Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Right to sanitation

When one part of the country is engaged in the new “’swach bharat abhiyan”, there is another part of India for whom the word “swach” has a different meaning altogether. For them it’s not about cleaning garbages but their right to get access to basic sanitation facilities. India, in the 21st century, still has 597 million people defecating in the open. This has posed as a serious health threat to millions of people who are affected by it.

Open defecation in Indian villages has led to the increasing cases of health victims in those villages. When one thinks about open defecation, a lot of problem crops up. Imagine ourselves living in a place where there is restriction on the amount of water or food intake just to make sure that you do not have to go toilet in any untimely hour of the day. It would mean risking your life as for a girl going out in the open field to defecate at night is just like being alone in a wild forest full of animals.

In villages, people generally wake up early in the morning and go to open fields or near railway tracks to defecate. This can affect their health seriously through a chain reaction which starts with the washing away of their defecation to water bodies and in the process the whole water body which is their means of basic sustenance gets totally spoiled. But still being the only water source the same water is used for drinking purposes  and for doing all other household chores. Consuming this polluted water can lead to serious health diseases like diahorrea. The excreta of humans contains germs which if enters the body can cause serious damage. Also the possibility of flies sitting on the excreta and then depositing that on their bodies and feet which can further affect health of humans. Many common diseases can spread from one person to another when one has diahorrea.

When we go more to the specifics and think about defecation from a women’s point of view the situation seems more horrific than just limited to health issues. It is now an accepted fact that women, who have to wait till night fall to relieve them, face a greater risk of being raped or being sexually harassed. Not only this, the psychological trauma which they have to go through every day during defecation hurts their dignity as they are often victims of physical and verbal abuse. The situation gets worse for them during menstruation and pregnancy. It’s about their dignity and protecting their privacy.  It is due to this lack of sanitation facilities that girls generally do not prefer to go to school. Their level of trauma exceeds high beyond to force them to be out of school.

So the need of the hour is to build safe and proper toilets in every village household. Proper disposal of excreta is needed so that the fly does not spread the germs everywhere. It has to be noted that separate toilets be built for boys and girls in school so that girls no more feel insecure. Having a toilet is important for everyone and especially for a girl as it is not only about her health but also about her dignity. Access to basic sanitation facilities should be available to each and every one with particular reference to women and girls as for them it brings greater benefit.

One such initiative is taken DOMEX, Hul’s flagship sanitation brands which currently run the Domex toilet academy which aims to become a sustainable and long term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and helps in development of the local economy. This toilet academy tries to make toilet accessible and affordable while promoting the benefits of clean toilet and hygiene. Their effort has resulted in bringing a change in the lives of people living in the villages of Maharashtra and Orissa. It is with their efforts that now people think of having a toilet as a necessity as against their earlier belief of having food more important than having sanitation.

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  1. I completely agree with the terms that u have mentioned because I too feel that sanitation system should be established in every place for better hygiene purpose..Thank u for sharing such a wonderful message....