Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mouth watering Ladoos

I was lost in my own dream world when the smell of roasted besan in Desi ghee filled my nostrils up as if to wake me up from my deep slumber. The smell of finely roasted besan had reached my dream where I was busy fighting with an alien.I had to stop that war in between as a new war had started between my nose and my mouth.

 As I woke up that morning my eyes were treated fully rounded light brown colored besan ke ladoos which were nicely decorated in the the serving platter.Automatically my hands went straight towards them and I picked up one of those beautiful round balls of besan made with pure Desi ghee and treated my mouth with utter delight.As soon I had put one of the ladoos in my mouth the smell of Desi ghee empowered me and I was lost in the sweet taste of the ladoos.The besan was finely roasted  which gave the perfect texture and the Desi ghee was also in the right quantity which helped in keeping the ladoos finely bonded together. The cherry on the cake was the finely cut almonds which were neatly placed on top of each ladoo to make it look more attractive.Having a finely chopped piece of almond properly fried in ghee in between the sweet ladoo made the dish even more delicious.

As I was lost in my own world of ladoo enjoying each and every bit of it, my trans state was disturbed by my mother who was standing just behind me.I turned and hugged her, for what I had tasted just now was out of this world. My mother knows very well that sweets are my biggest source of happiness so she prepares them quite often but this ladoo was extra ordinarily delicious.

From the aroma which had filled the house to the divine look of that ladoo, everything was perfect.And to add to that perfection were the Borosil glassware in which the ladoos were served.Its pristine glasses made the light brown ladoos looked enticing and mouth watering.I took the whole plate and treated myself to the most enjoyable breakfast of all times-Besan ke Ladoos.

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil-My beautiful food.


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  1. That's a wonderful post and you have made me visualize the ladoo. *Mouth watering* :)