Thursday, March 13, 2014


Recently I got a chance to watch a movie with my friends called "shaddi ke side effects" , a sequel to" Pyaar ke side effects" starring Rahul bose and Mallika sherawat.Shaddi ke side effects like its prequel was a hillarious movie with brilliant performance by Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, who with their comic timing and excellent acting proved themselves to be perfect for the lead pair.The movie is about "secrets to a happy marraige and its USP lies in its simplicity and how any one can relate him/her to its main lead.

Shaddi ke side effects tells the story of siddhath roy played by farhan akhtar who as a child has seen his parents get divorced and how he decides not to repeat the same mistake again.However when vidya balan gets pregnant with his child things change a lot.The story traces the life of siddharth after the child is born and there is not a moment in the film when you dont feel like maybe in the future you will do the same.The story ends with a happy note but with a beautiful message that there is nothing like a "secret to a happy marraige".The only thing which guarantees a happy marraige is how loyal and truthful you are to your partner.This my friend is the ultimate truth.

Pritish Nandy Communications in association with Balaji Motions has produced this movie. The songs in the movie are pretty cool and its title track deserves to get 5 stars.

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