Monday, March 17, 2014

Total Siyappa:Movie Review

Total siyappa is a great family entertainer,however after the interval it loses its charm and we can't help but feel sorry for Aman played by Ali Zafar.The story gets very monotonous and apart from Ali's cute and ever brightening smile there is nothing which helps us in bearing that movie.

As is pretty obvious from the movie trailers that Aman is a pakistani boy who is truly and deeply in love with Asha (played by Yami gautam who as usual looks beautiful in the movie)who is an Indian and the story revolves on how her family reacts on finding out that she actually wants to marry a pakistani boy and the big question remains whether her family will accept her decision or not.

I bet the costume designer of this movie would have had lots of free time available as we see the whole cast wearing just one costume all through the movie.It would have been refreshing to see some other costumes as well.But keeping in mind that the whole "siyappa" happened in one day itself ,the makers maybe then decided to go with one costume itself to make it look authentic.

The songs are pretty decent and Ali zafar's voice is pretty soothing.All in all its a one time watch movie and as expected the story ends with a happy note with ''AMAN KI ASHA''.; 

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