Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Whitetranquil?

Choosing a name for your blog is as difficult as choosing a name for your baby.Like a baby, the name would define the blog and also would represent your personality.So when I was deciding the name of my blog various names crossed my mind.But somehow the name whitetranquil got stuck in my head.Whitetranquil at first seems a very different name but when you get to know its meaning it all becomes clear then.White in its literal sense stands for "purity" and tranquil means "peace", so together they mean pure-peace.

In today's world when everything is so fast paced, people have very few spare moment to relax and find mental peace.Also people nowadays are so filled with the passion to succeed that they find no harm in hurting others.Their soul have become unpure.The need of the hour is mental peace and purity of soul.

That's why I named my blog whitetranquil as I regard mental peace as my top priority. And if you have mental peace you will automatically have purity of soul.You will value human life more than materialistic things.

There is one more reason as to why I named my Blog White tranquil.And the reason is that I just didn't want my blog to be limited to any one genre.In my blog I should have the freedom to write anything which gives me peace of mind, i.e, from movies to nature to theater to books.White tranquil allows me to express my true self without being bounded by any particular characteristic.

So white tranquil best defines who I am and that I think should be the most important criteria while deciding to name your blog.

Colourful Roses

Bunch of pink roses
Bunch of yellow roses
Bunch of white roses

Roses are the epitome of beauty.Its fragrance adds to its aesthetic value and therefore they are regarded as the symbol of love and affection.
Above are some of the pictures I had taken a few days back. These pictures have been taken in my college garden, which nowadays is, blossoming with varied colors of roses and dahlias.Hope you like them.