Sunday, July 6, 2014

C for Chinese

The dining table was perfectly laid with white dining cloth on top of it.The borosil bowls which were pristine and which ma usually saves for special occasion was arranged on the table with Chinese food in each bowl.

My mouth watered specially seeing the chinese fried rice.The rice was shining brightly and its white hue was perfectly complementing the green vegetables and orange carrots in it.The little green spring onions which were spread on top of the rice was making it look even more attractive.

When the lavish dinner began, I started with the Chinese fried rice and also took a little Manchurian just to accompany my rice.But my main attraction was the fried rice which looked delicious in that Borosil bowl.As I took some out in my plate I noticed how beautifully the rice and the vegetables had unioned.The green beans, spring onions and the capsicum had mixed well with the sliced carrots and had given the rice a colourful look.Not only was its look mesmerising but the taste was also out of this world.It was the best chinese fried rice I ever had.

As I had my first bite I was lost in ecstacy.The taste of soya sauce was mild But it was giving the perfect flavour combined with the chinese garam masala.The vegetables had added their own flavour to the rice.The spring onions and the capsicum were soft and a delight to eat.The carrot and the beans seemed they were boiled before being fried which gave them the right texture.The basmati rice had its own smell but the chinese garam masala and the soya sauce didnt let it overpower.

In no time did I finish my first helping of the fried rice and went quickly to have a second helping.The manchurian was still there as I didn't feel the need to eat it.The fried rice was so yummy that I didn't need any other thing to enhance its taste.After the second helping I was totally full and as I went to the kitchen to keep my plate I noticed that the borosil bowl containing the fried rice was on the verge of being finished.I smiled knowing the reason behind the quick finish of this delicious fried rice.

This post is written for Indiblogger contest, Borosil-My beautiful food.

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