Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Brother- My mentor

A brother sister relationship is a very beautiful yet quite a complex relationship.The same brother who used to fight with her sister and the sister who used to irritate her brother during childhood gradually turn out to be each others best friend as time passes. And the same happened with us.

As a child my brother and I used to irritate each other a lot. But as time passed we started understanding each other.My brother is 4 years elder to me and since the time I have started understanding him, I have started respecting him not only because he is my brother but also because he is that person to whom I could look up to whenever I am in need and whose actions and wisdom motivate me to work harder.

My brother is brilliantly intelligent.As a child he was not only good in studies but also in extra curricular activities like poem recitation and athletics.He was very laborious which motivated me to work harder in every sphere.So I also started participating in various cultural activities and this  helped me a lot in my all round development.

My brother has this habit of finishing every activity he takes up.He would not leave any work unfinished and this made me wonder how can he have so much of patience to sit through the entire work.I was a very impatient girl but it was my brother whose patient attitude changed my outlook and I started emulating him.It was very difficult for me at the beginning and I used to give up very easily.But then my brother told me that in order to succeed in life you have to love your work.And that passion was the reason behind his success.Even in doing small work he used to put in so much of effort that it was incredible.I tried everyday to be like him, to put so much of effort into all my work and even after so many years I have not yet completely succeeded.

As a brother he always protected me from all odds and never let any bad vice come into me.He would guide me like a mentor and teach me things which would help not only academically but also in my all round development.Whatever he couldn't achieve, he wished me to achieve and for that wish to come true he would give me proper guidance.He always boosted my confidence and never discouraged me in doing anything.

His wisdom and his knowledge are an awesome combination which has helped me in taking many important decisions of my life.His perfectionist attitude is though sometimes irritating but is very useful in the long run.I try to inculcate his habit of planning everything out and managing everything beforehand and have also succeeded a bit but I have a long way to go.

I am lucky to have an elder brother like him who not only guides me as a mentor but also supports me and protects me like a father.

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