Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little bit of India everywhere

A few decades ago , everybody in India feared the demise of our culture and heritage as the whole nation was getting "westernised".The youth specially had fallen into the traps of western culture and turned their attention to rap music, junk food and started believing in institutions which were earlier not a part of Indian culture.

But those days are gone now.Now is the time when these western nations are getting "Indianized".From dressing in saris and bindis to eating Indian food , the whole world is slowly turning into a mini India.

Some may cite the reason as immigration of Indians to every part of the world which has resulted in opening up of Indian food chains all over the world , or celebrating Indian festivals with much fervour. Or it maybe the rise of India as a global power which has made India stand in the centre at the world stage. But whatever the reason it has led to the world being Indianised.

But apart from the obvious reasons there are other reasons too as to why are we so popular. Our popularity stems from the fact that we are awesome, in whatever we do.I have mentioned some of our awesomeness which are as follows:

1.Indian food:-Eating Indian food is all about eating with satisfaction. If your hands do not get dirty in the process then you have not properly eaten "indian food". Its all about filling your stomach till the time its ready to burst open or till the time you fill your lungs with food.

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2.Indian traditional clothes: We indians love to dress up. Any time, anywhere for any occasion we can dress up.No matter how much jeans and top we wear casually when its time to look pretty we turn to our Indian wear. Not only it makes us look pretty but acts as an air conditioner in the hot Indian weather.

This Indian wear is also gaining much praise abroad due to its popularity with Hollywood stars. Famous celebrities wear Indian clothes as that is the new "in thing",the new "Fashion".

3.Bollywood: To talk anything about Bollywood will be less.The amount of popularity it has gained in recent years is just tremendous. From alok nath's famous ashirwaad to the happy -go-lucky image of our movies.Everything has become so popular. Our own Indian superhero "krrish" has finally been able to compete with the likes of superman, batman and spiderman. The world is so getting Indianised.

4.Festivals: We indians are everywhere now in this planet.And though we are true to the respective nation in which we have settled but when its festival time, we are Indian by heart.I am pretty sure those people would specially call up their Indain cousins to know the exact day of the festival.Maybe thats a way for them to ,umm, reunite or feel Indian in PARDES.

5. Yoga: Our own traditional Indian exercise "yoga". Ramdev baba made it famous and now this exercise has gained so much popularity  just not because of its good effects on health but due to its association with Hollywood. In "eat, pray love" to "27 dresses", hollywood is obsessed with Yoga. But they should be reminded that not everybody can pose that yoga look.Their ought to be a disclaimer.

6.Culture: We indians are known for our culture.We are thought to be like alok nath, always happy and cheerful. Though most of us are jolly by nature but we have a different side as well. Though we do value our relations but its not like we never get irritated. I know we are Indians but we are humans as well. We have emotions ,too.
To top it people think India is all about poverty and hungry people.Hello!! we are one of the leading economies of the world today. 

7. Population: The most important reason for the world getting Indianised is our poulation .We are a nation of around a billion people.And everyday some thousands people migrate to some or the other city in the world so that our population density reduces, but alas, its of no use. Because each secong some three new Indians are also born. The point is, these migratory Indians who settle abroad tend to make India everywhere.

So the world is getting more Indian than we think and if we look properly then there is a bit of India everywhere.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dabur chavanprash:my guiding doctor

I remember the times when my father to say that prevention is better than cure and then hand me a spoon of Dabur chyawanprash with a glass of warm milk.I was the most pampered child in my entire house, the apple of my father's eyes.So not only would I get extra love and care in terms of food and chocolates and gifts but also in terms of the protection i used to get.

My father was particularly careful of my health and advised me daily to have a spoon of Dabur  chyawanprash both in the morning before going to school and also in the evening before going to the field to play.He always used to say about the good properties of Dabur chyawanprash which helps in strengthening our immune system.

Earlier I used to fall sick a lot many times as I never used to care about the weather conditions.In rainy , winter or let that be summer , I somehow used to fall sick.And seeing me sick all the members in my family would get tensed.My father especially used to be awake all night just to ensure that I am fine.And being so small, no member in my family appreciated the idea of giving me strong antibiotics or for that matter any tablets or  medicines.They believed in curing me using house hold methods which would not have negative effect on my body.

Later, when Dad came to know about Dabur Chyawanprash, he found it appropriate for me.So he would himself make sure that i have a spoon of it twice a day so that I don't fall sick.It so happened that because of the reduced number of times I fell sick , my performance in school improved a lot. I got the medal for 100% attendance which I had never thought I will get.Also I started participating in many sports and other curricular events which led to my all round improvement.

I vividly remember the day when there was a parents teacher's meeting at my school, and my class teacher told my father as to how I have improved as a whole just because I don't miss classes any more.My father was very proud that day because not only was I physically fit and healthy but also translating that fitness into positive output.

As I grew up a little, My father started getting me new flavours of Dabur chyawanprash which was like a treat to me.The new variants of Mixed fruit and orange were simply delicious.Now my dad never had to remind me of taking chyawanprash because I was more than happy to take it by myself now.

I realised after growing up how effective Dabur chyawanprash is with all the ayurvedic ingredients it contains like amla and giloy and other 40 natural ingredients.All this help in strengthening our immnity system in a natural way and make us fit and protect from the regular weaknesses like cough and cold. Dabur chyawanprash is, indeed ,my most trusted family doctor.

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Diwali:khushiyon ka tyohar

Crackers, sweets , new clothes, meeting relatives and lots of family time..These are some of the things which  I associate with Diwali. Since childhood I have been brought up in a joint Indian family where all the festivals were celebrated with much gusto and fervour.But somehow diwali has its own special place as it was during this festival that all my cousin brother and sisters would come back from there hostels and some distant relative would also come and celebrate this festival with us. So it was just during Diwali when our two storey house would be completely occupied and the mood for festival would set in.

I always used to look forward to the diwali preparations which started with the cleaning of the entire house and then making a list of things to be bought and lastly deciding which sweets to be prepared and distributed.All the family members would coordinate and divide the work of cleaning, shopping and cooking among themselves while the "bacha party" would work whereever they were required.The children had the task of inspection so that everything is done accordingly.

On the day of diwali, after the evening puja we children accompanied by some adults would go to the front yard to burn the crackers while the other family members would prepare the table for a game of cards.The burning of crackers would go on till late at night and after their game was over our parents and relatives would also join us in the front yard.That time was fun when ma, papa, tai ji, tau ji all would come and burn crackers with us.If some guests would come, they would be served the home made sweets prepared by my maa, tai ji and dadi.Those sweets were to die for. That taste of those home made mithais still lingers in my mouth till date.

After so many years some traditions have changed like that of not burning so many crackers.We all children have grown up now who have realised our responsibility towards our environment.So now celebrate an  environment friendly Diwali where we just light our entire house with diyas and candles and lights.Though the custom of playing cards has still remain intact it has also undergone some minor changes in the sense that now several groups are formed with the super dada, dadi and tauji tai ji forming one group and the "bacha party " forming another.The taste of the sweets however has remained the same.But as years passed we started getting the Kurkure diwali pack also as many people couldn't eat sweets due to their health issues. Kurkure added spicy flavour to the whole celebration which acted as a surprise item.

The year my grandfather and grandmother passed away we all family members decided to be together on that diwali also though we didn't celebrate it.We somehow felt there presence there as if they are also with us like all the other years.

For me ,Diwali has always been about family , going back home to all my brothers and sisters , going back home to my ancestral house.Those childhood memories have strengthen my family bond and I always make it a point to be there at my house during this time of the year and celebrate Diwali with my entire family so that the tradition is maintained.After all Diwali is about spreading happiness and being with your family, like when Lord Rama came back home after 14 years of exile to his family and kingdom.

Diwali ka hain yeh tyohar,
Jo apno mein badhata hai pyar,
aur khushiyaan bhi lata hai hazaar.

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