Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Father my role model

Everybody has a role model in there life's.One who inspires them, motivates them and in turn make them a good human being.A role model is a person whose actions you try to emulate and whose values and advices you try to inculcate in yourself.In your most difficult times you derive your strength from that person.He is the source of your energy and gives a meaning to your dreams.

My father is that person in my life who was also my hero.His immense energy and passion towards his work left me amazed even as a child.And as I grew up that amazement changed into respect and then into inspiration.Seeing him worship his work made me realise the importance of genuiness and seriousness towards my own work.He never used to be late to work, instead he would prefer to be early rather than late.Even today I have this habit of being punctual to everywhere I go.Time management has helped me a lot in life and I have turned into a better person.

Not only professionally but also personally his actions and advices has made a great impact on my life. Being a professor himself, he never pressurized me to get good grades.He always advised me to be an all-rounder.From dancing to singing to elocution to debating, I participated in all extra cirricular activities and still maintained good grades.He would take me to dance classes as he knew my interest lies in dancing and he fully allowed me to pursue my passion.

As a father , he never distinguished between my brother and I.It was after I came to college that I realised that many girls were subjected to such discrimination at home where there brothers recieved preferential treatment and they didn't.That day I started to respect my father more.His immense love for his family is the base of our family.He made me realise that money and materialistic things can never replace the happiness we recieve from being with our family.It was he who made me understand the importance of relationships and family bonds.

His sheer dedication towards every aspect of life is something that I crave to have in my life.Even in the most difficult of times he manages to keep calm and try to find a solution which is for the good of all.His faith in ALMIGHTY is unbreakable and undescribable.Sometimes I feel that he derives all his energy from GOD Himself.But whatever that is , that energy and zest is out of this world.And this energy is my inspiration.His"never lose hope "attitude and never say die attitude are the mantras which guides my life.Whatever I will achieve in life is because I have a mentor,guide and a father like him.He was ,he is and will always be my first hero.
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