Friday, March 17, 2017

Infinity and beyond

The countdown began. 4…3….2…..1 and suddenly I could feel myself being pulled up with tremendous force. The pressure was all the more because of the space suit I was wearing. I could see from the window next to me just blue skies and white clouds, gushing past them into infinity and beyond. The view was spectacular and it took our mind away from the fact that we are going to leave this planet and head into an unknown world. Even after months of training and hard work and dedication, performing the task feels new. The feeling of not only leaving your family, friends and loved ones and the unsurely of being able to see them again did not deter us from shifting focus from our mission.

I realized as soon as the rocket felt light that we have exited from earth’s orbit and headed into infinity. That was our cue to free ourselves from our seat belts and take control of our space ship. Our ship was built by state of the art technology and had features which excelled from all the other competitors. My team of five member’s quickly freed themselves from their seat belt and headed for the main gear. In no time, we connected ourselves to our base camp down at earth.  We then started heading towards our space station and started making arrangements for the same. Even while getting so engrossed in our job, everyone felt giddiness for what lied ahead. According to our planned schedule, we were expected to reach our station in two earth days. After making necessary arrangements to ensure that the space ship could work automatically we headed towards our space beds.

However we all got up from an unexpected jerk we felt during that time. To our shock, we saw a highly lightning speed object moving towards us. The shape was very peculiar and we all wondered what that was. One of my team mates then suddenly shouted “UFO!!!” and pointed his finger at one corner of the ship pointing distantly into something which appeared dark blue to our eyes. To our amazement we realized it was an alien. We understood that due to some action the alien had lost control of the UFO which is why it hit our ship. As the image of the dark blue thing started getting clearer our amazement and excitement knew no bounds. However, there was a part within us which felt threatened also. While we all were engrossed in our thoughts, there appeared before our eyes a silver screen with the image of the alien in it. It started communicating to us in languages which could not be deciphered. Once he stopped speaking, the silver screen magically translated it into English. It was beyond extraordinary. The alien was asking forgiveness for bumping into our ship. It was headed towards its home and had somehow lost control of the UFO due to some unforeseen comet arrivals. We accepted his apology and wanted to enquire more about him. But suddenly the silver screen disappeared and it felt that the only purpose of the screen was to deliver the alien’s message to us.

Our sleep in our space beds helped us recover from this shock. The next time when we woke up was when we heard a ringing alarm in our space ship. We all were familiar with the sound. It meant we were about to reach our space station. Every one took charge of their responsibilities to enable the space ship connect with the space station. With much patience we were successful in doing that. We were greeted with congratulations from our home planet on successful completion of our first stage of the mission. We then geared up in our space suit and prepared ourselves to explore the unexplored. We stepped out of our space ship into infinity only to feel ourselves free and lighter than never before.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good se gold morning

As I slowly opened my eyes trying to get out of my comfortable and cosy warm blankets I realised it is one of the usual chilly cold mornings of Delhi. though my alarm clock shouted the time to be 8:30, the outside weather didn't vouch for it. I looked out of the widow removing my colourful curtains, and saw the gloomy winter morning in front of me. the trees had lost its natural hue and were covered in fog, the roads seemed deserted and the garden in front of my house seemed like a barren desert.

I forced myself out of the bed and dragged my foot towards the wash basin. Switching on the geyser I started looking for my toothbrush. This was unusual. I always kept my tooth brush at the same place but somehow today I couldn't find it. I was about to go downstairs to ask my mother when I met her hallway across the hallway. she had a bright golden tooth brush in her hand. she handed me the brush and wished me a good morning. I couldn't believe my eyes. the brush was so beautiful that I couldn't stop admiring it. its bristles were all golden mixed with black hue which made my room look bright. "at last something was colourful in this gloomy day", I sighed.the brush was really soft and I felt so happy looking myself in the mirror holding that brush that I couldn't stop smiling.

After getting all cleaned up I went downstairs for my breakfast and to my much surprise I found a golden mug with my usual caramel coffee on the breakfast table. I couldn't explain how exquisitely beautiful it looked on that dark brownish golden table. My mother handed me down my lunch and a new water bottle which was also golden. She smiled while handing me my new bottle because she knew how happy I was. she very well knew what importance colours had in my heart during a dark gloomy winter morning. I finished my coffee admiring the beauty in my hands and put the bottle in my sling bag. A portion of the bottle was visible from the bag but I didn't mind it at all.

I stepped out of the house into the chilly morning and looked around and saw everything either grey or white and then my eyes came back to my golden bottle which shone like rays of sun from my bag and spread colours and hope everywhere.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dil walon ka shehar Delhi

The lavish highways the broad roads, the luxurious lanes all these appropriately define the capital city of Delhi. Delhi is just not the capital of our country by namesake but its qualities prove that it is worth maintaining the status. The English had made Kolkata as their capital city but it was their wisdom which made them move their capital city to Delhi
As soon as you enter the city you feel mesmerized by the lavish roads in here. Delhi is now completely connected with all modes of transport. Having an area of 1,484 kmand having all of it connected with some or the other modes of transportation is not an easy job. Delhi is fortunate enough to have metros, buses, auto, rickshaws and sharing autos as prime modes of transportation. Every delhite would support me when I say that this is the best city to travel in. all the modes are easily accessible and user friendly apart from being cheap. If anyone would want to drive in his own personal vehicle that option Is also available. Delhi is well connected with roads and highways throughout. While NH10 connects delhi to the end town of Fazilka in Punjab near Indo pak border,  NH24 connects Delhi to Uttar Pradesh state capital – Lucknow via Ghaziabad, Moradabad and sitapur. All this shows how well connected Delhi is with other neighbouring regions. For a state like delhi it is also important to maintain such link as it Is expanding day in and day out. The outgrowth of national capital region is a testimony to this fact. Vaishali vasundhara in the east and Gurgaon and Faridabad in south are emerging regions near Delhi which are as important as the national capital. People from small cities migrate to Delhi with hopes of leading a better quality of life and they settle here. So it is important that thee people are well connected with the rest of Delhi. The starting of new metro lines from vaishali to Dwarka has eased the lives of many people.

When it comes to design the capital city enjoys its own special place. The city has a blend of historical Mughal era combined with the classy English royal touch in some places to the very modern era of free independent India. The places in Delhi are well designed keeping in mind the people inhabiting the area there. Like earlier people who were refugees from Bangladesh settles in chittaranjan park which has ow transformed to mini Calcutta. Likewise Punjabi bagh and tagore garden area are mostly inhabited by refugees from Pakistan.

When u look at modern delhi you look at vishwavidyalaya in north delhi which is a university area. Most of the colleges of delhi university are located here which makes it a student hub. In a similar way the design of the city has been made with so much ease that all the areas are well defined and well demarcated as to have a proper order.

Delhi is not Delhi because it is the national capital, Delhi is the national capital because no other city has such a well structured design and connectivity as it has.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fruit cream

My best friend was lying down in her bed unable to even get up due to her unbearable back pain. She had recently met with an accident (not a serious one though!!) while driving her scooty. Since then she had this back pain which grew more intense as night crept in. maybe it was related to the amount of cold in the atmosphere. Whatever the reason my friend Parul was in severe pain and I was unable to do anything to ease her.

I asked her if I could do anything to relieve her of her pain or if there was anything she would want to do or eat. As soon as I had uttered the word “food”, her eyes widened. I must confess here that she is big foodie. True to her genes, she is a Bengali in every sense. She is as sweet as rosugulla and her weakness is food in general and sweet dishes in particular.

She looked at me with her big dark eyes and uttered softly that she wanted to eat something sweet. It was 11 pm by the clock. I wondered how on earth am I supposed to fulfil that wish of hers. She was the cook not I. I cannot just go to the kitchen and make anything delicious. But I had to do something. I assured her that I would make something for her.

I went to the kitchen and started looking for things. I had no idea what I was looking for but I kept on searching. Nothing was coming in my mind and then I saw some fruits on the dining table. My eyes glistened as an idea pooped into my mind. I hurriedly checked the cupboards and to my utter pleasure I found what I was looking for – cream. Yes!! I would make her “fruit cream”. I had once saw her making that and I had found it utterly simple.

I took some fruits like apples, apricots and oranges and started chopping them into tiny bits. The chopping was the tricky part here as I had to make sure that all the fruits are cut into very small pieces and look similar in shape. Meanwhile I had poured the cream into a container and added some “Sugar free natura” to it.

Parul was a foodie but she took great care of her health. She always used sugar free natura to make her sweet dishes so that she wouldn't get fat.With the frequency and volume of her diet, no other alternative seemed feasible. Sugar free natura made her life simple and better.

After chopping all the fruits I carefully put them in the bowl containing the cream. I mixed them all well and lastly I garnished it with oranges. I neatly put the bowl in a tray and hurried to her room where Parul was still whining in pain. She took the first bite and for a moment I thought her pain had all gone away as she hugged me tightly. She had loved the dish and was very happy to see how hard I had worked. I was very happy and proud of myself as I watched her eat the fruit cream.  She offered me a few bites ( which is very rare) and I happily took them.

Either her pain killers had worked or my fruit cream had, but she looked very relieved and sleepy. I switched off her room lights as I went out of her room to keep the bowl back into the sink. As I walked past her room I could hear her snoring and I felt peace knowing that my friend is not in pain any more.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tata Sky + Transfer to the rescue

With winning the most number of Emmy awards recently Game of Thrones series has added another feather to its much acclaimed hat. This success is not ephemeral. Since the beginning of this T.V series it has managed to attract the much needed attention and in turn has gained lots of popularity. According to a top survey, the series is at fifth rank in the list of “Series you must watch before you die.”

All this popularity however was an added incentive for me. For me the main attraction developed when I had finished reading the novel series by George R.R Martin by the name “A song of Ice and Fire.” I was so much addicted to this book that I used to carry it everywhere and whenever I would get free time I would read it. 

When the series started being broadcasted on television my addiction had reached the level of obsessiveness. The fantasies which form the basis of this secretive plot is spellbinding. The story revolves around the struggles of noblemen and kings in the fictional town of Westeros . As the plot thickens many new chapters have emerged such as white walkers , dragons , warg and supposedly the league of assassins which has made the plot more interesting. Though season 1 was a near direct adaptation of the novel, the subsequent series have changed their plots drastically to suit the audience demand.

This has made watching each and every episode kind of a thrilling experience. Every time you watch, you hope that your favourite character does not gets killed,murdered or assassinated in the episode, when he does (which actually is most of the times) we have a new favourite by the next episode. The plot sometimes is so twisted that a character whom we used to hate earlier, in the due course of the series becomes our favourite. For example, earlier I did not like the character of Tyrion Lanister much, but in the later episodes you can’t help but feel sorry for him and then feel proud for his doings on his behalf. His struggles and passion for life are something to get inspired from.

Recently the fifth season of the series was broadcasted on television. But as it happens the timing of its premier is not in sync with the Indian standard time. The show premiers at round early morning in India when everybody is sleeping. For me it is very inconvenient to watch as I have to get up early for my college. But I cannot miss to afford it also. So here comes “Tata Sky + Transfer” to the rescue. With its transfer feature I can record the show late at night and in the morning while going to college I transfer it to be mobile. The HD video recording makes it more attractive to watch. I usually watch all the episodes which I have transferred to my mobile on my way to the college in metro.  I enjoy watching the latest episodes along with my friends and people sitting nearby and we all indulge in a state of pure ecstasy of watching game of thrones early in the morning.

The tata sky + Transfer has 500 MB hard disk in which lots of data can be stored. All my favorite movies which gets premiered and I am unable to watch are recorded and stored in that hard disk for me to watch when and where I like it. Tata sky + Transfer has made my life much simpler and lot interesting. Now I do not miss even a single episode of my favorite serial nor do I miss any movie. I can make plans according to my wish not even thinking twice about my serial show time. I can be assured that the serial would have been recorded and stored properly for me to watch later. Thanks to Tata Sky + !!!!

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Friday, July 10, 2015

A balanced diet

My mother always used to say that a healthy and balanced diet is the secret to a long and happy life. She would always make it a point to include green leafy vegetables in our lunch and insisted us on having lots of fruits. She would make all kinds of fruit salads and fruit shakes depending on the availability of the fruit in that season. So I always had a healthy diet during my growing up years which has now become my habit.

My college friends indulge in all sorts of junk food and I keep on telling them that all those food will harm in later future. As girls we should be more careful with our diet and maintain a good health so that there is no trouble in the future. But my friends like any other teenager never pay heed to what I say and indulge in all delicacies. It is after a few months they realized how big a mistake they had committed as their weights had increased. A week later was our fresher’s party and they found it hard to fit in their evening dresses. My friends got very worried and they thought of going on a crash diet.
They believed that as the party is in a week crash diet would help them easily. I was reminded of my mother who was always against any form of dieting. I advised my friends to not look at the weight problem as anything of short term as that will haunt them forever in their lives if they don’t take a permanent step. I advised them to do yoga and take a balanced diet which would include lots of fruits and vegetables. A crash diet would compromise on the nutritional intake as a balanced diet not only includes proteins but also small portions of carbohydrates, dairy products and starch. All these nutrients would not be going into our system if we go into a crash diet. A crash diet though effective in short term should always be done in consultation with a physician.
Balanced diet

My friends understood the seriousness of the situation and they realized their mistake. I suggested them to wear a body shape wear for their party which would temporarily hide their weight. But for a long term solution they should take into account all aspects most importantly that of their own bodies. So from next day onwards itself I along with my friends started practicing Yoga early in the morning. We had planned out our entire meal course keeping in mind that we take very little of sugar or fat. Our main aim was to keep our self-control during those odd hours when one feeds on junk food. So we decided to store various forms of fruit and make fruit salad whenever we felt hungry. Corn in different forms was also one of our favorite snacks.

Yes we did a lot of sacrifices but then sometimes we allowed ourselves to cheat which we would compensate by doing Yoga a bit more the next day. Our sacrifices did really paid off and within two months everyone had reduced those extra fats. My friend thanked me for guiding them but it was then I remembered that all this would not have been possible without my mother who had inculcated this good habit in me from my childhood. It was she who made me realize the importance of a balanced and healthy diet.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Groovy Playlist

I am a passionate dancer and my music for dance varies from western song to desi bollywood songs. In english songs Shakira has been favourite as her songs have the peppiness as well as the sexiness which can motivate anyone to dance.

 So the first song that has to be in my playlist has to be Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. in this song you tend to get mesmerised by her sexy belly dancing. the rap adds to the funkiness and one can't stop moving to its beats.. 

After shakira my playlist would definitely have JLo aka Jennifer Lopez. Her song On the dance floor has been one of the best chartbusters and this song has been a party anthem for many social gatherings. Jennifer Lopez looks very sexy in this music video and her dance moves are very groovy. The feat by pitbull adds to the music video a different feel which enhances its appeal. Being a party anthem this music is sure got to be in my playlist.

The third song in my playlist would be of Enrique Iglesias. The song "tonight I am loving you" has made me jump up from my bed and dance to his tunes. The song is mysteriously sexy and passionate. Even the music video boasts of the same with enrique featuring in it. The lyrics make your hearts skip a beat and you can't help but dancing on it. I make it a point to play this song at all my parties.

Coming to our desi bollywood songs now. The song which tops my bollywood playlist nowadays is "Manali Trance" which has been featured in the movie "Shaukeens". Lisa Hayden is the lead actress in the song who performs with a panache. Her sensual moves and her attitude makes the song admirable. The feat has been given by Yo Yo Honey Singh which makes it all the more peppy. The song is appropriate for parties and clubs where dancing is the main task to ward off all the tension.

Next in my playlist has to be one of my favourite actresses of all time song "Dum Maaro Dum" by Deepika Padukone. Deepika is an amazing dancer and she proves it again in this item number. The song is a transformed version of the retro song with the same name. The beats are really appropriate for dancing and the lines makes you dance. The dance steps are easy to catch and listening to the song makes you dance yourself.

Recently released Tanu Weds Manu Returns song "banno" is next in my playlist. This song as has "swagger" as the lyrics say. The lyrics are a funky and makes you feel connected. It comes as a shaadi song in the movie and it fulfils all the qualities of being one. Kangana Ranaut the protagonist of the movie who has a double role is seen dancing in this song. The steps are so in sync with the song that you can't help but copy them.This is one of the most popular songs of today.

The next song is from this movie itself titled " Ghani Bawri" . The song showcases the protagonist dancing on her beloved's barrat. kangana ranaut is simply awesome as her dance moves and expression are just mind blowing. When you listen to the song you feel sympathetic towards Kangana but the song is so full of energy that it forces us to get up from our place and dance.

"Chittiyaan Kaliyaan" is the song which you would find next in my playlist. The song features jacqueline fernandes and the beats are so peppy and energetic that you feel very energetic. The lyrics are a mix of punabi and Hindi which adds to its quality. The number is specially appropriate girls night out as the lyrics can be related by us.

Lastly any party is incomplete without "baby doll" featuring Sunny Leone. This song is so cool and sensuous that we can not stop ourselves from dancing. Sunny Leone looks lovely in this song and her main step from this song has been very popular.This energetic song makes my playlist complete.

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