out for ourselves and with the odd timings of our offices we hardly managed to see each other during most days. I was lost in my own world, when my maid came and woke me up from my pondering. He wanted to clean the store house which has become our dumping ground for our old stuff. I decided to clean that on my own as it would mean going through our old memories.

The store room welcomed me with a gush of dust blowing right across my face. It was all hazy for a while, but somehow it felt back home. Going through old stuff, I found a box full of clothes which had belonged to me during college stuffed in a corner away. When I opened it I found several of my old clothes like the sleeveless tops, crop tops, capris, shorts, and loose tank tops. At that time dhruv and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other so those were my choice of clothes back then. However time was different now. Today we both wear black and white suits and attend corporate meetings hardly ever trying to find time for each other. My worst fear of realizing that our love was just a physical attraction as my friends used to believe was coming true. I hurriedly got up as I felt like I was getting suffocated and in that hurry I bumped into an old photo collage of dhruv and me. Seeing that I realized that how I used to believe that our “touch” was just a way to show our love. In each of those photos we seemed so happy and so in love. I dusted away the dirt from the photo frame and took it out and placed it in our bed room and stood there happily watching it.

In the evening, I decided to wear a halter neck blouse with my sari as I remembered that it was the same dress I wore when he proposed to me during our Diwali celebration at college. Just as I had finished getting ready dhruv entered the room talking over phone. I looked at him through mirror and saw his expressions change as his view changed from seeing the photo frame to seeing me getting dressed up in that attire. I knew even he was thinking what I had been thinking the whole day. I decided to ignore his arrival and got busy wearing my ear piece. As I was struggling with one ear piece, I felt a known touch near my face. Dhruv was standing right behind me helping me in putting my ear piece. But even after it was done his touch lingered on. I looked into his eyes from the mirror and he as if getting his cue took my hair and relieved it from the high bun I had made. A small smile spread across his face, the one which made me fell in love with him. I got up and hugged him tightly and snuggled in his arms as I used to day when I was in college. I was happy to get back our lost touch of love which like our old photo frame had been covered in dust. That Diwali was special to us because that whole evening we didn’t leave each other’s side even once. We held hands like we were just teenagers newly in love.

This post is written as a part of #bringbackthetouch contest for indiblogger and parachute advanced body lotion.

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