Sunday, October 19, 2014

Diwali:khushiyon ka tyohar

Crackers, sweets , new clothes, meeting relatives and lots of family time..These are some of the things which  I associate with Diwali. Since childhood I have been brought up in a joint Indian family where all the festivals were celebrated with much gusto and fervour.But somehow diwali has its own special place as it was during this festival that all my cousin brother and sisters would come back from there hostels and some distant relative would also come and celebrate this festival with us. So it was just during Diwali when our two storey house would be completely occupied and the mood for festival would set in.

I always used to look forward to the diwali preparations which started with the cleaning of the entire house and then making a list of things to be bought and lastly deciding which sweets to be prepared and distributed.All the family members would coordinate and divide the work of cleaning, shopping and cooking among themselves while the "bacha party" would work whereever they were required.The children had the task of inspection so that everything is done accordingly.

On the day of diwali, after the evening puja we children accompanied by some adults would go to the front yard to burn the crackers while the other family members would prepare the table for a game of cards.The burning of crackers would go on till late at night and after their game was over our parents and relatives would also join us in the front yard.That time was fun when ma, papa, tai ji, tau ji all would come and burn crackers with us.If some guests would come, they would be served the home made sweets prepared by my maa, tai ji and dadi.Those sweets were to die for. That taste of those home made mithais still lingers in my mouth till date.

After so many years some traditions have changed like that of not burning so many crackers.We all children have grown up now who have realised our responsibility towards our environment.So now celebrate an  environment friendly Diwali where we just light our entire house with diyas and candles and lights.Though the custom of playing cards has still remain intact it has also undergone some minor changes in the sense that now several groups are formed with the super dada, dadi and tauji tai ji forming one group and the "bacha party " forming another.The taste of the sweets however has remained the same.But as years passed we started getting the Kurkure diwali pack also as many people couldn't eat sweets due to their health issues. Kurkure added spicy flavour to the whole celebration which acted as a surprise item.

The year my grandfather and grandmother passed away we all family members decided to be together on that diwali also though we didn't celebrate it.We somehow felt there presence there as if they are also with us like all the other years.

For me ,Diwali has always been about family , going back home to all my brothers and sisters , going back home to my ancestral house.Those childhood memories have strengthen my family bond and I always make it a point to be there at my house during this time of the year and celebrate Diwali with my entire family so that the tradition is maintained.After all Diwali is about spreading happiness and being with your family, like when Lord Rama came back home after 14 years of exile to his family and kingdom.

Diwali ka hain yeh tyohar,
Jo apno mein badhata hai pyar,
aur khushiyaan bhi lata hai hazaar.

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