Monday, July 7, 2014

My colourful macaroni

I hardly cook but when I do I somehow end up cooking the most delicious dishes whose taste can not be forgotten easily.A few days ago I made vegetable macaroni for myself and I cant wait to make it again as it was so tasty.

I love to eat vegetables so I try to mix as many vegetables as possible but at the same time I try to make it colorful. During the course of cooking itself my mouth was watering seeing the colorful vegetables.To top it its heavenly smell made it harder for me to control.After adding the soft macaroni to the vegetable mix my dish was ready and I couldn't have felt any more happy seeing what my creation was.

I hurriedly took out a BOROSIL plate to put my macaroni in it.Serving my macaroni in that beautiful Borosil plate enhanced its appearance by a million times.The colorful vegetables fully complemented the white glass plate in which it was put.Though the macaroni was hot yet I couldn't resist myself from eating it.After taking the first bite a satisfactory smile spread over my face and I felt proud of my cooking.The olive oil in which it was made didn't allow it to be too oily.The capsicum had very well mixed with the onions which were crunchy and this gave a different taste to the whole macaroni.The hues of carrots and the corn were contrasting each other .The tangy taste of tomato added a new flavor and the cheese toppings made the macaroni irresistible.

So all in all not only was my macaroni a treat to my eyes but also delicious in taste.All the ingredients had perfectly combined to give the macaroni an out of this world taste.The hot cheese was an added bonus as it is not mandatory to give it.But the end result was more than satisfying.I now have decided to cook a little more often as I think I have the potential to be a good cook one day.

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil-My beautiful food.

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