Thursday, June 5, 2014

Secret of modern day Rapunzel's long hair

Rapunzel Rapunzel open your long and shiny hair,
 and let the prince use it as a stair,
To climb the tall and mighty tower
to take you away from the wicked witches power.

Having long hair like Rapunzel was always my dream
and being born into a traditional Bengali family
i had very less to do
to make my dream come true.

Daily Oiling and two times shampooing
Proper conditioning and 
Regular combing
had somewhere become part of my daily routine.

When I started going to school
My mother never allowed me keep my hair loose
She warned me of the sun's damaging rays
Which would take away my hair's grace.

I listened to all her advice
and kept my hair clean from lice.
Soon my hair started becoming long
and in no time they were strong.

Coming to college was totally different,
Coloured hair was the new trend.
Ironing and curling was a daily affair
But all this took a toll on my hair.

Somewhere I was forgetting my mother's advice,
As keeping hair open was part of my college life.
Bad management and nourishment had its effects
As I started noticing split ends.

My hair started growing thin
And was losing its charm
My friends said that it was
Split ends which was doing all the harm.

I saw no solution
Except to cut my hair
But it was beyond imagination
As it was more than just my hair.

It was our family's tradition
My parent's pride
It was my childhood's  dream
how could i let it die?

With no help from anywhere
I turned to my mother
Who like always
Had a solution with her.

So I asked a friend to lend it.
After the first wash only I could see its effect
My split ends were harder to detect.

Tresemme had done its share
My split ends are no more there.
My hair is now soft, smooth and straight
And having such beautiful hair feels great.

Tresseme Split Remedy Shampoo Review

Tresemme gives you salon like treatment
So you don't need to make appointments.
It saves you from cutting your hair
Reminding you that your hair also needs care.

I no longer have broken bonds
Its like someone has used a magic wand.
My hair feels alive and fresh
as my hair is freed from split ends.

Since childhood I wanted to have hair like Rapunzel. Whenever I used to see her photos in the fairy tales I wished to have beautiful long golden locks like her.I was spellbound the way her hair was combed and managed.I grew up hearing her stories.And as I grew up a little, I realized that all my aunts and my mother were real life Rapunzel(except for the fact that they had jet black hair). My mother started taking great care of my hair and told me how keeping long hair was our family's tradition.My happiness knew no bounds as my childhood dream of having long hair was finally going to be true. My mother regularly combed my hair and always tied it into plaits. I was not allowed to keep my hair open in the afternoon due to the fact that sun would damage my hair and also not allowed to keep my hair open in the evening due to our tradition. So the only time I could keep my hair open was during the morning and it was then when i used to enact Rapunzel's story. I never complained about the fact that I couldn't try out new hairstyles(being a school girl I didn't have much option as well) as I was happily enjoying my Rapunzel's role.

However, going to college and shifting to a new place was different.I no longer had the opportunity to treat my hair with the same care which it was accustomed to.Initially each and every girl in my hostel complemented me on my beautiful hair.However as time passed my hair started losing its shine.

You could blame it on a hectic schedule, people's jealousy or just carelessness on my part but the result was that my hair started to have split ends.Regular ironing and curling and also opening hair in the sun were taking a toll on my hair and its effects were drastic.I remembered my mother's advice and regretted my careless attitude. Hair also needs proper care to grow like any other being.And if you stop showing her love,affection and care she too would start to perish.

My friends suggested that I would either have to cut my hair short or would have to go to a salon for a hair treatment.The first option was beyond my imagination, so I decided to go with the second option.Next day I went to a salon and asked if they could help me with my problem.They replied in affirmative but the only problem was that their tariff was more than my monthly allowance.After trying all the possible ways and getting no help from anywhere I called up my mother for help. She silently listened to all my problems and at last said " I have a solution to all your problems.I have a magic wand that will remove your broken bonds and make your hair like Rapunzel again.Its not expensive and fits in your budget.Use Tresemme split remedy shampoo and conditioner and get freedom from all your problems".


I borrowed from my friend Tresemme split remedy shampoo and after one wash I could feel its effect.My hair didn't feel like a broomstick anymore. It was soft and bouncy and felt great to touch.

After a week I was supposed to come home.And when I did, to my surprise I found that my mother had ordered split remedy shampoo and conditioner by Tresemme for review from indiblogger.

I was thrilled to see the new packed shampoo and couldn't wait to use it.After 3 washes I could hardly notice the split ends and was greatly relieved as my hair was brought back to life again.

The shampoo like my mother had said helped in removing my split ends upto 95% without going to any expensive salon or using scissors on my hair.I now my beautiful long hair like Rapunzel and I am extremely grateful to Tresemme for fulfilling my childhood dream. 

The shampoo and conditioner are so gentle that they could be used on a daily basis.It not only helps fight split ends but also brings back the lost luster and manages the texture of the hair.My hair smells so good after shampooing that it acts as an added advantage.

I now recommend this shampoo to all my friends and acquaintances who have problem regarding split ends.

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