Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mother-my creator my protector

When I was small I was very fond of dancing.I used to dance in my room to any of the Bollywood songs which would play on the T.V..My mother used to appreciate my dance and this encouraged me to dance even more.

But as I grew up, I realized that dancing is not something which I can carry forward.My family was quite conservative in letting girls learn dance or music.The life of a girl was restricted to the education we received at school and learning the household chores at home.Learning any extra curricular activity like dance for which we have to go out was strictly prohibited.
But even after knowing all this,my love towards dance didnt become any less.I used to close my room and practice dance steps.One day my mother saw me practicing in my room and she came and hugged me tightly after my dance was over.I was very scared thinking she might report it to my father.But to my surprise she told me that I have a gift and that I shouldn't waste it.She was willing to talk to my father and my Tau to get permission for me to learn dance.My happiness knew no bounds.

After dinner,my mother quietly asked my father who was sitting on a chair drinking his hot haldi milk for his permission.My father, who was a quiet man, suddenly shouted and what came out from his mouth was something I had always expected.He totally rejected the idea of my learning dance and regarded it as some kind of blasphemy and revolt against the family.My tau added fuel to the fire saying that girls from good families don't need to learn such things.Even my Tai supported them which shocked me.How can she as a girl not support me?

But it was my mother who fought against all of them.She was crying because she was seeing my dreams get broken but still she continued to fight.She kept on putting arguments saying how the world has changed and developed and how in today's world having some kind of extra curricular activities actually is needed for all round development.My father started to see some reason and after some time became quite pondering on the arguments my mother had just given.But it was my tau and tai who didn't give up.

At last my mother decided that the only way to fulfill her daughters dream is to leave that house.My father became panicky and shouted at my mother but my mother had decided.She ran towards her room holding my hands and started packing.Nobody had expected this.The always meek mother had revolted and now she was not going to keep quite anymore.It was no more about dancing but it was about freedom to do anything we want as girls and about the discrimination we had to face even at our own house.My father came to the room and was shocked seeing my mother pack.He tried his best to reason out with her but her determination was hard to break.

At last my father relented and went to talk to my tau who after a day or two also relented.I am now a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and soon I am going to be a graduate in it.My mother comes for all my performance and sits in the first row appreciating my dance like she used to do when I was a child.Sometimes I wonder if it had not been for my mother , I couldn't have achieved what I have today.She stood against all the odds and all the "mards" of the house.And this has made my life different.My mother is truly "my hero" -" A MARDAANI"

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Monday, July 7, 2014

My colourful macaroni

I hardly cook but when I do I somehow end up cooking the most delicious dishes whose taste can not be forgotten easily.A few days ago I made vegetable macaroni for myself and I cant wait to make it again as it was so tasty.

I love to eat vegetables so I try to mix as many vegetables as possible but at the same time I try to make it colorful. During the course of cooking itself my mouth was watering seeing the colorful vegetables.To top it its heavenly smell made it harder for me to control.After adding the soft macaroni to the vegetable mix my dish was ready and I couldn't have felt any more happy seeing what my creation was.

I hurriedly took out a BOROSIL plate to put my macaroni in it.Serving my macaroni in that beautiful Borosil plate enhanced its appearance by a million times.The colorful vegetables fully complemented the white glass plate in which it was put.Though the macaroni was hot yet I couldn't resist myself from eating it.After taking the first bite a satisfactory smile spread over my face and I felt proud of my cooking.The olive oil in which it was made didn't allow it to be too oily.The capsicum had very well mixed with the onions which were crunchy and this gave a different taste to the whole macaroni.The hues of carrots and the corn were contrasting each other .The tangy taste of tomato added a new flavor and the cheese toppings made the macaroni irresistible.

So all in all not only was my macaroni a treat to my eyes but also delicious in taste.All the ingredients had perfectly combined to give the macaroni an out of this world taste.The hot cheese was an added bonus as it is not mandatory to give it.But the end result was more than satisfying.I now have decided to cook a little more often as I think I have the potential to be a good cook one day.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

C for Chinese

The dining table was perfectly laid with white dining cloth on top of it.The borosil bowls which were pristine and which ma usually saves for special occasion was arranged on the table with Chinese food in each bowl.

My mouth watered specially seeing the chinese fried rice.The rice was shining brightly and its white hue was perfectly complementing the green vegetables and orange carrots in it.The little green spring onions which were spread on top of the rice was making it look even more attractive.

When the lavish dinner began, I started with the Chinese fried rice and also took a little Manchurian just to accompany my rice.But my main attraction was the fried rice which looked delicious in that Borosil bowl.As I took some out in my plate I noticed how beautifully the rice and the vegetables had unioned.The green beans, spring onions and the capsicum had mixed well with the sliced carrots and had given the rice a colourful look.Not only was its look mesmerising but the taste was also out of this world.It was the best chinese fried rice I ever had.

As I had my first bite I was lost in ecstacy.The taste of soya sauce was mild But it was giving the perfect flavour combined with the chinese garam masala.The vegetables had added their own flavour to the rice.The spring onions and the capsicum were soft and a delight to eat.The carrot and the beans seemed they were boiled before being fried which gave them the right texture.The basmati rice had its own smell but the chinese garam masala and the soya sauce didnt let it overpower.

In no time did I finish my first helping of the fried rice and went quickly to have a second helping.The manchurian was still there as I didn't feel the need to eat it.The fried rice was so yummy that I didn't need any other thing to enhance its taste.After the second helping I was totally full and as I went to the kitchen to keep my plate I noticed that the borosil bowl containing the fried rice was on the verge of being finished.I smiled knowing the reason behind the quick finish of this delicious fried rice.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mouth watering Ladoos

I was lost in my own dream world when the smell of roasted besan in Desi ghee filled my nostrils up as if to wake me up from my deep slumber. The smell of finely roasted besan had reached my dream where I was busy fighting with an alien.I had to stop that war in between as a new war had started between my nose and my mouth.

 As I woke up that morning my eyes were treated fully rounded light brown colored besan ke ladoos which were nicely decorated in the the serving platter.Automatically my hands went straight towards them and I picked up one of those beautiful round balls of besan made with pure Desi ghee and treated my mouth with utter delight.As soon I had put one of the ladoos in my mouth the smell of Desi ghee empowered me and I was lost in the sweet taste of the ladoos.The besan was finely roasted  which gave the perfect texture and the Desi ghee was also in the right quantity which helped in keeping the ladoos finely bonded together. The cherry on the cake was the finely cut almonds which were neatly placed on top of each ladoo to make it look more attractive.Having a finely chopped piece of almond properly fried in ghee in between the sweet ladoo made the dish even more delicious.

As I was lost in my own world of ladoo enjoying each and every bit of it, my trans state was disturbed by my mother who was standing just behind me.I turned and hugged her, for what I had tasted just now was out of this world. My mother knows very well that sweets are my biggest source of happiness so she prepares them quite often but this ladoo was extra ordinarily delicious.

From the aroma which had filled the house to the divine look of that ladoo, everything was perfect.And to add to that perfection were the Borosil glassware in which the ladoos were served.Its pristine glasses made the light brown ladoos looked enticing and mouth watering.I took the whole plate and treated myself to the most enjoyable breakfast of all times-Besan ke Ladoos.

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