Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Discover a new you

Another year is coming to an end and a new year is about to begin. New year brings with it new hopes and promises and allows us to make new resolutions to fulfil all those wishes and demands which were not fulfilled last year. New year resolutions give us the opportunity to make ourselves better by following our passion and fulfilling our dreams and desires.

As a girl I have lots of dreams and desires. And for this New Year, I have made a resolution to make myself a better person, to fulfil all those wishes which couldn't be completed this year. And MICROMAX CANVAS TAB P666 will help me in fulfilling all those wishes.

My first New Year resolution is to travel and explore my new city – Pune. Recently I have shifted to Pune but have not managed to take time out of my schedule to travel around the city. So I plan to take time out, and travel the city and to nearby places with my friends. Canvas tab p666 has an amazing camera which would help me in taking numerous selfies and capture all those memorable moments with my friends. With its 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera, all my pictures would be clicked perfectly. Also with the 4400mAh battery of the tab, I would be assured that its battery would be charged throughout my trip.

My second resolution is to read a lot of books. My course structure is so hectic that I have not been able to read novels and other literature recently. I love to read books of various genres and also love to read articles on popular websites. Canvas tab which has an expandable storage of upto 32GB, would help me to download various e-books that I can read at my convenience. Also, its 20.32 cm large screen would give me a better view to read my e-books. Having Intel atom processor and android Kitkat OS would make my internet surfing a smooth experience.

My third and final resolution is to take time out for my family and friends. Somehow I feel that I have been neglecting my family a lot after coming to a new city. With all my studies and career decisions, my family and friends are being neglected. So this year I plan to be in touch with the people who mean a lot to me. With canvas tab, my work would become much simpler as it has voice calling and 3G connectivity features. Video calling would be smooth with WiFi connection and with it 2MP front camera. Its grand screen would make the video calling much better.

So with this new canvas tab I hope to fulfil my passions and interests in this coming New Year.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Honesty is the best policy

My mother’s purse was lying on the table as if challenging me to take the money for outing.My mother had already said a big “no” for this trip which was an all girls trip to a club. But my friends had persuaded me to such an extent that I could see no sense in my mother’s refusal. So I decided the best plan would be to lie to her as all my friends would help me in covering it up. The only way I was going to get money was out of her bag and that was the moral dilemma

My mother was busy in the kitchen and the maid was cleaning my room. I found that to be the perfect setting because my mother would be busy with her household chores and would not bother to come inside her room. I quietly opened the bag and took the required amount out of the bag and kept it back in its place. I hurried back to the room and called my friends up. I told them to make an excuse for that Saturday night outing which my mother cannot figure out. Being teenagers we have the in-built quality to lie and make excuses to mend our way. My friends came up with such an extraordinary idea which my mother wouldn't get to know about.

Finally it was Saturday and I packed all my party clothes and waited for my friends to come. They too had packed their clothes and were wearing simple clothes to cover up our excuse. We went to a friend's place, got dressed and headed for the club. The party was awesome and we had lot more fun than we expected. By the time we reached the deadline, we were totally tired and exhausted. We changed back to the simple clothes and went back home.

I was so tired that I went straight to my bed and dozed off. My sleep was interrupted by loud noises  from the drawing room which I recognized to be my mother’s. In between I heard soft sobs which I assumed were my maid's. I got up and heard that my mother had found out that some money was missing from her purse and had put the blame on our maid. My maid, though not the best of maids,  was a good human and not a thief. Seeing her cry in front of my mother, pleading her not to call the police made my heart churn from inside. My mother was furious at her and was adamant on calling the police. The whole scenario was too much for me to handle and I suddenly took my mother by her arm and dragged her to my room. My mother shouted at me for this rude behaviour but I knew more shouting and scolding was waiting for me. I told my mother to listen to me quietly for five minutes and then she can say whatever she wanted to. I explained to her the whole situation and how I had stolen the money from her purse to go to the party because of peer pressure. After completing my story I waited for my mother’s scolding but she was completely quiet.

She got up , went to the drawing room and told the maid to go. Then she turned towards me and told me that she was ashamed of me. Though I knew this was coming, yet hearing her say it out loud made my heart ache and tears started flowing out from my eyes. She looked at me while I as crying and came and hugged me tightly, whispering softly that she was proud of me as well. I was not expecting this reaction and looked at her surprised. She was proud because of the fact that I had spoken the truth and hadn't let an innocent person get punished. She was happy that though I had made a mistake I was courageous enough to accept that. I hugged her tightly and said sorry. I was very relieved after speaking the truth.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun time with family

In this fast pace life, vacations are much needed to give us a break from our daily work. Vacations are the best way to spend some quality time with family which is somehow not possible in our hectic daily schedule. And for a child it is even more special because not only he gets to make some special memories but also it is that time which strengthens his relationship with his parents.

As a working mother I get to spend very little time with my children. Though I make it a point to spend weekends with them without any disturbance, sometimes I find that it is insufficient. So whenever my children get a holiday from their school, I plan a family vacation which would ensure spending some quality time together. Planning a vacation keeping my children in mind is a delirious task. Choosing places which would suit them and which they would enjoy is a priority. So mostly I choose such places which would make them happy.

My children always look forward to such vacations as for them it gives them a break from their boring school life and a legal permission to play all day without having any tension to study. And going with other relatives makes it even more pleasurable for them as they get company of their friends with whom they can play. Choosing a historical place as a vacation would not fulfill our purpose because that would hardly interest them and if once my children lose interest in anything they would not enjoy the vacation properly. For them there should be activities which should involve them and involve us together as a family. We prefer to go to places where they would expect good food and playful games and activities like swimming, cricket and sometimes adventurous trips with parents and which would give them thrill. They are very curious to learn new things which would enhance their knowledge. So activities which promote  team work and team participation are a good way to inculcate in them the sportsman spirit as well as teach them manners about team spirit.

One time we planned a trip to Goa as my children love to swim. After being put up in a resort which we had booked collectively with our relatives we decided to explore the resort first.The resort had a large swimming pool with a section specially meant for children where there were special trainers to guide them. My children got really excited to see that as in our city they hardly get time to swim. There were many other activities which had been organized by the resort to actively involve all the guests together. So in the evening we participated in one such activity called “treasure hunt” which my kids thoroughly enjoyed as they love running around. And with them we also had our share of physical exercise which we kept dodging in the city. Next day, we visited the whole city with our relatives and while my kids had a lot of fun on the beach making sand castles, drinking coconut water and swinging on hammocks, we adults enjoyed just sitting lazily on the beach soaking Vitamin D as much as possible. So all in all we had an awesome experience as we got to spend some quality time with each other as a family.

Going out with children brings back our childhood too. Participating with them in fun games and activities helps us get refreshed from our boring activities and find a way out for ourselves beyond our work lives. Exploring places with them gives us a different perspective too and enables us to understand the importance of taking a break from our daily lives. These vacations fill us with new energy to get back to our normal lives again and also the memories give us an incentive to plan a holiday like that again.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

kyunki darr ke aage jeet hai

My stammering problem first came to light when I was in second standard and we had our recitation competition.Those memories of people laughing at me due to my stammering problem still haunts me. Somehow even after defying the odds those bitter memories don't leave me somehow. On the other hand, it can be that having those nightmares make me realise how much I have succeeded and that if u believe in yourself then nothing can stop you.

To say I was pathetic would be an understatement. I felt miserable but what made it worse was my teacher asking me was this a "habit." I felt like retorting ," no you idiot. it is not my habit to make fun of myself. "But my stammering didn't allow me to respond also. My teacher complained about my "habit" to my father who was shocked to hear her say something so ridiculous.  He explained in a very despised tone that it is not her habit but is due to her lack of confidence which will go away gradually.

I smiled at my father knowing how hard it would have been for him to say that but I wanted to believe in his belief. As time passed I started participating in various activities just to boost my confidence. But somehow something always went wrong and I couldn't go on to the final stage. I started losing hope that I could ever succeed. I always liked to recite poems and was very willing to participate in my school recitation competition but no teacher ever showed enough confidence in me to let me fulfil my dream. My "friends" were also nothing less. They made me believe that it was for my betterment only as I would be spared from such a large scale embarrassment. At that point, I believed them. And the incidents that followed made my belief stronger that I could never go on stage.

One day when I was in fifth standard we were asked to read a chapter from our English book. Every one read very easily but when my turn came I literally became a statue. I was unable to speak a single word. My situation was so bad that my hands were sweating and in mid December I had sweat all over my body. The whole class enjoyed that show to their fullest extent without even thinking once what hell must I be going through. My class teacher felt pity on me and asked me to sit down.I did still in shock though. But I didn't cry because somewhere deep down something much more had broken other than my confidence,  my self esteem. I was not in a state to gauge the seriousness of that matter. But gradually I did when my  parents started noticing changes in my behaviour.
After that incident I hardly used to talk to anyone. I had made my own world and a set of imaginary friends with whom I would play and talk . I thought things were going to be better now. But little did I realise that it was all an imaginary world in which I was living.

I was lucky that my bubble was bursted soon and that too by two teachers to whom I am till date thankful and forever my life will be grateful. My class teacher like my parents noticed how silent and meek I am in contrast to other students. One day she asked me to read my essay to the whole class which was the best in the whole class. I tried my level best but still stammered often. She knew this was my problem and started making me read in classes more and more. She instructed my friends that whenever I stammer they should slap me at my back. That fear of getting beaten made my stammer go away a little.

 But then my biggest fear was still there to overcome. Till class sixth I had never been on stage and had never faced a crowd or spoke publicly.  Even the thought of speaking in front of a crowd and on stage uses to send shivers down my spine. However destiny had other plans. My hindi teacher , Mrs. Champa singh, was my mentor who helped me overcome this fear. She encouraged me to participate in Hindi elocution and supported me when the whole class believed that making me their class representative would be an embarrassment for them. She challenged everyone that I would rise above all and would succeed. I was very happy that somebody had so much believe in me but somehow I had doubts about myself. It was she who then advised me that one should always believe in himself even if the whole world is against us. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose but what matters is that you tried. Not trying is easy but what is difficult is convincing yourself to try. So no matter how much afraid you are never give up.

Her advice motivated me so much that I started repeating her words like a chant. I was improving though that fear was still there. The elocution day arrived and I realised that my family friends were more nervous than I was. I still remember how climbing up those stairs to the backstage my heart was beating so loudly I feared somebody would come and tell it to beat a little less loudly. Waiting there backstage I was in a dilemma whether to go on stage or whether to quit.

As I peeped from the backstage to look at the crowd I nearly had a mini heart attack seeing the huge gathering. I was prepared to quit but just then my name was announced. Now there was no option. I tried remembering the words of my teacher that fear would be there but what matters is whether we try or not. So finally I decided I would try and with that conviction I went on stage to deliver my first on stage first public speech. I still remember each and every moment of that time when I could hear my heartbeat and my poem simultaneously. As I ended the whole auditorium was flooded with the sounds of clapping and hooting. I mechanically walked off the stage and went and sat where other participants were sitting. I still couldn't believe that I had spoken without stammering even once. While I was in a shocked state, I heard my name being called in some distant space. I recovered to find that I had finished third in the competition.  It was then that I felt my eyes getting wet. My self esteem was born again and those tears were a testimony to that. I jumped up in excitement as my happiness knew no bounds. " I did it , I did it " was all I could think of when receiving that trophy. 
Going back to the class my Hindi teacher along with my class teacher proudly entered the class and told the class how she has won her challenge. She had supported me when even I had refused to believe in myself.  At home my father's happiness knew no bounds. He danced with him and we had a mini party that day.

After that day there was no looking back. I participated in every annual school elocution competition. Though I still stammer a little and I sometimes fear to go on stage but then when I go on stage I am a completely different person and all my fear vanishes away as it is rightly said that "darr ke aage jeet hai"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Power of voice to Clean India

India is trying to become a super power but this can't be possible till it provides equal right to women. Today India is struggling to give equal opportunities and rights to women. Women don't enjoy the same freedom that men enjoy.

When women are given level playing field, they have proved that they are equally competent as men. If the 10th and 12th marks are taken as parameters then it can be seen that girls have outperform boys in almost all the states and this trend is prevalent for many years now.

Though many steps have been taken to provide equal rights to women but in reality the situation is still bleak.

Crime against women are on the rise in every major city across India. Even Bangaluru which was considered a very safe city has seen many incidents of eve teasing in last few months. The horrific incident of a school teacher molesting a really young student shocked the whole country. If girls are not safe even in the school where will they feel safe then ?

Delhi is constantly in news for sexual assaults against women. a recent incident where a Delhi University girl was murdered because of her marriage gave people a reality check that even at this age girl's don't have the right to choose the life partners. The cases of Honor-killing has been coming from North India very frequently but still there hasn't been much work that has been done on this regard.

Another crime that has hampered the cause of women has been the acid attacks. Attacking the girls who refuse a guy's proposal has become really common in the hinterlands. Girls are even threatened with acid attacks if they are not complying with the guy's wishes. A recent show by Aamir Khan brought forward the problems faced by these acid attack victims and the culprits roam freely even after the attack.

I feel the mentality of the society has to change. Women have to be given respect. India can't think of becoming a superpower till the day women are not safe in this country. We would have to make our roads safe enough that a women travelling even at midnight would feel safe, till we are not able to make our society like this, we won't be able to call ourself a developed nation.

The power of Voice to Clean India (Campaign)  #AbMontuBolega

Strepsils have started a really wonderful initiative for the people to raise their voice against all the problems that are prevalent in the society. I will take this opportunity to bring forward the point of crime against women. Sexual assaults, eve teasing, honor killing and acid attacks have created an atmosphere of horror for women in our society. 

The campaign says  "Don't be a silent spectator. raise your voice and make a difference. We know that raising our voices against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Let's exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat.

Kyuki Bin Bole ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega

I feel really privilege to be a part of such a noble initiative by STREPSILS. You can readmore about it at, as well as Strepsils on Facebook andTwitter.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The magic of touch

Diwali is a festival which has a lot of memories attached to it. From my first meeting with my husband during our college Diwali meet , to our realization of our love next Diwali , Diwali has always been special for us. People at college used to think that our relationship was not strong enough to sustain long as it was build on the foundations of passion and physical attraction. But they failed to realize that it was just our way to show our love.

Diwali was right around the corner again and now things have changed drastically. My first love is now my husband and those who had thought that our relationship couldn’t last longer, they were shocked to see that we had managed to be together for four years excluding the three years of our college life.  So this year we were going to celebrate our eighth Diwali together.

House cleaning was going on in full spree while my husband, dhruv , was busy calling up people for our after Diwali party. He was a good manager and it was due to this talent that he climbed up the ladder of success in his field quite fast. Though it was great news but its adverse impact was on our relationship. Somehow we couldn’t manage time for each other. Working in a multi-national company myself, I found it hard to take time out for ourselves and with the odd timings of our offices we hardly managed to see each other during most days. I was lost in my own world, when my maid came and woke me up from my pondering. He wanted to clean the store house which has become our dumping ground for our old stuff. I decided to clean that on my own as it would mean going through our old memories.

The store room welcomed me with a gush of dust blowing right across my face. It was all hazy for a while, but somehow it felt back home. Going through old stuff, I found a box full of clothes which had belonged to me during college stuffed in a corner away. When I opened it I found several of my old clothes like the sleeveless tops, crop tops, capris, shorts, and loose tank tops. At that time dhruv and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other so those were my choice of clothes back then. However time was different now. Today we both wear black and white suits and attend corporate meetings hardly ever trying to find time for each other. My worst fear of realizing that our love was just a physical attraction as my friends used to believe was coming true. I hurriedly got up as I felt like I was getting suffocated and in that hurry I bumped into an old photo collage of dhruv and me. Seeing that I realized that how I used to believe that our “touch” was just a way to show our love. In each of those photos we seemed so happy and so in love. I dusted away the dirt from the photo frame and took it out and placed it in our bed room and stood there happily watching it.

In the evening, I decided to wear a halter neck blouse with my sari as I remembered that it was the same dress I wore when he proposed to me during our Diwali celebration at college. Just as I had finished getting ready dhruv entered the room talking over phone. I looked at him through mirror and saw his expressions change as his view changed from seeing the photo frame to seeing me getting dressed up in that attire. I knew even he was thinking what I had been thinking the whole day. I decided to ignore his arrival and got busy wearing my ear piece. As I was struggling with one ear piece, I felt a known touch near my face. Dhruv was standing right behind me helping me in putting my ear piece. But even after it was done his touch lingered on. I looked into his eyes from the mirror and he as if getting his cue took my hair and relieved it from the high bun I had made. A small smile spread across his face, the one which made me fell in love with him. I got up and hugged him tightly and snuggled in his arms as I used to day when I was in college. I was happy to get back our lost touch of love which like our old photo frame had been covered in dust. That Diwali was special to us because that whole evening we didn’t leave each other’s side even once. We held hands like we were just teenagers newly in love.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Right to sanitation

When one part of the country is engaged in the new “’swach bharat abhiyan”, there is another part of India for whom the word “swach” has a different meaning altogether. For them it’s not about cleaning garbages but their right to get access to basic sanitation facilities. India, in the 21st century, still has 597 million people defecating in the open. This has posed as a serious health threat to millions of people who are affected by it.

Open defecation in Indian villages has led to the increasing cases of health victims in those villages. When one thinks about open defecation, a lot of problem crops up. Imagine ourselves living in a place where there is restriction on the amount of water or food intake just to make sure that you do not have to go toilet in any untimely hour of the day. It would mean risking your life as for a girl going out in the open field to defecate at night is just like being alone in a wild forest full of animals.

In villages, people generally wake up early in the morning and go to open fields or near railway tracks to defecate. This can affect their health seriously through a chain reaction which starts with the washing away of their defecation to water bodies and in the process the whole water body which is their means of basic sustenance gets totally spoiled. But still being the only water source the same water is used for drinking purposes  and for doing all other household chores. Consuming this polluted water can lead to serious health diseases like diahorrea. The excreta of humans contains germs which if enters the body can cause serious damage. Also the possibility of flies sitting on the excreta and then depositing that on their bodies and feet which can further affect health of humans. Many common diseases can spread from one person to another when one has diahorrea.

When we go more to the specifics and think about defecation from a women’s point of view the situation seems more horrific than just limited to health issues. It is now an accepted fact that women, who have to wait till night fall to relieve them, face a greater risk of being raped or being sexually harassed. Not only this, the psychological trauma which they have to go through every day during defecation hurts their dignity as they are often victims of physical and verbal abuse. The situation gets worse for them during menstruation and pregnancy. It’s about their dignity and protecting their privacy.  It is due to this lack of sanitation facilities that girls generally do not prefer to go to school. Their level of trauma exceeds high beyond to force them to be out of school.

So the need of the hour is to build safe and proper toilets in every village household. Proper disposal of excreta is needed so that the fly does not spread the germs everywhere. It has to be noted that separate toilets be built for boys and girls in school so that girls no more feel insecure. Having a toilet is important for everyone and especially for a girl as it is not only about her health but also about her dignity. Access to basic sanitation facilities should be available to each and every one with particular reference to women and girls as for them it brings greater benefit.

One such initiative is taken DOMEX, Hul’s flagship sanitation brands which currently run the Domex toilet academy which aims to become a sustainable and long term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and helps in development of the local economy. This toilet academy tries to make toilet accessible and affordable while promoting the benefits of clean toilet and hygiene. Their effort has resulted in bringing a change in the lives of people living in the villages of Maharashtra and Orissa. It is with their efforts that now people think of having a toilet as a necessity as against their earlier belief of having food more important than having sanitation.

You can also be a part of this cause through "You click Domex Contributes" at -

To help domex in their initiative you can go to their website . press the submit button.for every but
ton pressed domex will contribute Rs.5 for the building of toilets in Indian villages.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little bit of India everywhere

A few decades ago , everybody in India feared the demise of our culture and heritage as the whole nation was getting "westernised".The youth specially had fallen into the traps of western culture and turned their attention to rap music, junk food and started believing in institutions which were earlier not a part of Indian culture.

But those days are gone now.Now is the time when these western nations are getting "Indianized".From dressing in saris and bindis to eating Indian food , the whole world is slowly turning into a mini India.

Some may cite the reason as immigration of Indians to every part of the world which has resulted in opening up of Indian food chains all over the world , or celebrating Indian festivals with much fervour. Or it maybe the rise of India as a global power which has made India stand in the centre at the world stage. But whatever the reason it has led to the world being Indianised.

But apart from the obvious reasons there are other reasons too as to why are we so popular. Our popularity stems from the fact that we are awesome, in whatever we do.I have mentioned some of our awesomeness which are as follows:

1.Indian food:-Eating Indian food is all about eating with satisfaction. If your hands do not get dirty in the process then you have not properly eaten "indian food". Its all about filling your stomach till the time its ready to burst open or till the time you fill your lungs with food.

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2.Indian traditional clothes: We indians love to dress up. Any time, anywhere for any occasion we can dress up.No matter how much jeans and top we wear casually when its time to look pretty we turn to our Indian wear. Not only it makes us look pretty but acts as an air conditioner in the hot Indian weather.

This Indian wear is also gaining much praise abroad due to its popularity with Hollywood stars. Famous celebrities wear Indian clothes as that is the new "in thing",the new "Fashion".

3.Bollywood: To talk anything about Bollywood will be less.The amount of popularity it has gained in recent years is just tremendous. From alok nath's famous ashirwaad to the happy -go-lucky image of our movies.Everything has become so popular. Our own Indian superhero "krrish" has finally been able to compete with the likes of superman, batman and spiderman. The world is so getting Indianised.

4.Festivals: We indians are everywhere now in this planet.And though we are true to the respective nation in which we have settled but when its festival time, we are Indian by heart.I am pretty sure those people would specially call up their Indain cousins to know the exact day of the festival.Maybe thats a way for them to ,umm, reunite or feel Indian in PARDES.

5. Yoga: Our own traditional Indian exercise "yoga". Ramdev baba made it famous and now this exercise has gained so much popularity  just not because of its good effects on health but due to its association with Hollywood. In "eat, pray love" to "27 dresses", hollywood is obsessed with Yoga. But they should be reminded that not everybody can pose that yoga look.Their ought to be a disclaimer.

6.Culture: We indians are known for our culture.We are thought to be like alok nath, always happy and cheerful. Though most of us are jolly by nature but we have a different side as well. Though we do value our relations but its not like we never get irritated. I know we are Indians but we are humans as well. We have emotions ,too.
To top it people think India is all about poverty and hungry people.Hello!! we are one of the leading economies of the world today. 

7. Population: The most important reason for the world getting Indianised is our poulation .We are a nation of around a billion people.And everyday some thousands people migrate to some or the other city in the world so that our population density reduces, but alas, its of no use. Because each secong some three new Indians are also born. The point is, these migratory Indians who settle abroad tend to make India everywhere.

So the world is getting more Indian than we think and if we look properly then there is a bit of India everywhere.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dabur chavanprash:my guiding doctor

I remember the times when my father to say that prevention is better than cure and then hand me a spoon of Dabur chyawanprash with a glass of warm milk.I was the most pampered child in my entire house, the apple of my father's eyes.So not only would I get extra love and care in terms of food and chocolates and gifts but also in terms of the protection i used to get.

My father was particularly careful of my health and advised me daily to have a spoon of Dabur  chyawanprash both in the morning before going to school and also in the evening before going to the field to play.He always used to say about the good properties of Dabur chyawanprash which helps in strengthening our immune system.

Earlier I used to fall sick a lot many times as I never used to care about the weather conditions.In rainy , winter or let that be summer , I somehow used to fall sick.And seeing me sick all the members in my family would get tensed.My father especially used to be awake all night just to ensure that I am fine.And being so small, no member in my family appreciated the idea of giving me strong antibiotics or for that matter any tablets or  medicines.They believed in curing me using house hold methods which would not have negative effect on my body.

Later, when Dad came to know about Dabur Chyawanprash, he found it appropriate for me.So he would himself make sure that i have a spoon of it twice a day so that I don't fall sick.It so happened that because of the reduced number of times I fell sick , my performance in school improved a lot. I got the medal for 100% attendance which I had never thought I will get.Also I started participating in many sports and other curricular events which led to my all round improvement.

I vividly remember the day when there was a parents teacher's meeting at my school, and my class teacher told my father as to how I have improved as a whole just because I don't miss classes any more.My father was very proud that day because not only was I physically fit and healthy but also translating that fitness into positive output.

As I grew up a little, My father started getting me new flavours of Dabur chyawanprash which was like a treat to me.The new variants of Mixed fruit and orange were simply delicious.Now my dad never had to remind me of taking chyawanprash because I was more than happy to take it by myself now.

I realised after growing up how effective Dabur chyawanprash is with all the ayurvedic ingredients it contains like amla and giloy and other 40 natural ingredients.All this help in strengthening our immnity system in a natural way and make us fit and protect from the regular weaknesses like cough and cold. Dabur chyawanprash is, indeed ,my most trusted family doctor.

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Diwali:khushiyon ka tyohar

Crackers, sweets , new clothes, meeting relatives and lots of family time..These are some of the things which  I associate with Diwali. Since childhood I have been brought up in a joint Indian family where all the festivals were celebrated with much gusto and fervour.But somehow diwali has its own special place as it was during this festival that all my cousin brother and sisters would come back from there hostels and some distant relative would also come and celebrate this festival with us. So it was just during Diwali when our two storey house would be completely occupied and the mood for festival would set in.

I always used to look forward to the diwali preparations which started with the cleaning of the entire house and then making a list of things to be bought and lastly deciding which sweets to be prepared and distributed.All the family members would coordinate and divide the work of cleaning, shopping and cooking among themselves while the "bacha party" would work whereever they were required.The children had the task of inspection so that everything is done accordingly.

On the day of diwali, after the evening puja we children accompanied by some adults would go to the front yard to burn the crackers while the other family members would prepare the table for a game of cards.The burning of crackers would go on till late at night and after their game was over our parents and relatives would also join us in the front yard.That time was fun when ma, papa, tai ji, tau ji all would come and burn crackers with us.If some guests would come, they would be served the home made sweets prepared by my maa, tai ji and dadi.Those sweets were to die for. That taste of those home made mithais still lingers in my mouth till date.

After so many years some traditions have changed like that of not burning so many crackers.We all children have grown up now who have realised our responsibility towards our environment.So now celebrate an  environment friendly Diwali where we just light our entire house with diyas and candles and lights.Though the custom of playing cards has still remain intact it has also undergone some minor changes in the sense that now several groups are formed with the super dada, dadi and tauji tai ji forming one group and the "bacha party " forming another.The taste of the sweets however has remained the same.But as years passed we started getting the Kurkure diwali pack also as many people couldn't eat sweets due to their health issues. Kurkure added spicy flavour to the whole celebration which acted as a surprise item.

The year my grandfather and grandmother passed away we all family members decided to be together on that diwali also though we didn't celebrate it.We somehow felt there presence there as if they are also with us like all the other years.

For me ,Diwali has always been about family , going back home to all my brothers and sisters , going back home to my ancestral house.Those childhood memories have strengthen my family bond and I always make it a point to be there at my house during this time of the year and celebrate Diwali with my entire family so that the tradition is maintained.After all Diwali is about spreading happiness and being with your family, like when Lord Rama came back home after 14 years of exile to his family and kingdom.

Diwali ka hain yeh tyohar,
Jo apno mein badhata hai pyar,
aur khushiyaan bhi lata hai hazaar.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mother-my creator my protector

When I was small I was very fond of dancing.I used to dance in my room to any of the Bollywood songs which would play on the T.V..My mother used to appreciate my dance and this encouraged me to dance even more.

But as I grew up, I realized that dancing is not something which I can carry forward.My family was quite conservative in letting girls learn dance or music.The life of a girl was restricted to the education we received at school and learning the household chores at home.Learning any extra curricular activity like dance for which we have to go out was strictly prohibited.
But even after knowing all this,my love towards dance didnt become any less.I used to close my room and practice dance steps.One day my mother saw me practicing in my room and she came and hugged me tightly after my dance was over.I was very scared thinking she might report it to my father.But to my surprise she told me that I have a gift and that I shouldn't waste it.She was willing to talk to my father and my Tau to get permission for me to learn dance.My happiness knew no bounds.

After dinner,my mother quietly asked my father who was sitting on a chair drinking his hot haldi milk for his permission.My father, who was a quiet man, suddenly shouted and what came out from his mouth was something I had always expected.He totally rejected the idea of my learning dance and regarded it as some kind of blasphemy and revolt against the family.My tau added fuel to the fire saying that girls from good families don't need to learn such things.Even my Tai supported them which shocked me.How can she as a girl not support me?

But it was my mother who fought against all of them.She was crying because she was seeing my dreams get broken but still she continued to fight.She kept on putting arguments saying how the world has changed and developed and how in today's world having some kind of extra curricular activities actually is needed for all round development.My father started to see some reason and after some time became quite pondering on the arguments my mother had just given.But it was my tau and tai who didn't give up.

At last my mother decided that the only way to fulfill her daughters dream is to leave that house.My father became panicky and shouted at my mother but my mother had decided.She ran towards her room holding my hands and started packing.Nobody had expected this.The always meek mother had revolted and now she was not going to keep quite anymore.It was no more about dancing but it was about freedom to do anything we want as girls and about the discrimination we had to face even at our own house.My father came to the room and was shocked seeing my mother pack.He tried his best to reason out with her but her determination was hard to break.

At last my father relented and went to talk to my tau who after a day or two also relented.I am now a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and soon I am going to be a graduate in it.My mother comes for all my performance and sits in the first row appreciating my dance like she used to do when I was a child.Sometimes I wonder if it had not been for my mother , I couldn't have achieved what I have today.She stood against all the odds and all the "mards" of the house.And this has made my life different.My mother is truly "my hero" -" A MARDAANI"

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Monday, July 7, 2014

My colourful macaroni

I hardly cook but when I do I somehow end up cooking the most delicious dishes whose taste can not be forgotten easily.A few days ago I made vegetable macaroni for myself and I cant wait to make it again as it was so tasty.

I love to eat vegetables so I try to mix as many vegetables as possible but at the same time I try to make it colorful. During the course of cooking itself my mouth was watering seeing the colorful vegetables.To top it its heavenly smell made it harder for me to control.After adding the soft macaroni to the vegetable mix my dish was ready and I couldn't have felt any more happy seeing what my creation was.

I hurriedly took out a BOROSIL plate to put my macaroni in it.Serving my macaroni in that beautiful Borosil plate enhanced its appearance by a million times.The colorful vegetables fully complemented the white glass plate in which it was put.Though the macaroni was hot yet I couldn't resist myself from eating it.After taking the first bite a satisfactory smile spread over my face and I felt proud of my cooking.The olive oil in which it was made didn't allow it to be too oily.The capsicum had very well mixed with the onions which were crunchy and this gave a different taste to the whole macaroni.The hues of carrots and the corn were contrasting each other .The tangy taste of tomato added a new flavor and the cheese toppings made the macaroni irresistible.

So all in all not only was my macaroni a treat to my eyes but also delicious in taste.All the ingredients had perfectly combined to give the macaroni an out of this world taste.The hot cheese was an added bonus as it is not mandatory to give it.But the end result was more than satisfying.I now have decided to cook a little more often as I think I have the potential to be a good cook one day.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

C for Chinese

The dining table was perfectly laid with white dining cloth on top of it.The borosil bowls which were pristine and which ma usually saves for special occasion was arranged on the table with Chinese food in each bowl.

My mouth watered specially seeing the chinese fried rice.The rice was shining brightly and its white hue was perfectly complementing the green vegetables and orange carrots in it.The little green spring onions which were spread on top of the rice was making it look even more attractive.

When the lavish dinner began, I started with the Chinese fried rice and also took a little Manchurian just to accompany my rice.But my main attraction was the fried rice which looked delicious in that Borosil bowl.As I took some out in my plate I noticed how beautifully the rice and the vegetables had unioned.The green beans, spring onions and the capsicum had mixed well with the sliced carrots and had given the rice a colourful look.Not only was its look mesmerising but the taste was also out of this world.It was the best chinese fried rice I ever had.

As I had my first bite I was lost in ecstacy.The taste of soya sauce was mild But it was giving the perfect flavour combined with the chinese garam masala.The vegetables had added their own flavour to the rice.The spring onions and the capsicum were soft and a delight to eat.The carrot and the beans seemed they were boiled before being fried which gave them the right texture.The basmati rice had its own smell but the chinese garam masala and the soya sauce didnt let it overpower.

In no time did I finish my first helping of the fried rice and went quickly to have a second helping.The manchurian was still there as I didn't feel the need to eat it.The fried rice was so yummy that I didn't need any other thing to enhance its taste.After the second helping I was totally full and as I went to the kitchen to keep my plate I noticed that the borosil bowl containing the fried rice was on the verge of being finished.I smiled knowing the reason behind the quick finish of this delicious fried rice.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mouth watering Ladoos

I was lost in my own dream world when the smell of roasted besan in Desi ghee filled my nostrils up as if to wake me up from my deep slumber. The smell of finely roasted besan had reached my dream where I was busy fighting with an alien.I had to stop that war in between as a new war had started between my nose and my mouth.

 As I woke up that morning my eyes were treated fully rounded light brown colored besan ke ladoos which were nicely decorated in the the serving platter.Automatically my hands went straight towards them and I picked up one of those beautiful round balls of besan made with pure Desi ghee and treated my mouth with utter delight.As soon I had put one of the ladoos in my mouth the smell of Desi ghee empowered me and I was lost in the sweet taste of the ladoos.The besan was finely roasted  which gave the perfect texture and the Desi ghee was also in the right quantity which helped in keeping the ladoos finely bonded together. The cherry on the cake was the finely cut almonds which were neatly placed on top of each ladoo to make it look more attractive.Having a finely chopped piece of almond properly fried in ghee in between the sweet ladoo made the dish even more delicious.

As I was lost in my own world of ladoo enjoying each and every bit of it, my trans state was disturbed by my mother who was standing just behind me.I turned and hugged her, for what I had tasted just now was out of this world. My mother knows very well that sweets are my biggest source of happiness so she prepares them quite often but this ladoo was extra ordinarily delicious.

From the aroma which had filled the house to the divine look of that ladoo, everything was perfect.And to add to that perfection were the Borosil glassware in which the ladoos were served.Its pristine glasses made the light brown ladoos looked enticing and mouth watering.I took the whole plate and treated myself to the most enjoyable breakfast of all times-Besan ke Ladoos.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Brother- My mentor

A brother sister relationship is a very beautiful yet quite a complex relationship.The same brother who used to fight with her sister and the sister who used to irritate her brother during childhood gradually turn out to be each others best friend as time passes. And the same happened with us.

As a child my brother and I used to irritate each other a lot. But as time passed we started understanding each other.My brother is 4 years elder to me and since the time I have started understanding him, I have started respecting him not only because he is my brother but also because he is that person to whom I could look up to whenever I am in need and whose actions and wisdom motivate me to work harder.

My brother is brilliantly intelligent.As a child he was not only good in studies but also in extra curricular activities like poem recitation and athletics.He was very laborious which motivated me to work harder in every sphere.So I also started participating in various cultural activities and this  helped me a lot in my all round development.

My brother has this habit of finishing every activity he takes up.He would not leave any work unfinished and this made me wonder how can he have so much of patience to sit through the entire work.I was a very impatient girl but it was my brother whose patient attitude changed my outlook and I started emulating him.It was very difficult for me at the beginning and I used to give up very easily.But then my brother told me that in order to succeed in life you have to love your work.And that passion was the reason behind his success.Even in doing small work he used to put in so much of effort that it was incredible.I tried everyday to be like him, to put so much of effort into all my work and even after so many years I have not yet completely succeeded.

As a brother he always protected me from all odds and never let any bad vice come into me.He would guide me like a mentor and teach me things which would help not only academically but also in my all round development.Whatever he couldn't achieve, he wished me to achieve and for that wish to come true he would give me proper guidance.He always boosted my confidence and never discouraged me in doing anything.

His wisdom and his knowledge are an awesome combination which has helped me in taking many important decisions of my life.His perfectionist attitude is though sometimes irritating but is very useful in the long run.I try to inculcate his habit of planning everything out and managing everything beforehand and have also succeeded a bit but I have a long way to go.

I am lucky to have an elder brother like him who not only guides me as a mentor but also supports me and protects me like a father.

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My Father my role model

Everybody has a role model in there life's.One who inspires them, motivates them and in turn make them a good human being.A role model is a person whose actions you try to emulate and whose values and advices you try to inculcate in yourself.In your most difficult times you derive your strength from that person.He is the source of your energy and gives a meaning to your dreams.

My father is that person in my life who was also my hero.His immense energy and passion towards his work left me amazed even as a child.And as I grew up that amazement changed into respect and then into inspiration.Seeing him worship his work made me realise the importance of genuiness and seriousness towards my own work.He never used to be late to work, instead he would prefer to be early rather than late.Even today I have this habit of being punctual to everywhere I go.Time management has helped me a lot in life and I have turned into a better person.

Not only professionally but also personally his actions and advices has made a great impact on my life. Being a professor himself, he never pressurized me to get good grades.He always advised me to be an all-rounder.From dancing to singing to elocution to debating, I participated in all extra cirricular activities and still maintained good grades.He would take me to dance classes as he knew my interest lies in dancing and he fully allowed me to pursue my passion.

As a father , he never distinguished between my brother and I.It was after I came to college that I realised that many girls were subjected to such discrimination at home where there brothers recieved preferential treatment and they didn't.That day I started to respect my father more.His immense love for his family is the base of our family.He made me realise that money and materialistic things can never replace the happiness we recieve from being with our family.It was he who made me understand the importance of relationships and family bonds.

His sheer dedication towards every aspect of life is something that I crave to have in my life.Even in the most difficult of times he manages to keep calm and try to find a solution which is for the good of all.His faith in ALMIGHTY is unbreakable and undescribable.Sometimes I feel that he derives all his energy from GOD Himself.But whatever that is , that energy and zest is out of this world.And this energy is my inspiration.His"never lose hope "attitude and never say die attitude are the mantras which guides my life.Whatever I will achieve in life is because I have a mentor,guide and a father like him.He was ,he is and will always be my first hero.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

8 ways in which ASUS transformed my life

In today's hectic world, everyone is on the move either for work or for personal reasons.A major part of our day's time is spent on traveling and it is totally on us as to how we wish to use that time.

Being a student a large part of my day is spent on traveling as my college is around 17 km from my house and the easiest way to reach is through metro. A minimum of two to two and and a half hours is spent on traveling daily.

In the beginning I had no clue as to how to spend my time so I used to listen to the conversations women had regarding their marital life, office pressure and  daily household chores. After a while I realized that listening to those people I was actually wasting my time. So I decided to do something productive.

Getting ASUS Transformer book T100 at that time was the best thing that happened to me. After getting the ASUS T100 my life changed drastically.

 Being a portable laptop which could be transformed into a tablet was its USP. And this feature helped in making my travel journey by metro not only bearable but also productive.

8 ways in which my boring journey by metro turned into an awesome one -

1. Listening to music - When I used to listen to music by my phone I could only listen to the few songs which were on my playlist and so, within a month I literally had memorized all the songs in my playlist. But after getting Asus T100 I no longer had to depend on my phone's playlist. Its convertable tablet feature helped me to carry it while traveling by metro. With 2GB RAM and 32 GB EMMC storage capacity I no longer had to be content with few songs. I now have a whole new folder for music with over 200 songs ranging from old classics to new Bollywood songs. So after plugging in my earphones I no longer have to listen to the daily gossips of girls and I just get lost in my own world of music with the help of my ASUS T100.

2. Playing games - If anything I love after listening to music is playing games and ASUS T100 made playing games a lot more fun. Whenever I used to play games on my phone its battery used to die in no time. But with the ASUS tablet I no longer have to face this problem as it has an amazing battery life of 11 hours which keeps me connected and always in action. 

With the ASUS Instant On and Microsoft InstantGo technology, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 is always ready to perform which makes it an amazing gaming console. I could install as many games as I want and play them while traveling in metro. Making new scores and challenging people online for new games is so much fun now.

3. Complete pending work - ASUS T100 has MS Office already installed in it which makes completing pending work easier to do. I can finish my pending project even while I am traveling with the help of MS Word and Excel. Making presentations was never so much fun as it is now. With Intel HD graphics, making presentations in MS Power Point is a truly different experience as the graphs and charts looks more vivid and expressive.

4. Portability -  The most important feature of this tablet is that it can be used as a laptop and also as a tablet. So it makes carrying it anywhere easier. Whenever I want to use it as My laptop I can do that and carry it because of its ultra light feature and when I have to use it as a tablet I transform my laptop into a tablet.This has made my life on the move very easier. I don't have to carry heavy laptops while traveling and my tablet is so light that it hardly creates any problem. It easily fits in my bag and I don't have to carry any extra laptop bag which would add to my luggage.

5. Carry all my documents - Even when I don't carry my laptop all my documents are still with me as I have my tablet. So I never have to worry about leaving documents at home. All my projects and my research papers are always with me even when I am traveling. My pictures , my music and all my database is just a touch away  and is easily accessible whenever I need them.

6. Super fast processor - With Intel® Atom quad core processor all my work and programs are completed in no time. This helps me both while playing and working. My games move gracefully and all my work is completed with the help of a single click.So I don't have to wait for hours for my game to load or for my file to open. ASUS T100 completes all my work faster.

7.Windows 8 - ASUS T100 features windows 8.1 which makes it easier to download apps which could be used even while using it as a tablet. This device is well suited to perform day to day computing chores.The whole design of the tablet is so sleek and brilliant that it pleases the eye.It has durable rubber which makes it portable and guarantees that it will never slip from your hand.

8. Connectivity - With this tablet I am always connected to all the social networking sites. Having a battery life of 11 hours helps in keeping me connected with the rest of the world. Facebook and Twitter are the two most important social networking sites which has now become an important part of our lives. I can not only chat with my friends on Facebook but also be updated about world events and important news with the help of twitter. 


Lastly, I want to say that in this 21st century everything is about technology. Our lives are governed by the kind of technology we use.So by using a laptop cum tablet like ASUS Transformer Book T100we choose to lead a better and easier life.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Secret of modern day Rapunzel's long hair

Rapunzel Rapunzel open your long and shiny hair,
 and let the prince use it as a stair,
To climb the tall and mighty tower
to take you away from the wicked witches power.

Having long hair like Rapunzel was always my dream
and being born into a traditional Bengali family
i had very less to do
to make my dream come true.

Daily Oiling and two times shampooing
Proper conditioning and 
Regular combing
had somewhere become part of my daily routine.

When I started going to school
My mother never allowed me keep my hair loose
She warned me of the sun's damaging rays
Which would take away my hair's grace.

I listened to all her advice
and kept my hair clean from lice.
Soon my hair started becoming long
and in no time they were strong.

Coming to college was totally different,
Coloured hair was the new trend.
Ironing and curling was a daily affair
But all this took a toll on my hair.

Somewhere I was forgetting my mother's advice,
As keeping hair open was part of my college life.
Bad management and nourishment had its effects
As I started noticing split ends.

My hair started growing thin
And was losing its charm
My friends said that it was
Split ends which was doing all the harm.

I saw no solution
Except to cut my hair
But it was beyond imagination
As it was more than just my hair.

It was our family's tradition
My parent's pride
It was my childhood's  dream
how could i let it die?

With no help from anywhere
I turned to my mother
Who like always
Had a solution with her.

So I asked a friend to lend it.
After the first wash only I could see its effect
My split ends were harder to detect.

Tresemme had done its share
My split ends are no more there.
My hair is now soft, smooth and straight
And having such beautiful hair feels great.

Tresseme Split Remedy Shampoo Review

Tresemme gives you salon like treatment
So you don't need to make appointments.
It saves you from cutting your hair
Reminding you that your hair also needs care.

I no longer have broken bonds
Its like someone has used a magic wand.
My hair feels alive and fresh
as my hair is freed from split ends.

Since childhood I wanted to have hair like Rapunzel. Whenever I used to see her photos in the fairy tales I wished to have beautiful long golden locks like her.I was spellbound the way her hair was combed and managed.I grew up hearing her stories.And as I grew up a little, I realized that all my aunts and my mother were real life Rapunzel(except for the fact that they had jet black hair). My mother started taking great care of my hair and told me how keeping long hair was our family's tradition.My happiness knew no bounds as my childhood dream of having long hair was finally going to be true. My mother regularly combed my hair and always tied it into plaits. I was not allowed to keep my hair open in the afternoon due to the fact that sun would damage my hair and also not allowed to keep my hair open in the evening due to our tradition. So the only time I could keep my hair open was during the morning and it was then when i used to enact Rapunzel's story. I never complained about the fact that I couldn't try out new hairstyles(being a school girl I didn't have much option as well) as I was happily enjoying my Rapunzel's role.

However, going to college and shifting to a new place was different.I no longer had the opportunity to treat my hair with the same care which it was accustomed to.Initially each and every girl in my hostel complemented me on my beautiful hair.However as time passed my hair started losing its shine.

You could blame it on a hectic schedule, people's jealousy or just carelessness on my part but the result was that my hair started to have split ends.Regular ironing and curling and also opening hair in the sun were taking a toll on my hair and its effects were drastic.I remembered my mother's advice and regretted my careless attitude. Hair also needs proper care to grow like any other being.And if you stop showing her love,affection and care she too would start to perish.

My friends suggested that I would either have to cut my hair short or would have to go to a salon for a hair treatment.The first option was beyond my imagination, so I decided to go with the second option.Next day I went to a salon and asked if they could help me with my problem.They replied in affirmative but the only problem was that their tariff was more than my monthly allowance.After trying all the possible ways and getting no help from anywhere I called up my mother for help. She silently listened to all my problems and at last said " I have a solution to all your problems.I have a magic wand that will remove your broken bonds and make your hair like Rapunzel again.Its not expensive and fits in your budget.Use Tresemme split remedy shampoo and conditioner and get freedom from all your problems".


I borrowed from my friend Tresemme split remedy shampoo and after one wash I could feel its effect.My hair didn't feel like a broomstick anymore. It was soft and bouncy and felt great to touch.

After a week I was supposed to come home.And when I did, to my surprise I found that my mother had ordered split remedy shampoo and conditioner by Tresemme for review from indiblogger.

I was thrilled to see the new packed shampoo and couldn't wait to use it.After 3 washes I could hardly notice the split ends and was greatly relieved as my hair was brought back to life again.

The shampoo like my mother had said helped in removing my split ends upto 95% without going to any expensive salon or using scissors on my hair.I now my beautiful long hair like Rapunzel and I am extremely grateful to Tresemme for fulfilling my childhood dream. 

The shampoo and conditioner are so gentle that they could be used on a daily basis.It not only helps fight split ends but also brings back the lost luster and manages the texture of the hair.My hair smells so good after shampooing that it acts as an added advantage.

I now recommend this shampoo to all my friends and acquaintances who have problem regarding split ends.